Weekend Reads

weekend reads

One of the best posts about blogging I’ve read so far. Take your time and read it through!

I continue experimenting with watercolors and this rainbow watercolor stationery DIY project looks very exciting. I can’t wait to start working on it!

Aren’t those quinoa krispies look delicious? The best part—those are gluten-free!

Have you ever used Cetaphil as your cleanser? I’ve been obsessed with this product for many years, but recent research by Well+Good states that Cetaphil is not that good for your skin

Do you agree that it’s time to add ‘Femoji’ in the next emoji keyboard?

Great tips on how to find the perfect plants and planters for your apartment.

Loved going through the list of the best design blogs of 2016 selected by Domino Magazine.

If you catch yourself on overspending during Shopbop Spring sale, make sure to check out his post on how you can become a more ethically conscious shopper.

What will happen if you replace your skin-care routine with men’s products for a month? Every girl thought about it, but Perrie Samotin tried it herself.

I bookmarked this post on 25 best islands in the Caribbean and mentally noted that I’ve only visited four out of them.