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One of the first things that grabbed my attention when I came to the U.S. is that women here often don’t wear stockings. I grew up in Russia where an outfit’s warmth was among the most pressing issues, and the image of Carrie Bradshaw and likewise wearing open toe shoes with a fur coat was incomprehensible for me. I still love wearing stockings and tights! And, if you ask me, there is no better brand that produces such unique and luxurious lingerie and stockings as Wolford.

Wolford Alicia Tights

Working on this collaboration with Wolford, I recalled the iconic ‘Fatal’ collection ad from the 1990s. I was living in post-USSR Russia and I had just started exploring the world of fashion through the pages of Vogue, but Helmut Newton’s name was already on my “to follow” list. Looking at the creations of the iconic provocateur, I was thinking that the moment a woman obtains a pair of desirable Wolford stockings, she is an official femme fatale.

Wolford Alicia TightsBebe Lace Banded Dress // Wolford Alicia Tights // Aldo Fevia Platform Pump

Well, I guess since I finally have a pair of Alicia Tights by Wolford (c/o), now I am one of them as well. Those bondage inspired luxurious tights that I am wearing in these photos are nothing but pure hedonistic satisfaction. Terrifically silky and unbeatably soft, this sophisticated hosiery is a peace of art itself that doesn’t need much framing. Now I actually understand why in Newton’s campaign models wore Wolford tights and stockings without any accompanying clothes (just joking!).

Wolford Alicia Tights

Some people say that Wolford is a synonym for quality and luxury. After experiencing the power of Wolford myself, I agree with every word. I would add that the brand so inseparably connected with the chronicles of fashion is also a pioneer of a modern fashion era. Whether it is Sarah Jessica Parker that opts in for stockings in real, not filmography life, or a beloved fashionista Victoria Beckham, Wolford name is associated with the most stylish and powerful women… Now it’s time to create your own history with Wolford.

DSC_8929-StyleSprinter-Katya-Bychkova-©2015-VITAL-AGIBALOWKatya Bychkova StyleSprinter BloggerDSC_8931-StyleSprinter-Katya-Bychkova-©2015-VITAL-AGIBALOWWolford Alicia Tights 5Wolford Alicia Tights Review

Bebe Lace Banded Dress // Wolford Alicia Tights // Aldo Fevia Platform Pump
Photos by Vital Agibalow