Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s so tempting to pick an easy route and stick to trivial flowers and chocolate gifts. Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing more enjoyable than to have a scent of freshly cut flowers in your apartment and satisfy your sweet tooth with some yummy vegan chocolate. But let’s be honest: these typical gifts are way too ordinal to properly express the depth of feelings you have towards your Valentine. This season, I challenge you to be creative and pick unique personalized gifts for your beloved ones. To make your life easier, I rounded up my top four suggestions for your perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

#1: Timeless Charm Jewelry

The major bummer about flowers and chocolates is when they are gone you don’t really have a Valentine’s Day gift to remember. When you stick to more timeless gifts such as watches and jewelry, things are different. You can wear sentimental accessories every single day and these will remind you of people that you love and really care about. If you are looking for cute and unique Valentine’s Day jewelry suggestions, definitely check out Helen Ficalora charms.

Helen Ficalora Valentines Day XOX charm

You probably remember this brand of high-quality personalized jewelry from my winter holidays post featuring Helen Ficalora charms. That post featuring monogram charms from the holiday collection received so many positive reviews which made me even more excited about the romantic jewelry collection released this Valentine’s Day season. It features all sorts of hearts, xoxos, and kisses charms that you can’t go wrong with. On Helen Ficalora website, you can pick your own design when it comes to the materials and chain length to make your romantic gift even more special.

I’m super excited to collaborate with Helen Ficalora again to offer you a chance to win a sterling silver “XOX” charm on sterling silver chain (retail price: $120). Check out the end of this post for details and enter to win!

#2: Personalized Fragrance

Maybe it’s just me, but I always associate feelings with a signature scent. For instance, I still remember which fragrance I wore on our first date with Ben. Not to mention that I’m very particular when we pick a candle scent for our bedroom. I also instantly recognize when other guys are wearing the same cologne than Ben prefers—and I feel like only Ben should be eligible to wear that scent. Needless to say, I am a strong believer that perfume is always a great idea when it comes to picking a romantic gift.

Pinrose Secret Genius Fragrance

What I learned just recently is that fragrance could be even more special if you decide on customizing it. Yes, you’ve heard me right: this Valentine’s Day you can order to your beloved one a fragrance that will have any photo or message you decide on. And it will be not just some random fragrance that will just look good on the shelf for years to come, but might as well become a favorite scent of all times for your beloved one!

The company that offers this unique perfume customization service is called Pinrose and it’s a California based brand that is famous for it’s personalized scents. Prior to ordering one of the personalized perfumes or candles, try thinking about a person you are picking a fragrance for and take Pinrose’s famous quiz that allows you to select a perfect scent based on person’s aesthetic choices and personality traits. It’s actually a very fun quiz to take for yourself as it allows you to open up your mind about what to look for in a fragrance.

Pinrose Secret Genius Fragrance

As per my quiz results, I picked Pinrose Secret Genius fragrance (c/o) that comes in a beautiful white, beige, and silver package and incorporates some of my most favorite notes: vanilla, cedar wood, and white chocolate. Since I was ordering it for myself, I decided to choose a photo that will remind me of great times Ben and I had prior to taking this shot somewhere in lower Manhattan. Yes, it’s not actually a collage, but a real photo taken in front of a graffiti mural. Isn’t it a beautiful and optimistic piece of art?

The whole process of taking a quiz and uploading a photo for the perfume bottle design takes just a few minutes, but the effect it has on people is tremendous! Even though I knew that this package was coming my way, I was so happily surprised how it actually looked in person. All the colors were so vivid and the image was so crisp, that it’s makes this unique gift even more special!

#3: Let The Shoes Speak!

Okay, when I opened a box with these shoes, my heart literally stopped! Aren’t those loafers amazing? I don’t have many flats in my collection and those rare ones that are making the cut are very special for me. This pair of embroidered “Love” loafers is by Aerosoles (c/o) which make them not only adorable but also super comfortable!

I remember times when I’ve been working at the corporate job back in a day and there was an Aerosoles store across the street to my office. You know me: I love wearing heels all the time, but unfortunately sometimes you are just getting too tired wearing such shoes all day long so I have an entire collection of comfortable and chic shoes from Aerosoles from these times. Basically, I would just go there on a lunch break and pick a pair of ballet shoes or loafers so I can continue my day without experiencing excruciating pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes. Since Aerosoles is such affordable brand (not to mention that they have the best sales), I truly enjoyed my lunchtime affordable splurge. In fact, I can still recall the exact high heeled shoes that I replaced with comfy Aerosoles!

This season the brand came out with even more adorable designs. I attended the press preview of the Spring-Summer 2017 collection and I have to say that I’ll keep an eye on some of the sandals from the collection. What I already know is that I’ve been wearing the “Love” flats even in this cold New York weather… What could I say? These are simply irresistibly cute!

Helen Ficalora Valentines Day Giveaway

#4: The Mirror Talk

This last gift doesn’t cost any money at all as you can use items that you already have in your collection. Basically, all you have to do is to sneak into your beloved one bathroom and write your love message… on the bathroom mirror. You can use either non waterproof makeup or adhesive stickers. Be creative and don’t be afraid to cover the entire mirror surface with your message! Of course, this cute gift idea will only work if the person you are writing to is living alone—so you know for sure that only that person will read the message.

It might sound a bit too romantic and sentimental, but when we just started dating, I left a simple “I love you!” on Ben’s mirror that wrote with my signature Chanel red lipstick. You’ll not believe it, but he hasn’t erased it ever since! Throughout the years of our relationships (we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in May) the color of that lipstick faded and it moved a bit on the surface of the mirror, but I think it’s so sweet that he still values and preserve this message. Perhaps, you’d like to create a similar love artifact for your relationships too!

Helen Ficalora Valentines Day Giveaway


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