The Ultimate Guide to Blogger Linkups

5 things you must know about blogger linkups

Among all the tools in a blogger’s arsenal, linkups are probably the most underestimated. However, linkups are a relatively easy way to introduce your blog to the world and build connections with the community. Today, I’m going to break down for you the best strategies and most popular linkup parties for fashion and beauty bloggers.

When I first started blogging, one of the main mistakes I made was focusing simply on content creation. I wasn’t spending enough time promoting my posts. I’d make every sentence and photo perfect and then realize that many people were simply unaware of these posts, because I wasn’t promoting them. One strategy that helped me gain my first cohort of readers was sharing my posts via so-called bloggers’ linkups.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a “linkup” on someone’s blog is a content-sharing post that allows other bloggers to post their links to their recent posts. The link exchange process takes place through a special program (InLinkz is the most popular one) where each blogger can easily add a post for everyone’s attention and access other people’s posts.

It’s not that complicated to join a linkup party. All you have to do is to copy a URL you’d like to share, scroll down to the end of the linkup widget and insert your link. Then, it’s a good idea to select an image to illustrate your link and submit your link. Your link appears on the linkup widget in chronological order, right after the links of linkup party hosts.

In my personal experience, joining other people’s linkups or, perhaps, organizing your own, is a great way to improve your engagement with readers and build a strong community of readers. However, there are some tips and tricks you need to learn before setting out on your journey.

The Ultimate Guide to Blogger Linkups

ONE // Join the Linkup Party Early.

It couldn’t be easier: the earlier you join a linkup, the higher your post will appear in the widget. Many people look only at the first few rows of posts—so good positioning can potentially give you more visitors.

TWO // Your Thumbnail Is Everything

Be strategic and select the strongest image you’ve got so your post really stands out among all the others. Even though the nature of linking up is networking, you’re still competing for the attention of potential readers who are deciding which link to click. With this in mind, attract your potential viewers with a beautiful, bright image.

THREE // Comment on Other People’s Links

It’s not enough to simply submit your link and run away. Again, linking up equals networking, so make sure to be a great “citizen” and click on other people’s links and perhaps leave comments.

FOUR // Thank Your Host

Good blogger etiquette means thanking the person who organized the linkup by leaving a comment or sending a note via social media. Being nice always helps, so don’t forget to tell your host how much you appreciate her efforts organizing a linkup.

FIVE // Be Consistent & Determined

Over time, once you figure out which linkups work best for you and join in at least few times, feel free to reach out to the host and inquire if you can become a co-host. Most bloggers feature one person per linkup, which is a tremendous honor. However, if you build your reputation by joining linkup parties regularly so the host already knows and recognizes you, getting featured isn’t that difficult. Not to mention that some hosts encourage participants to nominate themselves for co-hosting.


Classy Monday Linkup // Hello Monday // How I Spring //Mix It Mondays 

Start The Week Stylish // Weekly Fashion Linkup


Bloggers Who Inspired Me // Confident Twosday // On Trend Tuesdays 

Style Swap Tuesday // Trend Spin Linkup // Tuesday Fashion Party 


Fresh Fashion Forum // Oh, Hey Girl Linkup // Random Wednesday 

Style Me Wednesday // Wardrobe Wednesday // What I Wore // WIWT Linkup


East Coast Chic // Red Closet Diary // Spotlight Weekly

Thursday Fashion Finds // What I Wore To Work 


High Five For Friday // Casual Friday // Fabulous Friday // Fashion Friday

Flashback Fashion Fridays // Friday Favorites // Friday Finds Linkup

Jeans and a Teacup // Fashion Friday // Fun Fashion Friday Linkup

Flashback Fashion Fridays // Momfessionals // Passion4Fashion // Weekend Wear

Perhaps the only inconvenience associated with linkup parties involves finding quality linkups. When you first starting blogging, it might be a problem, because you won’t have that many connections in the blogging world and might not be aware what day of the week the linkup party is happening. I’d be delighted to help you out with this blogger dilemma—above, check out the full list of linkups that I recommend joining. Happy linking!


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  1. Saccharine Soul wrote:

    Thank you for this list! I just got into link-ups! hope they will help me grow my blog and my network <3

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  4. Great info regarding link ups! I think actively participating and visiting other bloggers (and not just linking and running) is key.

    I participate in many of the link up you listed but will check out the others later.

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Posted 8.14.16 Reply
  5. Nicole Mölders wrote:

    Great post.

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    What a great post! I’m sharing this. And thanks SO much for including Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

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  7. Christie Geiger wrote:

    What an awesome guide to link-ups! Thanks so much for including mine in your post!

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  8. Thanks for including me in there! Really helpful post!
    xo Adri |

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  9. Thanks for including my link up, and for promoting so many that I love to link up too myself. I couldn’t agree more with how link ups help to connect other bloggers as well as grow our post traffic. I tweeted this out.

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  10. This is such a great list of link-ups! Thanks for including High Five for Friday on this list.


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  11. Iga Berry wrote:

    I never actually thought of joining linkups. Sounds as a great idea to explore blogging community. Lovely, clear way of sharing this information with us.

    Find and connect with me, if we are not friends already:





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    Thank you for compiling such a great list of link ups and for sharing these tips for a successful and meaningful link up opportunity.
    Much love,

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    Thank you for sharing your blogging tips!

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  15. very nice of you to share these blogging tips!

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    This was so helpful thank you!!

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    Thanks for the tips and advises. I would apply this on my blog. I love your images, are they your own capture?

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  18. Hey Katya, thanks for the great sharing. I would love to join this linkup party. Plz provide ur site link Whr to linkup.

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  19. amotherworld wrote:

    I haven’t really participated in blogger linkups but I do know they are a great way to meet other bloggers, and have good backlinks to your site.

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  20. Kathy wrote:

    Great information. I love blogger linkups! I’ve never made one myself though, but I’ve thought about it a lot.

    Posted 5.12.16 Reply
    • I was thinking about organizing one myself! It takes a lot of dedication though because I would feel obligated to comment on each post that was submitted to a linkup.

      Posted 5.12.16 Reply
  21. Amazing post! You really opened my eyes to other ways to collaborate in the world of blogging! I admit I did fall prey to creating just the content and taking the pics :P Thank you!

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  22. Karla Ramos wrote:

    I remember my friend teaching me all of this, it’s really nice to read all of this in an organized way after experiencing it first hand. Link-ups really do help.

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  23. Mai C. wrote:

    Before facebook groups and blogging tools for traffic improvement, link ups were the go-to of all bloggers! I remember starting out and joining as much of these as I could and really paid off. Today, we have so much to choose from that this option is often overshadowed. But really, it’s one of the most effective and you meet a lot of awesome people too!

    Posted 5.11.16 Reply
    • I totally agree, Mai! Bloggers have so many resources available that the main concern is where to concentrate our attention. I am always trying to find time for a good old-school linkup as it helps – as you correctly notices – to meet new people!

      Posted 5.12.16 Reply
  24. Blythe A. wrote:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I haven’t been blogging for too long and wasn’t really sure what a linkup party was, but now I know.

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  25. thank you for this my friend and always love link ups! i find some great bloggers through them :)

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  26. Very cool pieces of advice! I haven’t done link-ups in a while, but I love the sense of community they harbor.



    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

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  27. Tamara wrote:

    Great tips!


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  28. I’ve been looking at getting into link ups lately, and these are some awesome tips! I definitely wouldn’t have thought about any of these – especially the thumbnail. Thank you so much!

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  29. Robin Rue wrote:

    I haven’t done a linkup in years. I would love to start getting back into them.

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    • This list is a great way to start being more active with linkups! Ladies hosting these linkup parties are so amazing!

      Posted 5.12.16 Reply