5 Beauty Products to Pack for Your Next Winter Getaway

5 Beauty Products to Pack for Your Next Winter Getaway

We have a tradition of going to Florida during the winter holiday season. Even though I’m Russian, cold weather is just not my thing and I use every opportunity to escape New York during winter. While I’m usually a good packer, I tend to forget at home some of the crucial beauty products that make my vacation so much easier. If you have any travel plans this holiday season, I’m sure you could relate to that. But hey, I’m getting older and wiser so this time around I decided to write a reminder for myself that contains top 5 beauty products that you need to bring on a winter vacation. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me!


Usually, I’m very diligent about using sunscreen while at home, but when I’m packing for vacation I oftentimes only remember to bring SPF for my body. If you only will make one conclusion from this post, let it be it: you NEED a separate sunscreen for your face as a regular one most likely will break you out. If you have acne-prone skin like mine using a body SPF on your face is a big no-no – even if you do it just once. My favorite face sunscreen to use while on vacation is SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50. It’s lightweight, relatively affordable, and just overall so perfect!


If your skin is sensitive, make sure to pack some sort of soothing cream. Either it’s Aloe Vera balm that you bring in case of a sunburn or a dedicated skin healing product like Elemis S.O.S. Emergency Cream, make sure that you have something on hand for bringing your skin back to life when it needs it.


I don’t know why it’s always happening to me, but my skin always breaks out while on vacation. While I rarely switch my anti-acne habits, there is something about the sun, sand, and water that provokes my breakouts. To avoid so, I prefer using salicylic-based cleansers while on vacation. My current favorite is Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Clay Cleanser/Mask that could also be used as a purifying clay mask. Isn’t it handy to have such multi-tasking product while on vacation?


Another category of products that I always forget is sunscreen for my lips. I can’t even count how many times I came back home from vacation and found that my lips were covered in freckles which is a sign of sun damage. This time around I will not be leaving my house without having ColoreScience Sunforgettable Lip Shine SPF 35 (in the shade Rose) on me which is a lip gloss that also contains sunscreen. In case you wonder, it’s not only protective it’s pretty and yummy too!


Let’s be real: none of the hotel shampoos are that good for your hair. They are designed for all hair types and we all know that what works for all not always work for you specifically. This time around, I’ll be packing my beloved IGK Hair 1995 2-in-1 Shampoo and Texturizer. This product really adds volume to my straight fine hair and it doesn’t require a conditioner. How handy is that for traveling!

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That’s about it! Five must-have products that I packed with me for vacation. I hope this post reminded you about some of the beauty goodies that you also always forget to pack while going on vacation. I wonder if I’m forgetting anything else? What are some of your travel beauty essentials? Please share your suggestions in the comments area below!

5 Beauty Products to Pack for Your Next Winter Getaway