Two Easy Ways to Style a Lob

Two Easy Ways to Style a Lob

Since my recent hair transformation, I’ve received a lot of comments from readers asking how to style my new long bob hair. Specifically, Irina S. wrote to me asking for tips and tricks on how to curl hair in the most effortless way and wondering which tools I use to create this soft curls look. I love receiving and answering my readers’ questions, so I decided to dedicate a post to two of my favorite everyday looks. In doing so, I’ll be featuring a tool that many beauty bloggers swear by, an auto-rotating curling iron by Irresistible Me that I received from the brand for testing purposes.

Look #1: Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves for a Lob Tutorial

Ever since I cut my hair back in 2015, I’ve been experimenting with a California waves look that makes my shorter “do” look effortless. In my experience, soft, beachy waves work best on second-day hair, especially if you blow-dried your hair after you washed it and used a straightening iron after that. Usually, I start prepping my hair for beachy waves before I get into the shower by applying a dry shampoo to the roots. Then, I use a hair dryer for a few minutes to make sure my hair is completely dry. After brushing my hair and creating a part, I’m ready for my beachy waves creation process.

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curler Review 2

I start by choosing where to part my hair that day. Then, I divide my hair into three parts (two parts in the front, each ending around the ear area, and one in the back) and start curling it so each part is facing a different direction. I know that it might be confusing when you’re trying to remember which way to go every single time. However, I found that one of the obvious benefits of Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron is that it features two buttons, Left and Right that help you keep track of which way to go next.

While curling each part, I try to hold the hair curler so the ends of my hair are angled toward my chin. That way, your hair gets that edgy look we are planning for. Also, I love to keep a curling iron a bit longer on the hair surrounding my face, as locks of hair around the face tend to pick up oil and to fall apart quicker. Since Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron is equipped with a temperature regulator, I put it at the highest setting and curl the front parts first. Then, I lower the temperature and continue curling my hair in the back. That way, my front pieces look firmer and more bouncy than those at the back.

How to Style a Lob with a Rotating Curling Iron

To finish the look, I usually apply a few spritzes of sea salt finishing spray. This product helps to tame frizzy hair close to the roots and adds texture. I avoid using hair spray on beachy waves as it makes the look less relaxed and makes it more difficult to fix your hair throughout the day.

Look #2: Slide-Up Braid

Lob with a Slide-Up Braid Tutorial

When I’m just out of the shower and my hair is freshly wet, I love working my natural hair structure and wear a straight, sleek look that I sometimes decorate with a few braids. Some people assume that if their hair is naturally straight, no styling is required whatsoever, but I can’t agree with this approach. In my opinion, if the ends of your hair don’t face the same direction or have some sort of texture, your whole look feels untidy. Having said this, girls with straight hair don’t need to spend lots of time adding that little hint of ‘chic’ to their everyday look. All you have to do is to curl the ends of your hair in—and you’re all set.

irresistible me curling iron review

Since my recent hair makeover, I changed my hair routine a little bit and now when I wash my hair I always apply a leave-in conditioner straight out of the shower (except when I wear bouncy curls). Then, I blow dry my hair without even using a brush as my hair falls straight naturally. When my hair is 80% dry, I brush it through and use a bit more of a warm and cold air combo to bring my hair to complete dryness.

I wait for at least 15 minutes after finishing blow-drying my hair before starting to work with a curling iron. While I wait, I usually apply my makeup or pick my outfit. When I’m done, I know that my hair is definitely dry and cold (again, it’s a major point for curling your hair). Then, I’ll take my curling iron and curl it just a little bit on the ends. While testing Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron, I figured that it makes sense to simply clip your hair at the end and then rotate the iron manually as it creates a smaller curl and you can control the direction more easily.


Then, I pick a piece of hair in the front and braid it all the way up. Then, I put a hair elastic on two out of three ends and “slide” those two parts up (this type of braid is actually called “slide-up braid”). When I’m done, I use two criss-crossed Bobby pins. That way, my braid stays in place longer and I don’t need to fix it throughout the day. I usually don’t divide my hair into parts and just start curling my hair on one side and then move toward the other. When the whole ‘circle’ is completed, I apply a bit of a hair shining spray that also provides a bit of a hold. During the warm season, I switch to Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield so my hair doesn’t get frizzy.

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I hope you found those easy to repeat hair tutorials helpful. As you see, I do take your questions and requests seriously so don’t hesitate to write me a comment on what are some of the topics you’d like me to cover on the blog. I would love to share my tips and tricks with you!