Cutting the Line in Versailles

Cutting the Line in Versailles

The only cultural adventure that we missed during the last visit to Paris was Versailles. This time around, we decided to dedicate a few days to visit Palace of Versailles and learn more about Marie Antoinette’s times. We stayed at the gorgeous Hôtel Le Louis Versailles Château Hotel a few streets down from the historical park and learned (accidentally!) how to cut the line while entering Versailles!

Usually, I’m not the best travel planner at all as I like keeping my schedule open and decide on-the-go. Meaning, I always have the list of attractions I want to hit, but I never put them on the calendar. Instead, we pick what feels right or works for that day’s weather. Since we only wanted to see Versailles Palace and gardens, I decided to try my best to research how to avoid the lines. As it turned out, there are a few options out there — if you are willing to pay just a few extra bucks (or, should I say, euros?).

As a plan of our “cutting the line to Versailles” plan, we made a lunch reservation at the ORE Restaurant. Their “Versailles Passport” deal includes not only a delicious prix-fixe menu but also a pass that allows entering the Palace faster. The lunch price is 60 euros which include a three-course meal (appetizer, main course, and dessert) and drinks (wine, coffee, and water). It’s not some random touristy restaurant though, but a gourmet establishment that happened to offer the best macarons I’ve ever tasted in my life!

Cutting the line to Versailles was so easy and painless that I felt bad for the people waiting outside. Because our Versailles entrance took a few minutes. With the help of ORE’s hostess, we made it straight to the air-conditioned entrance hall and completely avoided the line.

I’ll write a separate post on the entire Versailles experience, for now, all I can say is that skipping the line was amazing. I’m not the best travel planner, but when I hit the point by saving time and money, I have to admit that it does feel great!

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Cutting the Line in VersaillesCutting the Line in Versailles


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