Tricolor Cubicle Chic

Style Sprinter blogger Katya Bychkova wears black pencil skirt, white lace top, and red envelope clutchThere was a period in my life when I was wearing exclusively black outfits. Don’t take me wrong: I was not depressed or tried to hide my weight (luckily, none of it happened to me). I was just fascinated how elegant the black fabric could be. Nowadays, when my color vocabulary is much bigger and I am not afraid to experiment with different tones and textures, black color is still my favorite. I love to combine it with white and red — just like in the outfit that you see on these photos — as well as with other contrast tones. 

One of the tricks that I use all the time is to match my lipstick with the color of the bag. Of course, we are not talking about blue or green bag tones — such color combination would be inappropriate in the office — but rather pink, orange, and red tones that look so refreshing and chic. My rule of thumb is to wear a monochromatic outfit with matching lipstick and the bag. Sometimes I also like to light up the look with contrast shoes. As you may see, I am wearing strictly black, white, and red in this look but I will post more photos where you can see the trick in action.

Personally, I think that a blouse tucked into a pencil skirt and some ladylike pumps are the most comfortable outfit to wear at the office. I like the fact that you can wear a nice classic skirt in many different ways by varying accessories. Many girls say the exact thing about a nice pair of trousers, but I prefer to wear skirts at work, especially in the summer

As I mentioned before (here), I never wear my red lipstick at work and stick with neutral colors in the office makeup. The pictures that you see over here have been taken after I left the office and was ready for some after work fun. Also, inspired by Emily Shuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere, I decided to put my hair in a low ponytail. But instead of keeping my hair straight, I curled my hair first and then secured with the rubber band hair elastic by Goody. For nails, I used my new favorite color of the nail polish by Essie called After School Boy Blazer.

I hope you guys had fun reading about my office outfit and look forward to hear about your 9 to 5 outfit tricks and ideas.

Style Sprinter blogger Katya Bychkova matches her Louboutins with red envelope clutch and red Chanel lipstick

Style Sprinter fashion blogger Katya Bychkova wears black pencil skirt, black pattern leather Louboutins, white lace top, and red envelope clutchStyle Sprinter blogger Katya Bychkova wears red Chanel lipstick and red envelope clutchStyle Sprinter blogger Katya Bychkova wears low ponytail - office OOTDBlack Pattern Leather Louboutins and Matching Red Envelope Clutch

Top: H&M (similar here) | Skirt: similar here | Shoes: Christian Louboutin Filo Leather Red Sole Pump | Bag: similar here and here | Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure 104 | Nails: After School Boy Blazer by Essie | Photo by Vital Agibalow