What I Packed to the Hamptons

What I Packed to the Hamptons 2

This Memorial Day weekend Ben and I spent in the Hamptons with our friends. We went out for dinner every single day, attended a pool party, watched a movie, went to a SPA, and did all other typical Hamptons stuff. Even though it was not all sunny days, we did have some quality time sitting at the pool reading and chatting. To be honest, I was happy that the weather didn’t allow us to go to the beach. While I enjoy reconnecting with the nature, I’m not a fan of tanning (it’s bad for your skin!) or dealing with sand on the beach (especially when it sticks to my sunscreen covered skin). My favorite type of summer relaxation is sitting at the pool. Preferably with a juice or a cocktail in one hand and my favorite magazine in another. If you are like me, check out my list of pool day essentials that I bring with me to the Hamptons.

ONE // Swimsuit

For me, a good swimsuit is the number one priority when it comes to the summer season. Since we are in the Hamptons every single weekend, I spend a lot of time in my swimsuit so it better be awesome! This weekend I wore a two-piece swimsuit by Beach Gal (c/o) that became my new favorite summer essential. The best thing about this two-piece bathing suit is that it’s a transformer: you can attach or remove ruffles so your swimsuit always looks different. Saying so, this two-in-one piece is also perfect if you love to travel light and pack as little stuff as possible as you can style your suit in different ways by attaching or removing accessories.

What I Packed to the Hamptons

TWO // Cover-Up

I brought three cover-ups with me for the season, but I ended up wearing only this palm leave print cover-up by Tobi (c/o). This summer dress is not completely see-through so you can wear in a café or bar if needed. At the same time, it’s light enough so you will not feel overheated while on the beach or at the swimming pool. Finally, the best part about this piece is that you can wear it as a V-neck or as a one-shoulder sundress so you can style different types of swimsuits with it.

THREE // Sunhat

I don’t like taking a hat with me on vacation because it gets ruined in the suitcase so I have a new one from every vacation we’ve been to. Same thing happens with this Banana Republic hat. I purchased it about three years ago and the hat lived in the Hamptons house since then. I appreciate the fact that it’s an oversized hat so I know for sure that it will protect me from sun. Also, I love a preppy bow on its side as it makes the hat so much more Hamptons-style.

What I Packed to the Hamptons

FOUR // Straw Bag

At this point, you probably know that I’m obsessed with pop pom accessories this season. While I’m still making up my mind about which pom pom sandal to buy, I already scored a pom pom straw bag (it’s under $50). Mine is not super fancy (believe it or not, but I found it on Amazon), but it’s spacious enough to accommodate all my pool day essentials. Also, multi colored pom poms allow styling it with all kind of summer outfits—from neutral pastels to catchy prints.

FIVE // Sunnies

This summer I’m all about wooden sunglasses by Earth Wood Goods. These are looking super stylish and fun—not to mention environmently-friendly. I love the idea of purchasing stylish accessories while saving the world at the same time—that is why I agreed to become a Brand Ambassador of this fashion forward start-up. Ever since my recent trip to Belize where I learned what is happening with the Planet and all the creatures living in the wild, I have been trying to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle. Yes, wearing recycled wood sunglasses is only a tiny thing you can do to make a world a better place—but even this little effort counts as we promote sustainable practices to the fashion world and our surroundings.

BeachGal - Crimson Red Bikini Set With Removable Ruffle

SIX // Cute Sandals

I don’t know why, but I don’t like wearing flip-flops. I feel that that type of shoes is ruining my heels, not to mention an unpleasant noise these are creating while I’m moving. Instead, I prefer picking a pair of cute sandals that brings a sense of completion to my swimming pool day look. When I purchased that crystal-decorated sandal before our trip to Belize, I knew how versatile that black colored shoe could be. Indeed, I’ve been wearing it non-stop and will continue doing so over the summer!

SEVEN // Body Sunscreen

I’m not a fan of spray sunscreens, as I don’t feel that I protect each inch of my body from the sun. Instead, I prefer putting on this delicious and non-sticky SPF 30 lotion that doesn’t irritate my skin and applies so smoothly. Previously, I used to use SPF 50, but it made my skin breakout every once in a while, but the problem has been completely solved with this all times favorite as lower SPF sunscreens contain less chemicals than those SPF 50+. I’ve been using this particular formula for two summers in a row and I highly recommend it!

What I Packed to the Hamptons

EIGHT // Perfume

I hear it all the time that people stop using perfume in summer as it irritates their skin. Yes, it could definitely happen if you apply too much of a product directly on your skin and go to the beach directly after that. Personally, I prefer switching my favorite perfumes collection for summer and using water-based products instead of regular formulas. One of my recent favorites is this beautifully smelling fragrance by Beach Gal (c/o), which provides just a touch of aroma and doesn’t irritate my skin.

NINE // Facial Sunscreen

You probably remember my post about why sunscreen is a must-do for everyone and this SPF 20 facial moisturizer by Cosmedicine is my current favorite SPF product for face. This sunscreen features a non-sticky formula that doesn’t make my face look oily. It also contains all sorts of medically approved ingredients that fight against wrinkles and skin de-hydration at the same time. Wait, did I mention that it also smells great and lasts forever? Yes, I’m that much hooked on this new cool product!

BeachGal Crimson Red Bikini Set With Removable Ruffle

TEN // Lip Sunscreen

Honestly, for many years I haven’t been consistent with protecting my lips from sun and I’m glad to announce that I finally overcame my bad habit. With the new addition of this SPF 50 lip gloss by Supergoop to my summer makeup bag, I feel confident that I’ll not have any weird sunspots developed on my lips. I also enjoy the fact that this product is more that just a balm, as it adds a bit of shine to my lips so I don’t even need to bother applying a lipstick.

* * * * *

That was a list of my summer essentials that I always bring with me to the Hamptons. I wonder what are your go-to items to pack when you are heading to the beach vacation? Please let me know in the comment area below!

What I Packed to the Hamptons 4

Beach Gal Bikini Set // Tobi Cover-up // ASOS Sandal // Earth Wood Sunnies // Straw Bag