5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

I’m pretty consistent with my diet and working out routine, but drinking lots of water is not something that comes easily to me. Often times I would end up drinking tea all day long and then realizing that my daily pure water consumption is close to nothing. Recently I’ve been trying different ways to tricking myself into drinking more water — and I found a few strategies that really help me to stay on track with my daily water intake. See below 5 tips on how to stay consistent with drinking enough water!


I noticed that every time I go to a fancy SPA salon for a massage and facial, I end up drinking lots of water simply because SPA looks and tastes fancy. In reality, the difference between regular water and a SPA water is that the latest contains fruit, veggies, berries, and maybe herbs like mint. Working on my drinking more water project, I was thinking, why not recreating SPA water at home? Pick strawberries, mint, limes or any other flavored water combinations and here comes your fancy water to enjoy. Or if you don’t have time for patience for all this prep work, try my favorite on-the-go SPA water by Spindrift. All it contains is sparkling water and natural fruit. Yep, that’s it! What an easy solution for a busy gal who needs her H2O on-the-go!


When you sweat you drink more water — it’s just as easy as that. Think for instance about how you feel during an intense workout. Your body temperature goes up and you end up sipping more water than if you were just sitting at your desk and working. Embrace the sweat! Take hot yoga classes, join a spinning club, or just run in the park — you’ll sweat more and would be more thirsty in general! Not to mention that regular exercise is essential for staying healthy!

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Maybe it’s just me, but cute looking things like rose gold or marble water bottles make my heart melt. I just want to have these pretty little things around me at all times and, as a result, I end up drinking more water! Try finding fancy water bottles for yourself too as a way to motivate yourself into drinking more. My personal favorite stores to look for cute accessories is Ankit, Bando, and gift sections at Shopbop and Nordstrom.


Some people say that sipping water from a straw leads to premature wrinkles but not drinking enough water is actually worth for your skin! Personally, I end up drinking more if I have a straw in my water glass — I guess it just takes less effort and makes it easier for me to actually drink my water. Why not trying if this trick works for you too? There are lots of colorful straw options on Amazon — pick the ones that look the cutest, so they motivate you to have your water glass around!

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Regular water is boring, while sparkles turn any drink into an exciting one! I already mentioned Spindrift sparkling water as a convenient pre-packaged SPA water, but it also works for me simply because it’s sparkling. I guess bubbles remind me of summer or cocktails, but it’s just as simple as that — I end up drinking more water if I have a sparkling option around me.

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And there you have it: my favorite tricks for drinking more water. Agree: some of them might be less fancy than others, but all of them really work. I’m proud to say that these days I drink more water than ever! I wonder how’s the situation with your water drinking habits? What are some of the tricks that you use to make yourself drink more water?

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