Top 5 Cotton Candy Inspired Nail Polish Colors

Top 5 Creamy Nail Polish ColorsCotton candy inspired nails are trending this season. First, they are perfect for summer when you usually wear lighter tones of clothing and accessories than in any other seasons. Second, creamy nail colors look sweet and adorable with almost any look and for any occasion. This summer I wore cotton candy shades of nail polish all the time and almost forgot about the classic red nail color and French tips. I this post I will tell you about my favorite cotton-candy inspired nail polishes that absolutely worth trying.

#1: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 205 Pink Blink

Sally Hansen Pink Blink Nail Polish ReviewI rarely wear the same nail polish two times in a row, but Pink Blink shade is one the nail polishes that I wear again and again. It is pink but not too bright, so I can wear it in the office. At the same time it looks festive enough for going out looks. This nail product does not stay on your nails longer than any other nail polish, but it has a pretty good quality for a drugstore nail polish. Keep in mind that the consistency of this product is pretty thick so you do not need to apply a second coat.

#2: L’Oréal Les Blancs 152 Mint Glacee

L'Oréal Les Blancs Mint Glacee Nail Polish ReviewUsually, I am not a big fan of green color in my makeup and clothing, but creamy mint tone of this nail polish really fascinates me. It required two coats to apply, but the nail polish dries pretty fast. Mint Glacee stayed on my nails a bit longer than the rest of the nail products described in this post. I wore this nail polish to a meeting with one of my girl-friends, and she immediately gave me a compliment about the unique color of this nail polish. Considering that she is a fashion designer with a great taste, took her advice seriously and decided to wear this nail color more often.

#3: Rimmel 60 Seconds 410 I Lilac You

Rimmel I Lilac You Nail Polish ReviewThis nail polish is so dense that it is almost difficult to apply. On the other note, this product does not chip as quickly as other nail polishes: I believe that this feature of Rimmel’s product could be beneficial for those wearing nail tips. The bottle of this nail polish is pretty small compared to the rest of the nail products described in this post, but I actually like it. Most of the nail products that you can find in the drugstore are getting bad before you finish a half of the bottle. From this position, Rimmel’s packaging strategy saved me from the buyer’s remorse: I finish the bottle quicker and thus can start looking for another one.

#4: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 405 Coral Reel

Sally Hansen Hrad As Nails Coral Reel Nail Polish ReviewThis shade is pretty bright for the office, thus I usually wear it over the weekend. I like how Coral Reel tone looks not only on my nails, but also on my toenails, especially if I wear bright flip flops. This nail polish also looks great with black open-toe shoes and monotone black outfit: in this case, the nail polish color gets all the attention and looks impressive. You need to apply two layers of this nail polish and wait a bit until your nails are dry, but the effort totally worth it.

#5: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 425 Blue-Away

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue Away - Nail Polish ReviewI like to combine this sky blue nail polish with another Sally Hansen’s product Hard-as-Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color 295 Pixel Perfect to create a cool Jackson Pollock inspired look. Similar to Pink Blink tone, Blue-Away takes time to dry, especially if you apply two coats of this nail polish. It takes even longer if you are planning to apply a futuristic Pixel Perfect tone on top. I highly recommend to use a quick dry top coat if you decide to give a try to this color combination because it takes forever to finish your manicure (I would say about two series of your favorite TV show).

Thanks for reading about my favorite cotton-candy inspired nail polishes. I wonder if you tried any of these nail products yet. Perhaps, you can recommend any additional tones to try? Please share your ideas and do not forget to connect with me on Bloglovin, Twitter, and Instagram!