Scalp Facial Is a Thing! And I’m Obsessed with It

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by UMMA A Good Hair Day of Seoul.

Let’s start with a confession. Raise your hands if you are obsessed with dry shampoo and perhaps overuse it on a regular basis? I’m here on this one with you too! Not only do I wholeheartedly believe that it’s one of the best inventions of our time, quite often I simply don’t have the time to go with my life without it… Or, should I say, couldn’t imagine my life without it… Until I got dandruff and had to learn how to give my scalp a regular facial.

Yes, you have heard me right: a facial but for your scalp. Let me explain.

Ever since I had an accident with dandruff (and successfully treated it thanks to the tactics explained below) I dedicate a few days per month to give my scalp a good exfoliation, indulge my ends with a good hair mask, and replenish the scalp with calming oil. The products I use are always very specific and I even have a dedicated scalp facial area in my bathroom as a reminder to do it regularly.

UMMA before - after

Let’s dive into my scalp facial routine so I can explain in detail exactly which products I use for my scalp facial routine. But before we do it, check out those before and after shots. It’s been a few weeks since I started testing this new routine and I’m so happy about the results!

Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub

Step 1 – Exfoliate

The first step in my scalp facial routine is exfoliation. This only needs to be done one or two times a week. At this point, we all know about the importance of exfoliating your skin – if you are on top of this skincare routine, you exfoliate at least twice a week. But have you heard about the importance of exfoliating your scalp? Lately, I’ve been using Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub and it’s a life changer!

Basically, it’s an exfoliator but for your scalp, but it also works as a shampoo. You massage it thoroughly into your roots on wet hair. As you gently massage and work the formula into the scalp, it will start to foam up just like a shampoo.

Leave it on for a few minutes and wash off to reveal the squeaky-clean scalp and hair. The product leaves a pleasant refreshing feeling and cleans the dry shampoo debris like nothing else. On days when I exfoliate, I move right along to Step 3 because this product doubles as a shampoo.

I researched the ingredient list and this product contains menthol which gives that refreshing feel and coffee bean extract that helps to balance the scalp out. Another good thing about this product is that it’s free of fragrances, synthetic dyes and preservatives, and also free of silicone. In other words, it’s perfect for people with color-treated hair like mine.

This scalp scrub is spectacular not only as a part of your scalp facial but also on a weekly (not daily) basis as a deep-cleansing experience. Especially if you use a lot of dry shampoos or hair styling products. The treatment helps to get rid of all the buildup so your scalp can “breathe freely” without all the chemicals you’ve been torturing it with.

AMH Shampoo

Step 2 – Wash

Perhaps, the most important step in any hair care routine is to use the right shampoo to clean your scalp and hair. Think about all the products you use to style on a daily basis – and how much dry shampoo you apply to camouflage your second-third-fourth-day hair. It could be tempting to just keep running on dry shampoo for days while trying to extend your blow-out, but such an approach might not be as beneficial for your scalp as you might think.

Learn from my mistakes. If you have oily and color-treated hair like mine, experimenting with washing your hair less often could be hurtful to the appearance and health of your hair. Let’s bring the analogy with your face. Do you wash it twice a day to keep your pores breathing and thus preventing breakouts? Guess what, your scalp needs to breathe too and by overpowering it with the dry shampoo you are actually suffocating your own scalp and hair.

Ever since my incident with dandruff, my rule of thumb is to wash my hair with the right shampoo every other day. Some people might find it excessive (especially for color-treated hair), but I believe it all depends on your hair type. Mine is oily so I use the shampoo that features some of the ingredients that are treating my scalp and also taking care of my dandruff situation at the same time.

The one shampoo I’ve been testing (and loving) lately is AMH Shampoo. It contains salicylic acid that I mentioned so many times when it comes to my acne situation. But this beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is not only great for attacking pimples. It’s also an effective ingredient for treating sebum and dandruff buildup while promoting the health of your scalp.

Same goes for zinc pyrithione, another common ingredient in dandruff-fighting shampoos. It’s known for treating all sorts of skin conditions actually but when it comes to hair, we are particularly talking about antibacterial and antifungal properties. You know, just to eliminate all the possible reasons why you have dandruff in the first place.

When it comes to the texture and feeling during and after using this shampoo, I appreciated its refreshing feel and a perfect foaminess. The latest is actually a major selling point for me. While I always dive deep into the ingredient list, when it comes to “user experience” the foam my shampoo produces is the number one point for me. And this shampoo totally passed my foaminess test!

Step 3 – Nourish

After exfoliating my scalp, it’s time for a hair mask. If you remember my last year’s 365 Masks Challenge, you know that hair masks are my absolute favorite. And there are more reasons for it than you might think of. First of all, my hair is color-treated which means it already needs more nourishment and love than natural hair. Then, I’m also a lover of heat-styling tools like curling and straightening irons. Finally, I’m not that good with covering my hair from the sun which also damages my hair. While I could probably be more proactive when it comes to the last two points, for some reason, I find it more pleasurable to just over-indulge my hair with masks instead.

For the longest time, I’ve been promoting the idea that hair conditioner is something from the past and using a hair mask every time I wash my hair instead. I was surprised and super thrilled to discover that the Korean hair and scalp care regimen by UMMA follows the same philosophy. They didn’t include any classic hair conditioners in their A Good Hair Day of Seoul set but instead recommend using a hair mask with every wash.

The mask itself is a bit unusual too. Typically, here in America, we are dealing with heavy and thick hair masks that often leave a thick coat of a product on your shoulders and body after you remove it. When it comes to Korean hair mask and this particular one by Beigic, the texture is so different. It’s whipped and lightweight but the nourishment effect of it is the same (if not better) than from a classic “thick” hair mask.

You can use the mask the same way you are applying a hair conditioner. Brush the product through your hair with the White Rabbit Hair Brush to evenly distribute it. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse it thoroughly after. The best part (in addition to hair smoothing and straightening properties), the mask will not leave a film on your skin — so you don’t have to worry about your hair mask triggering bacne.

Step 4 – Tone

This next step was something I never knew I’d ever use. A toner but for my hair? Wow, that does seem excessive, right? But as it turned out, there is no such thing as too many steps in a Korean hair care regimen. Here, everything happens for a reason and the reason Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic is included in the UMMA set is because this product helps to soothe the stressed scalp and improve its health.

Basically, I use it just like your regular face mist – but on your hair. Right after I jump out of a shower and towel-dry my hair, I spritz the product onto my scalp and massage it into the scalp with my fingers so that the product penetrates the scalp more deeply. The formula contains all sorts of nourishing ingredients like evening primrose that deliver this plant-based goodness into your scalp. The product itself doesn’t feel heavy so it’s perfectly fine to use after every wash.

Step 5 – Indulge

The next step in my new K-beauty hair care regimen is so unexpected that I don’t even know where to start. Hmm… Have you heard of overnight face masks? These are designed to nourish your skin while you are sleeping so you wake up with the most moisturized skin ever. Guess what, the leading K-beauty giant Amos Professional developed a similar product but… for your hair.

The idea is to use your hair mask overnight, so you can nourish your hair before washing it first thing in the morning. Apply Amos Professional Repair Shine Enrich Night Cream (which is included in the UMMA set I talked about previously) to dry hair and sleep with this hair cream overnight. That way, I treat my hair overnight and wake up with the softest hair ever. The idea here is the same as with a face sleeping mask or a night cream. You want to apply the most nourishing treatment overnight when your hair is not exposed to damaging sunlight and you don’t mind getting a bit greasy.

Even though the formula is created with an anti-residue feature in mind, I still love putting my hair in a top bun after applying this product. That way, my hair doesn’t tangle so I can jump straight in a shower in the morning without pre-brushing it.

Step 6 – Repair

Finally, with all the scalp treatments mentioned in this post let’s not forget about the split ends that are so common if you are into styling your hair. You all know about the trick that I’m using for deep-treating my hair during workouts and I just wanted to include it here again as you could use Moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil that comes in the UMMA hair set to implement this trick in reality.

Basically, every time I’m going to a fitness class and know that I’ll be washing my hair right after it, I massage a few drops of hair oil in my ends and put it in a tight bun. With my body temperature going up during a workout, all the nutrients in the hair oil absorb better in my hair so by the time I finish my fitness class I had serious hair treatment done!

* * * * *

There you have it: my scalp facial routine that I love indulging in a few times per month. As you see in the before-after shots I provided at the beginning of this post, the difference this routine makes it dramatic. Not only my scalp feels so much clearer and healthier, but the overall appearance of my hair is also getting better and better. In other words, I’m really into that whole K-beauty hair care routine that just starts trending in the beauty community.

And if you want to check out my scalp facial routine yourself, definitely check out UMMA A Good Hair Day of Seoul set that I already mentioned a few times in this post. It contains all the products you need to improve the appearance of your scalp (especially if you have color-treated hair like mine) and a cute pink hairbrush as a bonus. The best part is that you can buy an entire set at Costco (or Costco website) for just $99.99. Considering the brands included in this set and the number of products you receive, it’s such a great score!

I wonder if you have a similar scalp treatment routine to mine? If so which products are you using for your scalp and hair? Let’s discuss in the comments!