Why 2017 Is The Year of Juicing

New Year should be about resolutions, right? Well, I have one that I actually already started working on back in 2016. For the last few months I tried… drinking more juice! I’m not talking about pre-packaged sugary ones that you can find at soda section, but rather raw green juices that I started incorporating into my everyday diet. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to the condition of your skin! I was totally blown away how my skin detoxed ever since I started drinking more green juices and I’m planning on continuing doing so in 2017.

Drinking juices as a part of a healthy diet is especially great for vegans. I recently started logging in what I eat in a food journal so my trainer can see if I’m getting enough protein and calories (which actually could be a problem if you are vegan as fruits and vegetables are low in calories) and I feel that adding just one juice a day helps to ensure that I receive all of the nutrients my body needs, especially when I’m doing strength training. Moreover, greens such as kale and spinach have been in the lexicon of professional bodybuilders for years as it’s a convenient and delicious way to get all the vitamins you need, even when you are on the go.

While drinking more juices have been already on my agenda, I’d like to tell you a not that successful story about a juice cleanse that I went through last year. It was one of the popular juice cleanse that I started when Ben was away for the weekend. I was bored and it was the beginning of December so I felt like I can use some detox time before all the winter holidays begin. With this thought in mind, I signed up for a 3-days cleanse at the nearby health store and tried really hard to follow all of the instructions.

First and foremost, it was hard to eat (aka drink) the same thing every single day. I can’t say that I am a foodie in general, but repetitiveness in dishes is something that I really don’t like. Even though I didn’t have any people around me eating, I felt limited and bored from my kale, beet, and apple juices. These were delicious, but all the same and at the end of the first day I couldn’t even look at my boring juice bottles.

Second, I’ve figured how much I love coffee and gum. You are not allowed to have caffeine and artificial sweeteners while on a juice cleanse and I missed my morning routine of drinking a cup of soy latte so much! Also, don’t expect a pleasant taste in your mouth while you are juicing. My tongue turned green or red depending on which juice I was drinking. I constantly brushed my teeth, but still craved some gum so I can eliminate that unpleasant aftertaste (even though I rarely chew it on a regular day).

On a positive note, the cleanse did deliver the promised energy level and I didn’t feel tired at all from not eating solid food. When Ben came back home from his trip, he found that I finished all of the projects that we were planning on doing (but never did) at home. Moreover, I moved furniture in the dining room, cooked meals for the rest of the week, and practiced yoga every day. The best part is that this energy boost lasted for approximately two weeks after I finished my cleanse!

Looking back at all the struggles affiliated with the juice cleanse (like restricting your diet and feeling limited in your options), it’s definitely not something I will do (or recommend doing) again. It was a great experiment to try, but on a long run I feel that such reboot of the system will actually make more harm than good. In my humble opinion, it’s just too restrictive and I’d rather enjoy all the benefits of juices daily!

Have you tried juicing before? How was your experience?

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  • Karen Yannacio Morse

    I am honestly not a fan of those 3-day type of juicing diets – but I have done SO many of them. I just am cranky those days, so no bueno for others around me. But – I like your idea of just adding in more juices to the overall routine. I can do that to add more vitamins to my life! 🙂

  • Your makeup is flawless and I’m loving your top, too. I did some juicing the past couple of years, but I’d love to do it more in 2017. It’s the easiest way for me to get in my veggies.

  • Julie Porter

    I try to do a green based juice or smoothie at least once a day, but I’m not always successful. I get up and get busy with other things and don’t stop to take the time to make my smoothie or juice. It is something I definitely want to commit to doing a better job of in 2017.

  • Theresa

    It’s a great idea to drink fresh juice to be healthy. I don’t always find the time, but it’s so delicious when I do!

  • Catherine M.

    I’ve enjoyed a good healthy juice as a breakfast but I’ve never done a juicing cleanse. I’m with you, I love coffee too much!

  • I love kale/cucumber/celery/parsley/ginger/apple – and so does the rest of my family. Unfortunately making juice for 5 people takes about 50lbs of produce so we tend to only do it in the summer when most of those things are growing in our garden! Good luck with more juicing this year!

  • Krystel Seijo

    How did you get into juice cleanses and what were the immediate and long term results? I actually think I want to try this later in January.

  • Taylor Smith

    I LOVE JUICING! I got a juicer for my wedding that I absolutely love. It is SO delicious and the best way to start my morning.

  • I have been debating on trying juicing but haven’t really known where to start. What do you use to make your own juices? Love your top, super cute!

  • Debra Hawkins

    I love the idea of juicing I also have not really known where to start and what to start juicing, We really love smoothies is it like that?

  • Laura Romberger

    I thought of giving juicing a try last year and never got to it, it seems like so much prep to add to my already crammed busy life. I do know however that it has amazing health benefits and that is a main focus of mine for 2017 so maybe I will make an actual go at it this year! Any tips you have I would love to hear!

  • TheMummyToolbox

    I like the idea of juicing and cleansing in principle and I could definitely do with an energy boost, although I have to agree with you, I would probably find it far too restrictive!

  • I don’t think I could do juicing by itself like a detox, but definitely need to try to include it into my usual diet or maybe to replace one of my main meals. I have heard it has some amazing benefits for the body x

    Happy New Year x

    Beauty with charm

  • You look beautiful and I love that top. I tried juicing in the past and couldn’t take to it. I just drink water everyday. xx


  • Wow you are so pretty. I have never tried juicing before and I agree with you, noone should do it long term as it will have a negative and perhaps dangerous impact!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    My husband and I love to juice! I am actually headed out to a local farmer’s market today to get some new produce to juice up!

  • We have done some juicing. But I would like to do more. I need to get my juicer back out and get back to it!

  • I have never done any juicing. My dad gave me his juicer that he was no longer using and I stashed it away in the cabinet. I told my husband the other day that I was going to pull it out look up some recipes and start each day with a glass of juice.

  • Brandi Puga (Big Fit Fam)

    Great pictures and adorable outfit! I don’t own a juicer, and have a hard enough time drinking the water that i am supposed to! haha! eventually i think juicing would be great for my family though, thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer Anderson Marx

    I’ve thought about juicing. I may give it a try. I love the idea of detoxing my skin. Yours looks fabulous. Happy new year!

  • TravelingWellForLess

    I love the idea of juicing and smoothies. But I end up wanting to eat something later. I think it’s that act of chewing that I miss.

  • Amanda Love

    Can I just say that I love your outfit! I think juicing is great especially if it works for your lifestyle. There are plenty of blends out there that will help improve so much on your health.

  • chelsea damon chelseadamon.com

    I love everything about your outfit, but I also love how you did your hair! Do you have an a-symmetrical bob or does it look that way because of the way you parted it?

  • Heather Garcia

    Love your outfit! I don’t know if I could do juicing for very long by itself, but I would love to incorporate it into my lifestyle, escpecially if you said that it gave you more energy.

  • I don’t do juicing. Instead I do green smoothies each morning to ensure I get all my greens nutrients. Remember that the iron in spinach etc is absorbed 3x over when combined with vit C so add a little OJ, or cranberry in there to get ALL the benefit.
    Just a tip from another vegan 🙂

  • Brittany Muddamalle

    I can’t wait to follow along on your journey to see how it goes for you! I would love to do more juicing for my family. My husband loves it but it took so long!

  • Cute outfit love the shoes! As for juicing that’s just not my thing I prefer to see my food on a plate.

  • Stephanie Lee

    Great pictures in here! I love drinking green juice as a way to fit in extra fruits and veggies. It’s so easy to carb up when eating out all the time.

  • You look chic and trendy. Fresh feel for the new year. Oh yes, I share a lot of your resolution, especially the one on drinking adequate fluids 🙂

  • I love juicing – my husband and I do it frequently, and I actually have been meaning to pull out my juicer this week. I feel like I have so much extra energy when I stick to it!

  • I really want to start juicing! I’ve been feeling really weak and fatigued after a year of chronic illness and now that I’m on the road to recovery, I hope some green juices can give me the energy and nutrients I need to start my life back up again (and rescue my poor skin)! Also appreciate your honest opinion of your juice cleanse experience!

  • I’ve been thinking of doing a juice cleanse so I loved hearing your take! Thanks for sharing.

    xx freshfizzle