Vacation in Boca

Winter Vacation Boca Raton

We are celebrating these winter holidays under palm trees. First, in Boca Raton, then in Miami, and finally in Grand Bahama. In this post you will find my photo report from a couple of days that we spent at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Enjoy!

Boca-Raton-Resort-1Winter Vacation Boca Raton
Yachting makes me queasy, but I enjoy walking around the dock checking other people’s yachts’ names. For instance, in the bay next to Boca Resort there is a yacht called “Claire” and another one called “Claire Too”—it is very clever, right?

Last year there was a pop-up ice skating rink at the hotel where we had tons of fun ice dancing and making all kind of jumps and spins. There was no such luck this year, so we switched our gears to exploring the Boca Raton fauna.

This enormous Kapok tree (that grows up to 150 feet tall) is covered with so many thorns that we decided to call it a “defense tree.” It produces a cottony fiber called kapok that was once used for pillow and toy stuffing.

Ben is a great gardener; thanks to his skills we have a cute mini-garden on the roof of our New York City apartment. Boca Raton plants are very different to those that could survive in a harsh NYC climate. My observation is that there are much more beautiful and exotic plants tolerate the tropical climate of Boca..

There is a huge Christmas tree and Menorah installed at the entrance of the hotel with tons of “gift boxes” around. I guess in this photo Ben is attempting to steal Boca Raton’s Christmas.

While on vacation, I prefer minimal makeup, but I always carry a delicious lip gloss with me. In this photo, I am using one by Clarins. I also packed with me a couple of lip gloss tubes by Victoria’s Secret and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.