Workout Pretty: 5 Strategies to Steal ASAP

StyleSprinter x OldNavy

To be honest, I never wear makeup to the gym. It seems like too much effort. But when I do as a way to motivate my lazy self to work out, I use a few techniques that create an impression of a natural beauty. Yes, even if you didn’t have your coffee yet and you didn’t wash your hair for exactly 5 days!


First and foremost, I always wash my face before going to the gym. A lot could happen when bacteria on your skin overnight and there is no need to spread it further by sweating on the treadmill. Then, I’ll put on a simple 2-in-1 moisturizer and SPF.

That’s actually a mistake I see girls going all the time—they think that five minutes’ walk to the gym doesn’t require sun protection. Five times two (when you are heading back) three to five times a week is more sun exposure than you need. If you are as freaked out about wrinkles as I am, you’ll just want to skip along any potential exposure.

My favorite products for the pre-workout routine are a new SkinFix Foaming Clay Cleanser (that received so many beauty awards last year!) and La Roche-Posay Toleriane Moisturizer UV 30. You’ve seen me raving about the latest on the blog so often that at this point there is no need to explain how much I love this SPF-packed gentle moisturizer. When it comes to the cleanser, you want something purifying (again, in order to stop bacteria spreading), but gentle. The SkinFix cleanser seems to combine both: it will not irritate your skin but clean it thoroughly.


Again, it’s not mandatory at all, but when you feel like looking especially hot at the gym, I recommend this simple and natural looking routine. First, use a CC Cream instead of a foundation. There is less possibility that such product will clog your pores and it will look natural in a sunlight (if you work out during the day). Set it with a light translucent powder (like Lancôme Translucent Loose Powder Foundation) and skip on a concealer—there is no time at the gym to think about whether it creased on you or not.

Next—eyebrows; brush them thoroughly and put on a tinted brow gel (as a pencil and powder will look a bit more “made up” than we are looking for. One of my latest brow discoveries is the new brow gel by L’Oreal. The product provides a great hold and a natural-looking coverage—exactly what you need at the gym. I don’t recommend using an eyeshadow at the gym—that’s the first thing that will melt when you are doing the Downward Facing Dog—but a nice waterproof mascara is a must.

I already rounded up some of my favorites in my Winter Beauty Solutions post, but if you want something specifically created for the gym, try ELF Active Sweat Resistant Mascara. It’s truly waterproof so you will need an oil makeup remover to take it off, but in a sweaty situation like the gym is priceless. Oh, and don’t forget to powder your lids, so your cc cream doesn’t melt on you!


Okay, girls and boys, let’s be respectful to your fellow fitness junkies. Please don’t forget to wear a deodorant! Personally, I prefer deodorants that just camouflage any workout scents instead of antiperspirants that prevent you from sweating. I personally feel that sweating is natural at the gym and there is no need to completely stop it for the occasion. But it does help when you smell good while working out—both for yourself and people surrounding you.

I have a few favorite deodorants that I switch back and forth to (just search in the blog archives for inspiration). Instead, let’s talk about fragrances. I used to be a girl who wears perfume to workouts as I was not confident about the whole scent situation. However, oftentimes I would end up having headaches from all the aromas surrounding me while pumping the weights. And then I started using a scented body mist and it completely changed the game for me. A body mist is quick to absorb and it is rarely as potent as an actual fragrance. So you smell really good but you don’t overwhelm yourself and people around you with a heavy perfume.


As you probably saw on my Stories, I’ve been testing lately ELF Post-Workout Cool Off Mist. It’s a new product designed to refresh your skin after a sweaty workout. I took it to the gym after a strength training and it was pleasant but somewhat useless—as I didn’t feel hot enough to want a refresher. But oh boy I loved it after my hot yoga class! It was the most calming and refreshing experience ever, and I definitely appreciated a tiny hint of fragrance after a sweaty exercising session.

I’m not a fan of post-workout wipes though as in my book there is nothing better than a quick refreshing shower but again I’m not working out during the lunch break so I’m just privileged to go straight home and take a shower. I wonder if you could recommend any good workout wipes? I’d love to test those and review on the blog for all the Style Sprinter readers who are looking for that type of advice.

The Details

Okay, this last part might be a bit too TMI but… I take yoga classes weekly and I simply can’t understand why people are not taking care of their feet? I wrote an entire post on how to get your feet summer-ready, but the same rules apply to every season. Making sure that your feet look presentable is SO easy! Have a jar of a reach foot cream and a pair of SPA socks on your night table and apply it right before going to bed. In most cases, that’s all it takes to have super soft feet at all time!

* * * * *

That was it with my in-depth post on how to feel beautiful while at the gym. I don’t know about you, but the way I look and feel that day really impacts how I feel about working out in general so following these strategies is in a way a guarantee for myself that I’ll be most consistent with exercising. I hope these tips were helpful for you too! If so, please let me know in the comments below what is the number one gym beauty essential for you!

P.S.—The cover image was taken at the Old Navy event in January 2018. Check out Old Navy’s Active Collection for more cute outfits like that!