What to Wear to a Yankee Game?

What to Wear to a Yankee Game

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Last year Ben and I attended more baseball games than ever. We were able to see all the important events that happened with the Yankees, starting from the Derek Jeter tribute to the amazing last-minute win by Young. It was also the first time in our lives when we caught the ball (yes, it was a teamwork action)! Attending so many sport events, I learned how to stay fashionable and comfortable at baseball games. In this post, I am sharing with you my tips and tricks about how to do it right.

#1: Say ‘No’ To High Heels

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During the week, the game usually starts at 7:00 pm, which means that I have to go to the stadium straight from a business meeting (I wrote about my typical work schedule in the post One Day of My Life). It means that I usually wear high heels which are not a good idea for that type of outdoors activity. First of all, there is a long walk from the subway to the stadium. Second of all, it is impossible to sit for the entire game and not move around. You walk to buy food and drinks, visit the restroom and gift shop, and stretch. Also, since the game takes place at the end of the day, you are already a bit tired. I figured that the best type of shoes to wear to the game are sneakers or ballet shoes, so the trick here is to simply grab and place in your bag a change of shoes.

#2: Don’t Go Too Provocative

Showing your cleavage will definitely attract the attention of the buzzed on beer crowd, but do you really need that kind of attention? While I do not encourage you to put away your favorite Victoria’s Secret Pink outfits, I would pick comfort over sexiness in your baseball game outfits. Saying so, I suggest giving a try to a sexy pair of leggings combined with a neutral shirt or top. Another option is to wear a black bra underneath a white top; it looks sexy, but appropriate.

#3: Maximize Your Mini

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If your intention is to attract someone’s attention, go for it. Otherwise, it is not the best experience ever to feel your uncovered legs touching a faux leather seat (I am not even talking about that weird sound your legs are doing when you are trying to stand up from your seat). I am necessarily saying ‘no’ to a skirt or a dress at the stadium, but if you are going for this option, pick a midi or maxi length. Not only will you look classier, your outfit will look more appropriate for the occasion. Otherwise, it is always an option to wear a cute pair of pants or jeans (if you wear them; I do not!).

#4: No Flip Flops & Sweat Pants

Even though I am trying to convince you to dress casually, don’t go too casual. My personal opinion is that flip flops anywhere except the beach and a swimming pool make you look sloppy, and that’s not the type of impression you would like to make while attending any sort of recreational event. Sweat pants also don’t work for a baseball game, even though the event you are attending is sport-related. The rule of thumb here is, if you are not playing in the field, dress fashionably.

#5: Don’t Forget Your Scarf

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Even if you planned your outfit in accordance with the weather, I still recommend bringing a scarf to the baseball game (I wrote about two ways that you can wear a scarf in this post). It doesn’t take too much space in your bag, but it could make a big difference when you start feeling chilly. Remember that most of the time the game finishes around 10:00 pm, and a pretty scarf can save you from freezing both at the stadium and on the subway when you are heading back home.

* * *

Baseball games can be very fun if you came to the stadium well prepared. When I am planning to attend the game, I usually end up carrying a large tote that contains my extra pair of shoes and scarf. If needed, I can also throw in an occasional souvenir or a bottle of water that we purchased at the game. I hope my style tips were helpful and you feel well prepared the next time you are getting ready to attend a baseball game.

  • GoFashiondeals

    Love the outfit! Great tips!

  • Megan

    I love your outfit and all of these tips! I am not a fan of wearing t-shirts and things like that to a sporting event. This is perfect!

  • Adorable shoes you featured here! I live in the PNW and going to a baseball game means planning an outfit with so much layering, cute rainboots and rain gear! Little bit of a pain, ha! 😉

    • My boyfriend and I went to a baseball game on Sunday, and there were a lot of layering involved too! It’s still freezing in NYC. Yep, I totally understand you :))

  • Love your tips! I actually follow most of them already! Although, I do have the perfect wedges that I like to wear for baseball games. They’re so super comfortably and in my team’s colors so they look great with my jersey. I love mixing the sportiness of a jersey with some great wedges and pretty jewelry. It’s perfect for being fashionable and still supporting my team. Great post overall 🙂

    xx, Ashleigh | Fashion in Flight

  • great tips 🙂 i don’t go to baseball living in england but i do watch a lot of football so this is really useful! xx

    cat // je suis cat