Villa Vizcaya: A Piece of Europe in Miami

Winter Vacation in Miami Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter
Our trip continued in Miami where we explored the early 20th century estate Villa Vizcaya and its Renaissance style gardens. Our friends from Miami that had showed us around during Art Basel, Kristina and Chris Riggs, joined us for this exciting tour to this historic landmark.

Villa Vizcaya Miami Villa Vizcaya Miami Villa Viscaya Chris Kristina Riggs
My first impression of Villa Vizcaya was that it looks similar to Peterhof (St. Petersburg) that I visited a couple of years ago (compare the pictures below). Indeed, both landmarks incorporate elements of European design. The architecture and design of Peterhof is influenced by the French (sometimes it is called “Russian Versailles”), while Villa Vizcaya is an Italian creation.

Villa Vizcaya vs Peterhof
Some parts of Villa Vizcaya looks very polished and well maintained while others are seemingly abandoned; such eclectic and refined style leaves a priceless impression. I totally imagined myself walking on the winding paths of Villa Vizcaya with a cute poodle in one hand and a fan in another.

Villa Vizcaya MiamiBen Rinzler Katya Bychkova
The villa incorporates a couple of ponds and fountains that are especially pleasant in a tropical weather of Florida. We also enjoyed our refreshments that we picked up at the onsite café. In such places as Villa Vizcaya I often think about how the industrial and technical progress has changed the lives of women.

Villa Vizcaya MiamiVilla Viscaya Miami
Walking in the estate in a mini dress with a cup of iced tea in my hands, I could not imagine what was the life of women from the times of corsets and strict rules of etiquette.

Villa Viscaya Miami
One of the objects that impressed me the most during our tour was a huge swimming pool located on the first floor of the estate. It looked very modern, and I was surprised that it was actually built at the beginning of the last century.

Villa Viscaya MiamiVilla Viscaya Miami
At the end of the day, we took tons of both fun and serious pictures and crisscrossed the gardens and hidden pathways. If you are planning to visit the sunshine state of Florida I would definitely recommend checking out this hidden gem of Italian architecture and design!

Villa Vizcaya StyleSprinter