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Vision Board for your New Year's Resolutions and Goals

January is a resolutions season, right? I’m usually not a kind of girl who is making NYE resolutions but this time around I’m feeling differently about setting goals for the new year. Suddenly I realized that without defined career, personal, and financial goals you are basically just going in life without a direction. And while you are certainly moving some way and accomplishing things, how do you actually know if you are accomplishing anything if you don’t have a comparison point?

Long story short, this year I decided to become a bit more mindful about setting and working toward my goals. From what is happening on Instagram and Stories, you are feeling the same way. So, I was thinking why not jumpstart this year with some tips and tricks on how I stay organized and productive in a new year?

In this post, I share my strategies for staying on top of New Year’s Eve resolutions. And in the upcoming posts for this series, we will go over my planner set-up, workflow tips for bloggers, and calendar tips for the best productivity. Please let me know in the comments below if there are any particular organizing and productivity topic you’d like me to cover.

How to Visualize Your Goals

I never heard of vision boards until I saw Amber Scholl video on her New Year’s resolutions. She swears that her board helped her to visualize success and I decided to try doing so too. In my case, I wanted a vision board to serve as a reminder of which goals I wanted to achieve.

Since I’m traditionally spending the beginning of the year traveling I couldn’t wait until I get home to start visualizing with magazine images and scissors. Instead, I downloaded a vision board app where I saved my resolutions in a visual and beautifully organized way.

The app I used is called Vision Board and it allows to save 9 images with text and dates on them. The greed is conveniently divided into areas like career, health, family, relationships, etc. so you can pick an inspiration image and set a goal for each spot in the greed. I placed the app on the home page of my phone, so I open it regularly and remind myself about my goals and resolutions.

vision board app

For your convenience, I put together a goal-setting sheet that you can use to visualize your goals for this year. Just drag it on your desktop, print it out, and collage some of the magazine images that represent your goals. For instance, if you are planning on buying a house, pick a lovely shot of a mansion and put it straight on your vision board!

* * * * *

There you have it, guys! A full breakdown on how to set up your goals and intentions for the new year. I hope these tips are especially handy for you if you are working in a creative industry as blogging, design, or photography. As I mentioned before, we creative people have a very specific type of thinking – but it doesn’t mean that we are incapable of setting and sticking to our goals. Personally, I just feel that we just need a different approach. Saying so, I’m excited to learn what is your goal-setting strategy in general and for this year specifically? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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