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While makeup and fashion accessories will always remind a passion of mine, it’s been more of “Sprinter” than “Style” for me lately. Meaning, I finally signed up to the gym and started tracking my progress so I’m more prepared for the upcoming beach season than usually. While building a “beach body” takes time and I’m not anywhere close to my final goal, I was thinking why not learning about what’s new and cool in the world of wellness. My research mission became much easier to accomplish when BabbleBoxx sent my way a box of health-related goodies for review. All of the curated items were handpicked in celebration of the National Women’s Health Week that starts today. Today I’m unboxing all of these goodies with you.

Before we begin, let me tell you a funny story. As you know, I started putting together YouTube videos so I was thinking to record an unboxing video for this package. But my boyfriend Ben turned out to be more proactive than me. So by the time I actually turned on the camera and started recording… Healthy Choice Adobo Chicken Bowl was gone! As you already know, I’m vegan so this item in the box would be sent his way anyways, but I was truly impressed about the speed he operated on this frozen meal. So what you see on photos is actually just a package that he already ate and enjoyed. Well, I guess that’s what you get when you are too busy preparing for the exams and leave your significant other alone in the kitchen!

The next item in the box was super intriguing for me. It’s a DNA test by 23andMe that allows to explore your genetic ancestry and even find your relatives! As far as I know, my mom is from Belarus and my dad is from Ukraine, but who knows where the roots of our family are actually coming from? The 23andMe kit consists of an at-home DNA test (it’s saliva-based) and a shipping label. Basically, you just spit in a tube, mail the sample, and wait for the results. I dropped off my test in the mail last week and I can’t wait to share with you how it turned out.

Another cool item that I received in the box is Mio Slice Heart Rate and Activity Tracker. The main difference between this and many other fitness trackers is that Mio Slice features PAI technology which makes activity level calculations based on your heart rate rather than steps. That way, the device not only tracks your activity when you are walking, but also identifies and analyses such calorie-burning activities like yoga, spinning, and even shopping. Okay, the last one was from me—but why not? Shopping is a part of my regular fitness routine!

Finally, I got a large size toothpaste by Arm and Hammer. I have sensitive teeth (that’s why I can’t really bleach them to perfection—otherwise I would definitely do it!) so this toothpaste came handy. It comes in fresh mint flavor and contains baking soda—I didn’t mind it at all.

These were all the goodies in my bag. I wonder if you tried any of these before? Also, let me know in the comments area below if you’d like to read more about my fitness journey? Diet plan, exercises routine, what’s in my gym bag, my vegan bodybuilding dilemmas—please specify the questions you are most interested to learn about and I’ll make sure to write a post or two about it!


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