Royal Vain

black-flowers-dressWhen I come to the East Hampton, I always feel to wear something classy and glamorous — even royal. Think Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana at the top of their fashion “career.” However, since we are often invited to the parties with the younger crowd I rarely have a chance to incorporate classic dresses, pearls, oversized hats and glasses, and pumps into my look. Instead, I go for bright colors, non-wrinkly materials, and wedges. But over this trip to Sag Harbor, I felt like going super classy and indulged my royal instincts with an open back dress in black flowers, black and white pumps and a crocodile skin bag that I wear so rarely. 

white dress with black roses, white and black ivanka trump heels, large banana republic hatNeedless to say that in that outfit I felt quite differently: all of a sudden I started to keep my posture straight and — as you see in photos — kept my face quite serious and smile-less. I also felt that the dress is a statement in itself and there is no need for jewelry or accessories. As it turned out, high heels on grass are not the most comfortable type of shoes to wear. Well, the beauty demands some sacrifices and I do not regret going classy: my look definitely grabbed people’s attention while my oversized hat protected my skin from the sun.

What kind of clothing makes you feel sophisticated? Can a large hat or an expensive piece of jewelry make you feel royal?

white heels and crocodile skin black baglarge hat with black stripe, open back black and white cocktail dress