White Russian

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While you are reading this post, I am traveling to Russia and Belarus to visit my family and friends. Looking at this warm winter outfit, you are probably wonder whether it is really that cold in the Eastern Europe. Well, it all depends on which part of Russia we are talking about. As far as I remember, the weather in Moscow and Minsk is just a bit colder than it is in New York. I’ve never been to Siberia, but from what my friends say it is “painful to breath” most of the winter there.

What many of my American friends are not aware of is that there is a period of time known as Epiphany frosts when it is extremely cold in all parts of Russia. I am well-aware of this epic cooling, but my schedule did not allow me to avoid the frosts. I am heading to Russia well-prepared, wearing a fur hat that we purchased last summer in Moscow, a cozy cashmere poncho and fur gloves. And here is just another very Russian habit of mine: No matter how cold it is, I am always wearing my signature red lipstick.

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  • Stay warm, Katya! I just love that red lipstick 🙂

    xx Kathryn

  • Julia Shutenko

    Ocen’ krasivo! Super shapka


    • Спасибо огромное! А теплая какая – просто сказка!

  • Gosh, Katya, you make a simple white outfit look absolutely stylish and chic! Have fun visiting your family and friends!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you, Shireen! I am truly enjoying quality family time!

  • Ehehe, I had the same hat when I lived in Russia =) I hope you feel warm out there :3 Now I like white+a touch of black looks more than ever *_*

    • Thank you, Eva! I am already in Russia and my fur hat really helps me a lot. I’ve read on your blog that you are currently living in Siberia. Is it true? How’s the weather in Siberia these days?


  • I hope you have an amazing time visiting family and friends! I’m from California and can’t even imagine how cold it gets. I hope you stay warm, and I love your signature red lip!

    From the Desk of J

    • Ohh Jenny I am so jealous about California’s weather! You can wear your entire wardrobe all year long and enjoy the sun. However, I like skiing and skating so a little snow works for me. Thank you for your warm wishes! <3

  • Color U Bold

    You look totally fab even in the frigid cold haha!!! I hope you enjoy your time away with friends and family! I need that hat here, it would definitely keep me extra warm.

    P.S I love your signature red lip!!!!
    Jasmine 🙂

    • Thank you, Jasmine! Yep, I am so happy to see my family and friends, but I am not happy at all about the weather. It is so so so cold! Luckily, my fur hat is helping me to deal with the climate. Xoxox

  • The Fashion Panda
  • AlenaAlenka

    Шикарный образ! Вы красавица! Шапка вам очень идет) И красная помада!

    • Спасибо огромное! Да, без красной помады я – никуда. Да и без шапки, судя по погоде, тоже :))

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