A Few Thoughts on At-Home Wear

Working from home is a privilege and torture at the same time. I’m not even talking about my inability to stop working and just disconnect while at home — it’s a topic for another story. Today I’m specifically talking about at-home wear. Being a beauty and fashion blogger for a few years now, I accumulated a good collection of dresses, blazers, and other things people wear to blogger events and brunches. However, going to the events constitutes only a tiny percentage of what I do for a living. I spend the majority of my time either writing, responding emails, or testing beauty products — all in a comfort of my own home. The question is then, what to wear when you are working from home?

For the longest time ever, I was athleisure all day kind of girl. It was comfy, easy to pull off, and convenient. Until I realized that I spend the majority of my life… wearing sweats! Okay, not sweats but leggings and shorts, but you got the point: slowly and steady, comfy sportswear started dominated my wardrobe — and I was not happy about it. I have nothing against having many options for athleisure pieces (I still hope that it will motivate me to work out more), but comfy clothes on a daily basis make me feel that I’m not having my life together. After all, I do prefer dresses to pants in 99% of situations — so what I’m doing at home, wearing polyester pants 24/7?

I went on a journey of finding the perfect at-home attire and here come a few ideas on what to wear while if you are a freelancer or just work from a home office. Hope you’ll find some outfit inspirations that will help you to get out of the athleisure route.

#1: Turn Summer Dresses Into Office Dresses

I’ve been experimenting with a few at-home wear options and figured that regardless what’s the location, the most comfortable piece of clothes to wear for me is a dress. I love walking at home barefoot in clothes that don’t feel too tight so I started experimenting with turning some of my summer dresses into my at-home dresses.  If you remember my last post on Plum Pretty Sugar, the brand that comes out with the most feminine dresses ever, you’ll not be surprised that these days I’m living in on of the PPS dresses while working from home. I love that it looks so feminine, that it features spacious silhouette and trendy off the shoulder design. The dress might be a bit too fancy looking for your typical ah-home dress, but I feel that looking cute while at home motivates me to be more active on social media and chat to you guys — that’s how I justify being overdressed on a regular basis! 

#2: Jeans Are OK if You Know the Perfect Cut

Another idea that I recently started experimenting with is wearing loose fitting jeans with a fun T-shirt. I know, for so many people it might be such a no-brainer, but for the longest time, I avoided wearing jeans at any cost. For me, tight fitting jeans never feel comfy. I also don’t like the distressed denim look as it feels untidy to me (the latest notion definitely comes from my childhood when our school dean was publicly shaming people who wore distressed jeans to school).

However, I finally seem to find the perfect jeans style that works for me. These days, I turned my “one size bigger than needed” jeans from Why I’m Not Wearing Jeans post into my every day at home attire. To be honest, it was a mistake when ordered these denim pants in a bigger size, but after all, it turned out to be a great idea. It might be not a surprise to you, but I loved discovering that loose fitting jeans are actually a super comfy piece of clothes.

#3: Avoid the “Lounge Wear” Trap

Before I figured that a loose fitting dress is indeed the best at-home outfit, I’ve been researching all sorts of “loungewear” options. And to be honest, all of them looked to me as your typical PJs — but with a much higher price tag. I also don’t feel that the entire trend of wearing sweatpants works for me. I think about myself as of a classy lady, and sweats just don’t fit my aesthetics. While it’s super tempting to spend $300 on a set of cashmere pajamas (excuse me, a loungewear set) I’d rather repurpose some of the clothes that I already have in my collection. It’s more eco-friendly anyway, isn’t it? At the end of the day, I have way too many dresses in my closet and some of them have a potential of getting the second life by becoming my go-to house wear.

* * * * *

There you have it: my two cents on what I’m wearing at home to stay more motivated and productive (because fashion does influence how you feel about yourself!). I wonder what are you wearing while at home? Any recommendations on how to look stylish while working from home?

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  1. Amanda Claus wrote:

    Thanks for your sharing.We found our dress at http://www.millybridal.org. Thank You very much! SUPERB Services Provided!!! I love the colour, the cutting, the design… fits perfectly… Im sure i’ll be looking fabulous with your design! Thanks Once Again!! Keep up the good work!

    Posted 10.30.17 Reply
  2. OMG this is so true. Even before my blog life, I worked from home for 3 years and have learned the importance of ONLY wearing workout clothes IF i’m going to the gym – like, immediately. Otherwise, PUT SOME REAL CLOTHES on lol. Must check out Plum Pretty Sugar dresses. Loved their robes for my wedding <3

    Posted 9.18.17 Reply
  3. Great tips! Love this post, and these photos are beautiful!

    xx, Elise

    Posted 9.14.17 Reply
  4. Jenny wrote:

    I work from home as well so this post totally resonated with me! As much as I love being able to work in comfy loungewear (aka pajamas), it also makes me feel lazier and less focused. Dresses are a great idea though, both comfortable and pretty! Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    Posted 9.12.17 Reply
  5. Ray wrote:

    Loved your tips about the jeans, that’s the first thing I toss when I walk in.


    Posted 9.11.17 Reply
  6. Kris wrote:

    I’m loving your tips and the dress you’re wearing! You look adorable!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris | https://dreamingofpink.wordpress.com

    Posted 9.11.17 Reply
  7. Mercy wrote:

    Such a cute and pretty dress, love the colour and style! Nice to get an inspiration like this!!!

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply
  8. Smile51 wrote:

    I agree with this completely

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply
  9. Dressed With Soul wrote:

    I know what you mean! I love dresses, too, and wear them also even often at home :) You look lovely in your dress!
    xx Rena

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply