Unwritten Rules

Katya-Bychkova-Yellow-Ralph-Laurent-Top-Coach-Legacy-Bag-Kate-Spade-Apple-KedsSaturday is the most casual day of the week for me, at least the first half of the day. As you may remember, I attend college on Saturdays from early morning (my first class starts at 8:00 am) until 6:00 pm in the evening. Thus I always carry a huge bag with me where I keep my textbooks, writing supplies, snacks, a bottle of water, a couple of beauty products and many other seemingly important things that make my bag super heavy.

Ralph-Lauren-Yellow-VNeck-Tee-Coach-Legacy-White-Tote-White-Fedora-HatEven though I am trying to be creative with my casual outfits, my college bag is usually the same: white Coach Legacy perforated leather tote. I purchased it last year, and it has proven to be the most convenient bag for college. It fits all my notebooks and college supplies and perfectly matches my favorite Kate Spade sneakers. I also like the fact that it contains two inside pockets and it is not divided into sections.

Ralph-Lauren-Yellow-VNeck-Tee-Coach-Legacy-ToteA casual outfit does not necessarily means pants or jeans to me. In fact, I think that jeans are the most uncomfortable type of clothes you can wear (that is why I rarely wear them). In comparison, a nice skirt is usually quite comfortable. I often wear skirts and dresses to college and recommend you to try the same (if you still haven’t). I also make sure to take a light scarf with me because the temperature in the classroom is usually unpredictable.

Swarovski-Crystal-Necklace-White-Fedora-HatLooking at these photos, you probably wonder if I wear hats to college. My answer is no, never. In my opinion, it is highly disrespectful to sit in the class wearing a hat or headphones. Furthermore, I never check my phone or eat snacks during the lecture. In my opinion, proper etiquette is very important for people to maintain and its simply rude to be using your phone or eating while others are trying to concentrate on learning or while a Professor is concentrating on their lecture. I wonder what are your etiquette no-nos during a class?


Also, if you are interested to find out which healthy snacks I am grabbing with me to college, please take a look at my post “Top 10 Coworker-Friendly Snacks”  — these small bites are also classmates friendly!


Lauren Ralph Lauren Top, Three-Quarter-SLeeve V-Neck Tee | Skirt: Incity Silver (similar here; also seen here) | Hat: (similar here) | Keds: Kate Spade Sneakers | Bag: Coach Legacy White Perforated Leather Tote (sold out; similar here) | Necklace: Swarovski Crystal Bear (sold out; similar here) | Photos by Vital Agibalow