What’s In My Travel Bag?

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As you probably remember from my Stories, I just came back from a weekend trip to Philly where we had the most fantastic time. Sightseeing, delicious food, meetings with friends… everything was great except the fact that my period started on the way to this mini vacation! Of course, I was prepared for everything – but I think you could relate when I say that traveling during that time of the month could be annoying. A few Advils in and a bar of a vegan chocolate later I’m finally feeling emotionally stable enough to share with you some of the strategies that I use when traveling during that time of the month.

When it comes to long weekends, I’m trying to pack as light as possible. This realization came to me just a few years ago when I finally figured that it’s impossible to wear all five new dresses and three new pairs of shoes over the course of a two-day vacation. These days, I’m bringing with me a spacious tote (that I use both as a travel bag and as a camera case while exploring the city) and a weekender bag where I put my shoes and clothes.

My current go-to travel bag is this floral blue satchel that I scored at a sample sale. It’s a large bag, but it doesn’t look bulky and could be used with so many different outfit options. As you see in these photos, I often decorate it with a scarf which creates a totally different look. It’s another travel tip of mine: a scarf takes much less space than a new bag so consider bringing a few options so your travel bag always looks different.

Now, when you know the exact bag I brought with me to Philly, let’s dive in all the goodies I packed for this trip.

SUMMER’S EVE CLEANSING CLOTHS // As I already mentioned, I was on my period when traveling to Philly so it was important for me to have products that will make me feel fresh and confident while on-the-go. I brought with me two different types of cleansing cloths: a soft pack (in Coconut Water) that I left in the hotel’s bathroom and individual packets (in Mandarin Blossom) that I carried in my bag. That way, I was all covered in terms of keeping a perfect pH and smelling fabulous regardless where I was going that day. If you are like me and feel a bit shy throwing your personal hygiene products in the shared bathroom, you would love the packaging of those wipes as all they say is “cleansing cloths” so you’ll not be able to tell what these are for if you just quickly glance at them. It’s so smart, right?

CUSHION FOUNDATION // While at home, I always use the same three foundations depending on what type of finish I want to achieve, but none of those favs are travel-friendly. My favorite Double Wear, Double Wear Nude, and Luminous Silk foundations come in a glass jar which makes me nervous that they will explode in my travel bag. That’s why I’m all about cushion foundation for when I’m traveling and this one is my current favorite. Not only it offers a perfect coverage, but it also features an SPF 50 which is crucial for pale girls like me.

LIP BALM // I’ve been hunting on this glamorous lip balm for so long during the Sephora sale and finally, it’s mine! In my humble opinion, this beautifully packaged lip product is as luxurious as a lip balm could go—with all the gold dust that is coming through otherwise clear product, it’s a beauty product that I currently can’t separate from even for a few days.

NOTEBOOK // Even though every hotel I ever stayed in always had a notebook and a pen available, I oftentimes find a necessity to jot something down while traveling. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the time to disconnect from the social media in any other time, but I some of my most creative ideas come when I’m traveling so I always love to have a beautifully designed notebook on me to record my thoughts. By the way, if you are still looking for a holiday gift, consider stationery pieces by Public Supply as this New York-based brand donates 25% of every sale to support teachers in high need classrooms.

SETTING POWDER // I don’t know about you guys, but I always forget to apply a setting powder while traveling and as a result, my nose and a forehead are shining through most of my vacation shots. This time around, I made sure to pack a translucent setting powder that I use both after applying my foundation and to touch-up throughout the day. Please keep in mind though that this product doesn’t contain a sponge and a mirror though so you would need to carry a travel-friendly brush too.

COMPACT HAIR BRUSH // I already mentioned this adorable macaroon-style hairbrush in my all pink guide, but I guess this product was the best gift for myself! I love how compact and handy this brush and a mirror set is and how often I use it during the day. Regardless whether you are traveling or not, it’s good to have one of those brushes in your bag for midday hair touchups.

IPHONE CHARGING DEVICE // I include this final item in this list because it’s kind of an item that I always forget to bring with me. I can’t even tell you how many times my phone died in the middle of an important turn while driving or when I was in the middle of the street trying to find an event location. Those days, I would rather have a heavier bag than skip of a backup battery charger for my phone!

* * * * *

There you have it, guys: a roundup of some of the essential items that I had in my travel bag while traveling to Philadelphia. Even though I was irritable and PMSy, it was a fantastic trip that I will always remember. In fact, I’m thinking of coming back again soon as it happened to be one of the cutest cities that are located not far from New York. I wonder what was the latest trip that you enjoyed?