Where to Order Holiday Photo Cards

You’ll be surprised, but there is no such tradition as sending holidays cards in Russia where I’m originally from. People just call each other or send text messages and exchange presents around the New Year’s Eve. Ever since I received my first holiday card here in America, I was happily surprised and immediately fell in love with this sweet tradition! It was not until Minted.com reached out to me to collaborate on personalized holiday photo cards post that I ever though of ordering holiday cards for our families, friends, and my blog contacts. It seemed like a fun projects to work on so this year I’ll be sending along my holiday cards!

Basically how it works is you pick a design from a huge selection of templates on Minted.com, upload a photo or photos of your family you’d like to feature, and adjust the words on the card if needed. The whole process takes about 15 minutes if you already have a design in mind—it took me about 45 minutes as it was my first time doing it and I didn’t know what type of card I want to pick. After looking through the list of the beautiful designs, I figured that my favorite ones are foil pressed designs as I just can’t help myself as I love all things sparkly!

NYC holiday greeting cards 2016

If you are also dealing with the decision fatigue while choosing your card design, I recommend checking the “Find It Fast” feature. It allows to upload a photo of your choice and preview all of the designs on the page with your photo of it. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how the final design will look like and hopefully make up your mind faster. That’s how I actually found the photo card design I selected (it also comes in green and purple).

As I mentioned before, I was looking for two different designs and I wanted to have a second one without any photos on it. Since it supposed to be a card for my blog partners and friends, I didn’t want to look to narcissistic including just a photo of myself on the card neither I wanted to include our family photo as it would be too personal. So I looked through the list of non photo cards that feature foil press designs (I told you, I’m addicted to glitter!) and selected this adorable card (comes in six different shades).

When the design is selected, the process is very straightforward. You can adjust a card just a little bit by picking a color and shape of the card design you selected, as well as the quality of paper you’d like to use. Then, you can personalize the card by changing wording and changing the back design of the card. Finally, you select the designs of envelopes (for instance, pick an envelope liner featuring the same print that has been incorporated into the card design), return address, and stamps.

Prior to starting my order I didn’t have all of the addresses of people I wanted to send a card to in place (remember, it was my first time ordering holiday cards). I had a general list of people’s names but no addresses on it so I opted out of the recipient addressing feature (I would have to do so by hand). It would take time to hand write all of the 100 cards I selected but it would be a lesson for me on how to address it next year. Saying so I highly recommend having your address list in place when you start placing the order on Minted.com!

Overall, my first time experience ordering holiday cards was fantastic! It was a truly inspiring process that finally put me in a holiday mood and I can’t wait to share my adorable cards with the world!

For your convenience, I selected a few of my favorite designs to help you to get started on your holiday cards:

Also, we always receive lots of holiday cards from our friends and family so this season I decided to order a pinboard where we will be displaying all of the cards we receive this season. Minted.com offers a huge selection of pre-designed and custom-made pinboards so if you are looking for one for your office or home, definitely check them out. I picked En Provence Pre-Styled pinboard design and we are planning on hanging it in our living room.

En Provence Pre-Styled pinboard design

I look forward to hearing if you ever send holiday cards. If so, what type of photos do you include? What type designs you prefer? Please share your holiday card stories in the comments area below!