What’s in My Bag: New York Fashion Week Edition

AT-HOME Fashion Week Essentials 5

Have you ever noticed that the bigger bag you carry, the more stuff you end up putting in it? It happens to me all the time! It’s not like I can’t leave the house without all those extra things… I am taking them “just in case.” The situation is even worse during NYFW when in addition to my makeup bag and wallet I need to carry lots of work-related things such as camera and a notebook. Today I am partnering with Via Buia bags to give you a sneak peek inside my New York Fashion Week bag.

#1: The Camera Bag. Not only it’s a major fashion statement, it’s also an accessory that keeps your camera safe. Over the course of the fashion week I’ve seen so many bloggers dressed from head to toe in designer clothes and carrying some random camera case. It is just so wrong! At the same time I totally understand how difficult it could be to find a cute camera case. Luckily, I recently got introduced to Via Buia, an amazing handbag brand that produces fashionable camera accessories (among other things). Needless to say that this golden and black Pastina Camera Bag (c/o) receives tons of compliments every time I carry it with me.

Via Buia Pastina Camera Bag

Via Buia Pastina Camera Bag

#2: Back-up Batteries. The times when you can get through the day with just one extra battery are over. In the era of live streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, the more backup “juice” you have the better. My rule of thumb is to have on me at lest three extra batteries.

#3: Perfume. I might not have time to wash and blow dry my hair daily, but my signature scent is always with me. In fact, I love reapplying my L’eau Par Kenzo at least a couple of times per day. When Katya walks into the room, so does her perfume.

What's in My NYFW Bag

#4: Bandages. Don’t assume that if shoes are expensive they will never give you any trouble. Even the most comfortable shoes can turn into the worst feet nightmare after ten hours of non-stop usage. You have two options here, not to wear heels (it’s difficult during NYFW) or bring with you lots of bandages (I pick the latest).

#5: Lip Balm & Red Lipstick. Pick up your favorite balm keep your lips moist and a lipstick to keep them bright. In my opinion, red lipstick is the best “facial mask” ever as it momentarily adds color to your face and elevates the look (no matter how tired or under-slept you are).

#6: Compact Powder. The day is long and street photographers are waiting for you outside the tents to take a perfect shot. Make their life easier and reapply your powder (combined with blotting paper, if needed) every a couple of hours. Guaranteed: Matte look is also selfie-inspiring!

#7: Mini Wallet. I might carry three lip products with me, but my wallet should stay extra small. All I need during NYFW is my Starbucks and credit cards, unlimited metro card (must-have!), and some cash. I definitely don’t have time for shopping so why carrying around extra plastic?

#8: Sun Glasses. Sunnies are irreplaceable for two reasons. First, you are running around throughout the morning and day and your eyes have to be protected. Second, those are lifesavers if you didn’t apply your makeup yet or trying to hide from paparazzi’s cameras how tired you really are.

#9: Business Cards. Fashion week is all about networking. At the end of the day, you never know who would be sitting next to you at the show or when street photographers ask for your name. My advice is to take at least 50 cards with you per day. During NYFW it’s simply a bad taste to run out of BCs.

What's in My NYFW Bag

#10: Reusable Tote Bag. There is never too much bag space during New York Fashion Week. You will always have stuff in your hands that you need to take home, whether it is a lookbook, the latest issues of The Daily Front Row and The Impressions, or beauty products from your goodie bags. A canvas bag doesn’t take much space, but it will save you in so many situations.