Why You Deserve a Custom Dress

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Finding a perfect dress has always been a problem for me. It’s not that I’m too picky (it’s true though!), but rather sizing problems. I don’t mean to brag but I wear a bra size…

…D, which places me into the size S or M category for the upper part of the dress while the rest of my body remains in the XS size range. Another problem is that I’m not tall and most of the dresses that I find in the stores are usually too long for my petite figure.

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Considering the above, I often end up buying dresses with stretchy material and fix the lengths of the dress with the help of a tailor (which is not inexpensive in New York City). So when the custom-made dress company eShakti approached me asking if I would like to try their customized dresses, I happily said, “Sure!” As it turned out, picking a custom dress is very easy and fun. All you have to do is find the dress that you like on the eShakti.com website and choose from the various silhouettes, colors, stripes type, length, etc. options.

eShakti Brooklyn Dress

For my sponsored trial of the eShakti services, I decided to pick an open back Brooklyn Dress (c/o; on sale now for just $47.95) in bright green color that will work so great in summer. I didn’t have a professional measurement tape, so I asked Ben for a construction one instead (he is in charge for those kinds of supplies in our house). There are very helpful images on the eShakti website that you can use to properly measure your body (click here to take a look at them).

Green eShakti Brooklyn dress

After you take and submit your measurements, you can pick the desired length of the skirt (mine comes in mini, above the knee, knee length, and mid-calf length), include / exclude pockets, and choose a neckline type that works the best for you (mine also comes in spaghetti straps, tie-ups at shoulders, and wide straps). The whole process for taking the measurements and submitting the information took about 15 minutes, but I spent about an hour picking which dress and in which modification I prefer—there are so many dresses to choose from! 

Mashizan Angullia pumps in taupe

It took about two weeks from placing the order to delivery, and I was not disappointed when I received my Brooklyn Dress. It came in a small box covered in wrapping paper. My mailing service provider (it was DHS) couldn’t catch me at home for a couple of days so it might have taken even less time, I’m just not sure.

eShakti Brooklyn dress (custom)

While picking a dress, I was thinking about something preppy-looking and something very Hamptons’y. However, when I saw those amazing accessories at Bene Rialto boutique where we were shooting for my prom dress confession post, I changed my initial idea to Coachella-inspired but still classy look. While at the boutique, I felt in love with the adorable Leaf Halo Brass Headpiece by Wren & Glory. It’s such a simple concept (in essence, it’s a reverse headband), but what an exquisite execution! I accessorized my new dress with Mashizan Angullia pumps in taupe shade and an Opera Clutch by Joanna Maxham.

Joanna Maxham clutch Jane Gold Jewelry

Concluding my experience with ordering a custom dress, I have to say that it felt just right to choose the exact dress I wanted without thinking about whether it will fit or not in reality (how it often happens with online orders). The dress came as described and it perfectly fits my body. The only negative thing that I noticed is that the dress gets wrinkled pretty easily, but what could you expect from a 100% cotton dress? At least it is made out of a natural material!

Custom green eShakti Dress

eShakti Brooklyn Dress | Mashizan Angullia Pumps | Joanna Maxhamm Clutch (similar)
Wren & Glory Leaf Halo Headpiece | Photos by Vital Agibalow

Another important moment is that this custom dress didn’t cost a fortune as many other customizable types of clothing (think, for instance, about the price of custom suits for men). At the end of the day, I was thinking that we ladies deserve to at least have access to dresses that fit our unique figures without any kind of body shaming dictated by so many retail brands (I wrote the entire post about body shaming and fashion here, check it out!).

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Q: How often do you end up fixing your online ordered clothes at the tailor? Did you ever order custom clothing?