Why Do I Look Russian?

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People often ask me if I’m Russian and sometimes I’m getting offended by it. It’s not like I’m not proud of my ethic background but I just don’t get it how people make such conclusion before they even start talking with my signature accent?

At first, I was thinking that it’s all about my favorite shade of red lipstick (bright red) that I wear pretty much every day, but the comments keep coming when I’m wearing nude lipstick, pink lipstick, burgundy lipstick, any other shade of lipstick or no lipstick at all.

Then I was thinking that it’s about my eyes: perhaps, there is a stereotype that many Russians have light colored eyes? Mine are green that are not that common amongst people of any ethnic background so it’s probably not the case.

Maybe it’s my hair? Being a beauty and style blogger, I change my hair color as often as you could possibly imagine (let’s say, this year I tried everything from blond, brunette, dark black hair, ombre, and red medium brown). So hair is probably not the answer too.

Finally, I assumed that it’s my clothes. You know, some people believe that Russian girls are going out to pick up groceries wearing a full face makeup and maneuvering in between aisles in high heels. Okay, it might be an opportunity (especially if I stop by at the store on my way from the event), but it’s definitely not something that I’m doing purposely. Not to mention, that I’ve heard references about my Rusianness when I was wearing my workout clothes and no makeup whatsoever.

So what is it? I hope you guys could help me to figure it out!

Last time somebody tried to impress me by saying “Privet, Russian girl”, I decided to organize an improvised poll among my friends asking to rate the Russianness of my look. A couple of people said that I “look Russian” but couldn’t explain why, but I’m still dying to hear a proper response to that question. Saying so, I propose to you, my dear readers, to answer this question I and promise a cup of good coffee for the best comment. Na zdorovye!

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  • Well, I have no idea how/what is ‘Russian’ looks but I do know that Russian women are notorious for their beauty and you are stunning, Katya. Maybe that’s why people instantly say ‘You look Russian?’. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Because you have beautiful white skin and lovely bodyshape. 😉 curious to know, what nationality do I look like acc to you? You just made me wonder about this…


  • reneejessome

    I think the russian heritage is pretty well the same as any other distinct heritage. The people share very common features with one another. For Russians its normally pale(er) skin and the lips and eyebrows are generally slanted downwards. And I agree with the other commenters, you are stunning!


    • Thank you for the compliments! I guess you are right and my very pale skin is one of the reasons people believe that I’m Russian. Xoxox

  • you look like a hot russian

  • I think perhaps its your light eyes and dark hair. I get the same thing, its usually because of my eyes/darker hair. I’m not Russian at all! (I’m mostly Dutch and a little Polish!) Buuut regardless you’re pretty! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that lipstick and your scarf!

  • Smile51

    Not sure why they guess that but to me you just look beautiful and every time I see a post

  • I’m Russian too, but I’m the opposite and wish that people would sometimes ask if I’m Russian. Everyone thinks I’m Swedish. I think people think you’re Russian because of your complexion and dark hair. People seem to associate Russians with dark hair. 🙂

    • I’ve heard from Americans that “Russian type” is blond + blue eyes. I guess there are too many opinions about that! :))

      Why do you think people believe that you are Swedish?

    • veswe

      That’s funny, because I’m Swedish and I think you look Russian – based off of the two Russian girls I know personally. Which is not exactly a huge sample size, I admit, but you all have those high and wide cheekbones that I’ve never seen IRL on anyone else. But you also have a soft look to your face and a cute nose, which a lot of people seem to think is stereotypically Swedish. Apparently that’s why people think I’m Russian… We should get together and confuse the heck out of people, haha!

  • I don’t want to join the contest, but I want to share my opinion anyway 😀 You look like a Matryoshka. Blushing cheeks, bold red lips, significant arched eyebrows and pale skin. :3

  • Lizlizo

    You are absolutely stunning!

    – Liz

  • I’ve always heard that Russian women are notoriously beautiful – so you definitely fit the bill there!

    To be honest, when I first saw a picture of you, I thought that you could be Russian or Eastern European. I’ve given a lot of thought to this and I think that it comes down to the following things:

    1. You’re absolutely beautiful. Seriously. Russian women do have a reputation for this!
    2. The combination of your fair skin and dark hair.
    3. The shape of your eyes.

    Honestly though – I think it’s pretty rude for anyone to ask you that though! Unless they themselves are Russian and trying to find a connection, I would never ask anyone where “they’re from”.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Katya!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  • See, I’m also Russian and I also always wonder how some people guess. Ben (husband, lived with me in Russia for 1,5 years) says he somehow can tell my people’s mouths – every language requires different muscles to be used for speaking, so we even hold our jaws/lips in a way he could recognize…
    It’s sometimes also about the clothes, but I don’t think it’s your case.
    I’d be curious to hear what else your friends tell you! It’s a never-ending mystery for me too 🙂

    • That’s a great point! Thank for your input! However, I still do not understand how they know that I’m Russian even before I start talking? Yep, it’s still a mystery for me too!

      P.S.-How did Ben like Russia in general?

      • He loved it! So far he’s been to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Kazan, but he wants to explore more in the future 🙂

  • Anastasiya

    I honestly think it’s your charming look(Мимика Лица) ; I don’t mean your lovely features , I mean the way you’re looking toward the camera with such charm and feminism . Most Russian Women I know have that. I’m half Belarussian myself. You’re a gorgeous lady btw!

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  • Merche Bouter

    Don’t feel offended! It is not a shame. Now and then people ( Russian and Ukrainian people) ask me if I am Russian too. All of a sudden, while I was waiting in a public place, a woman even said “You look Russian”. I am from a “disconnected ancestry”, which means I wasn’t raised Russian and I even don’t know our family name, nor do I know where my relatives live! I leaves me confused, sometimes.

  • Many people ask me if I’m Russian but I’m not (: but my name is Russian
    Nati xx

  • veswe

    I’m wayyy late to the party… I’ll admit I googled “why do people think I look Russian” (how embarrassing). What a ridiculous thing to google… but I stumbled upon this blog so I guess it wasn’t too ridiculous after all!

    I’m not Russian, at all (unless an ancestor experienced some extra-martial Russian love…), and I’ve never even BEEN to Russia, but people keep telling me I look Russian. Like, a lot of people. At first it was random people like a Mexican in LA with a Russian friend, a local in Tunisia who served a lot of Russian customers… Then a gaggle of Russian tourists in my hometown stopped me on the street and started talking to me in Russian, and some Russian businessmen in the Czech Republic thought I was Russian… The funniest story was when a Russian man next to me on a flight between Asia and the Middle East addressed me in Russian. I apologised that I didn’t understand a thing, and he promptly told me I looked Russian enough in garbled English, hauled out a pocket flask of vodka, poured me some, and proceeded chattering in Russian to me for the duration of the flight. LOL!

    The similarities I can see between us are chin, jaw, and cheekbones, a fairly long face with highly set eyes. Where we differ is hair color (I’m light blonde), skin color (I think I’m marginally darker, but it could just be the lighting – I’m pretty dang pale tbh), forehead (mine’s not quite as regal as yours), eyes (mine are blue, but I suppose we both have fairly light eyes) and lips (I’m afflicted with skinny-ass lips). Perhaps it has something to do with the physical similarities. Or perhaps it’s due to a facial expression or something. I dunno.

    In conclusion, I too have no idea why people think I’m Russian but I like to think of it as flattery!

  • I googled “what does it mean to look Russian?” And found this XD and thought I’d share (a couple years late): I was adopted from Russia when I was little and I’ve had people tell me, “Yeah, you look Russian. I can’t explain it, but you have that ‘look.'”
    I have dark hair and eyes, olive skin tone, straight long nose, and ‘widish’ mouth. Other than that, I don’t know what they see in me. Maybe it’s an expression? Idk. So I find it interesting that other people of Eastern European descent, get this 🙂

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  • Hi there!
    So like Liana I google “looking Russian” haha. I am from Austria and been living in Switzerland and people keep on asking me if I was Russian, even after talking to me. I have a light German accent, but they still thought I was Russian. It was really weird for me and I asked them why they thought that. Most of them could tell me why. One frien said it was because of my high cheekbones. Well, I still dont’t know why they think this and as far as I know I have no Russian relatives, but who knows. Still thought it was really interesting, that other people get asked the same thing. By the way you are really pretty and look very elegant, maybe it is also how you hold yourself, you know with a flair of confidence that people think you are from Russian. I really don’t know.

    Xoxo Virginie

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t really have thought you look Russia if it weren’t for this blog. I think maybe it’s partly your face and partly because of how you’re dressed. It’s hard to tell why though. But I get that all the time myself and people think I’m Russian whether they are or not.

  • Jakub Skála

    They’ve done everything for you…contact me…..35 look not bad…love for first looking…D

  • Alexis Adkins

    People may say you look Russian due to your distinct face shape and broad forehead. But please don’t take what people are saying as an insult because you are honestly beautiful.

  • Ari

    Well, you are a stunner! 🙂 I’m late too lol googled the same thing! I’m Polish, Russian, Serbian (and a tiny bit Scottish!) and people always ask if I’m Russian or Ukrainian so I googled the same thing, and your blog popped up. Now I’m addicted to your blog!! This is me:
    (Ps: one of my favorite singers is Russian! Natasha Koroleva!)

  • Tony Amine

    Hi you are stunning but i also heard Russians have house shaped lips i dont know if this is true or not.