Why Bloggers Attend Auto Shows?

Genesis at NY Auto Show 2018This post is brought to you by A Girls Guide to Cars. All photos are by Genesis USA.

Whether you are a fashionista, makeup lover, or a travel blogger, you might need to attend the upcoming NY Auto Show more than you think. It’s not only a great opportunity to network with the brands, but also an exciting educational event that will help you to plan future collaborations. We will go into all the reasons later in this post, so if you are an auto show skeptic, definitely read on!

Before we begin, a few words about the upcoming New York International Auto Show. It takes place at the Javits Center from Friday, March 30th through Sunday, April 8th. Tickets are available at AutoShowNY.com. As you might remember, I attended the event last year and had such a fantastic time exploring all of the dream cars I wanted to test out. In fact, I came with my boyfriend who also had a fantastic time and even taught me a thing or two about cars. This year, we are planning on visiting again—and I highly recommend you doing so too as it’s a truly unique and memorable experience everyone needs to enjoy at least once in their lives.

Okay, without further delay, let’s get into all the reasons why attending car shows like NY Auto Show is so beneficial for bloggers.

Genesis at NY Auto Show 2018

#1: Visualize the Experience

I don’t know about you, but I’m a major fan of mood boards and other tools that help me to plan my content. I’ll pull magazine photos, pieces of jewelry, and inspirational images and arrange them on a board in a way that helps me to imagine how the final photo shoot will look like. While some of the projects do not require such intensive planning (like skincare posts when it’s all about the products and not the person applying them), I cannot imagine others without a proper preparation.

Personally, travel posts are the most difficult to plan as you can only predict how crowded the place you want to shoot at could be and whether the color of your outfit will match the shooting location. Saying so, if you are planning on working with car companies for your travels, it’s beneficial to see in person how the car looks in person, also what type of shades it comes in. That’s where auto shows are super helpful: take photos on your phone, create a folder with all your favorite models, so next time you are planning a travel photo shoot, you have a dream car in mind.


#2: Build Your Car Portfolio

Another important reason to attend car shows is that these provide you with the information you might not be able to learn otherwise. It’s not only about the functionality of a specific model you are interested in, but also such details as interior finish which crucial if you are planning on taking car selfies.

Attending auto shows (and the New York International Auto Show in particular) is also incredibly important as it helps explore new brands. It might sound silly, but until last year’s NY Auto Show I’ve never heard of the Genesis brand—and I got fascinated by their futuristic-looking design presented at the event. It’s so sleek and beautiful—if there is such thing as an alter ego car, that would be mine! After such positive experience at the show, I started exploring the brand further and quickly learned that Genesis tops many of the car ratings, including 2018 Genesis G80 being named the #1 luxury midsize car by US News Cars. This year, that will be number one car for me to learn about at the NY Auto Show!

Genesis at NY Auto Show 2018

#3: Connect with Brands

Finally, car shows in general and the New York International Auto Show, in particular, are great for networking. To be honest, it’s not easy to score a collaboration with a car brand, especially if it’s not the niche of blogging you are concentrating on, but brand representatives and media people are much closer to the event attendees at the auto shows than anywhere else.

Of course, scoring a perfect networking opportunity is not easy, but if you have your business cards in place and your elevator pitch ready, I believe that an auto show could help you tremendously to establish relationships and potentially secure a collaboration. Again, such things as building long-term partnerships take time, but you never know who you could meet at the car show. That’s one of the reasons it’s so enticing to attend!

* * * * *

They say that it’s all about being at the right time at the right place, and in my book, the New York International Auto Show is the perfect time to be if you are a blogger who is looking for new experiences, knowledge, and connections. And if you are now convinced that you are ready and willing, here is a surprise for you. I collaborated with A Girls Guide to Cars to share with you details of their giveaway: 10 pairs of ticket to the NY Auto Show and a $150 gift card to a grand prize winner. To enter, follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also win additional prizes while at the event: share a photo from the auto show on social and use #NYIASGetSocial for a chance to win Apple Watch, Kate Spade SmartWatch, and Amazon Echo devices. Good luck, everyone, and see you at the show!

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