Things About Hair Removal Only Besties Understand

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Silk’n.

Last week, I had my besties over for a special treat: a night of self-care and girl talk that we all really needed. Life can be stressful and there is nothing better than chatting with the girls about all the fun situations that happened lately, reminiscing about past events and jokes, sharing opinions on beauty products, and — yes — gossiping a bit. That’s exactly what happened on one random Monday when my besties SJ and Alesya visited me after I recruited them to test the Silk’n Infinity, a new at-home hair removal device. For the next few months, we will be testing and reporting back to you our progress and thoughts — stay tuned for all the TMIs on our journey!

You already know SJ who is a regular on my blog and Insta — did you know, though, that we live a block away from each other? The craziest thing is that for all these years we only met at events and never in our neighborhood. The beautiful girl that you don’t know yet is Alesya, my friend from middle school that I lost touch with back in Belarus and reunited with here in New York. Life is full of coincidences like that, right?

Since all of us received a beautiful package by Silk’n with one of their best-selling Infinity Hair Removal Devices, we all decided to dress up in our pink robes and chat from our first experiences with bleaching hair to things like laser hair removal and waxing. We all agreed that hair removal methods we tried previously fall into one of the following categories: too expensive, too painful, or too time-consuming. So, when we learned that Silk’n Infinity uses a new technology called eHPL that makes permanent hair reduction better, more efficient, and painless, we were more than thrilled to try our Infinities in action.

If you remember my blog post on laser hair removal, I actually didn’t mind the experience at all. It was not too painful, and it definitely worked — but how many times do you think I went back for the appointment after my first initial session? You guessed it — ZERO. It’s not like I’m trying to explain the nature of my procrastination, but I’m a busy girl and having a laser appointment seems like too much effort to me. I’d rather have a quick and easy at-home hair removal solution that I can use when I have the time and desire to use. So, I personally love the idea of using Silk’n Infinity — all it takes is just 20 minutes for a full-body treatment — how convenient is that!

One of the questions Alesya asked immediately is whether this device will work for her hair color. She is a natural blonde and other hair removal techniques didn’t prove to work for her: laser burns her skin instead of hair and she is not a good candidate for electrolysis either. From the reviews I found online, people of most hair colors are raving about the device so Alesya was super excited to start testing it. The device has five levels that you can use it on, and even though if you have lighter hair or darker skin you may not be able to use it on the higher levels, it still will work on the lower levels and provide permanent hair reduction — it just may take a few extra treatments if you’re using the lower level!

SJ’s main concern was possible skin irritation. In case you haven’t heard yet, she is getting married in August and smooth skin is crucial for my favorite bride-to-be. As per device’s directions, Infinity actually helps to make the skin more smooth and vibrant because the eHPL technology better penetrates the hair follicle and pore, allowing for optimal absorption of moisturizer — so the Silk’n Infinity is the perfect pre-wedding routine for SJ!

From a pale girl standpoint, I was the most concerned about exposing my skin to the sun after using the device. As with many other hair reducing devices and technologies, it’s recommended to avoid sun exposure and protect your skin with sunscreens after using the device — but that’s what I already do on an everyday basis, so it should not be a problem at all.

To make a long story short, my girls and I decided to start experimenting with the Silk’n Infinity together so we can share our opinions with you guys. As you see, we have different hair color and skin tones so we can compare our experiences and provide you guys with the feedback on how Silk’n Infinity worked for our skin types. Please stay tuned for the upcoming check-ins!