Weekend Reads

cherry blossom-colored glaze cakes

I found this social media trick at Darren Rowse’s blog and it’s a life changer! Here is how you can dramatically improve your Facebook following: 1. Go to your Facebook Page. 2. Find a post that has 10+ likes. 3. Look for a link saying something like ‘and 15 others’ and click on it. 4. There will be a pop-up providing you with the list of people who already liked your page (‘Liked’) as well as those who didn’t (those will be listed as ‘Invite’). 5. Invite all the people who are not liking your page yet and you’ll dramatically increase your following!

You probably heart or tried juicing before, but how about souping? This is a new detox diet trend that seems to bring amazing results.

If you are celebrating Easter, this adorable tutorial on how to make emoji Easter eggs is worth checking out.

Have you heard about recent collaboration between Design Love and Cheeky? They created a collection of adorable paper plates, napkins, and other table decor goodies now available at Target. Most items are under $4!

cute paper plates

Instagram update: now you will see in your feed not all of the updates, but only those posts that IG believes are relevant to you. What do you think about this change? Will it change the way you communicate on the platform?

Those coconut cream truffles look so delicious! I also adore the name of the recipe—Easter Bunny Tails!

The only commands my sweet Lilu knows is “show we how happy you are” (she is rolling on the carpet) and “stay!” when we are walking. I am planning on teaching my adorable Yorkie a few more tricks, as per Hello Rigby recommendations.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with recently is how to become more productive while working from home. Those tips by Cheetas Is The New Black bring a new twist to your typical productivity techniques.

Photographing your makeup products on the same background every time could become boring. Try those under $30 backdrop ideas (most of them are DIY-friendly).

You probably have a few playlists saved on your phone for those days when you are going to the gym. How about cooking? Danielle Copperman from Model Mange Tout came out with the idea of cooking playlistand it’s one of the smartest ideas I’ve heard in a while. Definitely give it a try!

weekend reads

Finally, I am thrilled to announce that my post on how to spring-clean your blog has been selected by the Independent Fashion Bloggers for their Links à la Mode series. Below, please find links to other blogs that have been selected for the feature. Those are handpicked articles, outfit posts, and how-to’s selected by IFB editors. Consider those as an extra shot of my weekend reads series!

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Cover photos via Martha Stewart, In Style, and Cheetas Is The New Black.