Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads September 26 2015

Roundup of the most interesting blog posts, tutorials, and articles from around the web…

This insider guide on New York Fashion Week provides the most honest feedback on how beauty and hair trends are born.

Eat this, don’t eat that… Learn why everything in your fridge seems to be bad for you.

Explore the topic on whether custom denim really worth the investment.

I didn’t know about some of those six coolest new features of the iPhone 6S.

Best nail art trends for fall – with photos and explanations.

This whole wheat graham cracker banana bread looks so delicious!

Some of those bedroom decoration ideas are incredibly chic.

Thinking about your Halloween costume yet? Bookmark those last minute DIY masks in case you have to be Halloween-ready in no time.

It happens all the time, but we rarely think about it… How to fix medical billing errors—and save big on health care.