20 Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Must Own

This post is brought to you by eBay and Her Campus Media.

The college season is around the corner and I already started working on upgrading my college wardrobe collection. As you probably know, I rarely wear casual clothes and college is one of the places where I feel that cozy and comfy clothes are essential.

Being an NYU student, I take most of my classes in the evening, after I already had a full day of bloggers events, meetings, photo shoots, and content creation. By the time I’m entering my alma mater doors, for most of the part, I’m already exhausted so I can’t even think of wearing heels or tight dresses.

Saying so, this college wardrobe essentials post created in collaboration with eBay is all about outfits that look chic and fashionable but are super comfortable at the same time.

Before we begin, a few words about why I’m partnering with eBay on this back to college post. Ever since my friend Sasha told me about all the deals that she scores on this platform all the time, I opened the account about five years ago and I’ve been finding some awesome fashion gems there too. For instance, this light pink jacket that I scored for $20 and this awesome pin-up style yellow dress that was also super affordable.

From my personal experience, there are a few brands that are the best to purchase via eBay because the prices are just unreal. I recommend checking out Anthropologie dresses (that often go for up to 50% off retail price), Kate Spade bags (often times you could find bags that are sold out everywhere else except eBay), Christian Louboutin heels and Jimmy Choo sandals (I actually will be selling mine through eBay too as my feet grew and now I can’t fit my old shoes), and cashmere (particularly, Cashmere 360 and J.Crew sweaters).

Okay, now when you know all the reasons to shop for college essentials on eBay, let’s jump into 20 wardrobe essentials that in my humble opinion every college girl must own.

#1: Black Pants

This piece is a universal wardrobe essential that you could style for both attending classes and rocking your internships and job interviews. A perfectly cut black pant is something every girl regardless the age needs in her collection as it’s a truly versatile piece that will last you forever. To find perfectly cut black trousers is not easy, so if you happen to find it I recommend purchasing a few pieces of the same model – so you always have a clean pair to wear next time you have “I have nothing to wear” dilemma.

#2: Stripe Top

Having a good amount of nicely made neutral tops is always a great idea, but none of the solid tops could compare with stripe ones. There is something quintessentially chic and stylish about such pieces, not to mention that stripe print is one of the trendiest this season. It’s up to you which color of the stripes to pick – black, red, blue, or perhaps colorful – but you definitely could use at least one of such classic college wardrobe pieces.

#3: Cashmere Cardigan

The temperature at college campuses is always unpredictable so layering is not only a stylish fashion move but also a necessity. My favorite fabric to style for college is cashmere. It’s soft and warm, timeless and always stylish, and also neutral enough to pair with any dress or pant outfit you pulled that day.

Another important moment is that a good quality cashmere piece will last you for years – so choose wisely and take a great care of your cozy cashmere cardigan.

#4: Sweatshirt

It’s only recently when I started wearing sweatshirts (my favorite brand is Wildfox) and I can’t get enough of this super comfy top style. Picking a college-appropriate sweatshirt I would stay away from slogan sweat-shirt options as wearing such pieces often would seem too repetitive. Stick to neutral shades and models as these will last you longer.

#5: White Jeans

I’m the biggest fan of wearing white pants all year long as it’s such an easy and chic looking piece that works perfectly well with a cold season wardrobe too. Usually, I make sure to have at least one additional white piece in my outfit (like white stripes on my top or white flower print on my sweater) so my jeans color choice actually makes sense.

Oftentimes I would style such look with contrasting shoes and bags – to add some extra edginess to my overall casual and neutral look.

#6: Backpack

For the longest time, I used to be a spacious tote kind of girl. I would bring all the books, stationery, notebooks, and personal items and by the end of the day, my back was killing me. It was only last year when I finally learned that a stylish backpack is a way to go.

A trendy backpack will fit all of your essentials while evenly distributing the weight on your shoulders so regardless how much stuff you brought with you, you will not hurt your back by carrying all of the excessive stuff.

#7: Liquid Leggings

In case you don’t know liquid leggings is a new type of athleisure clothes that is suitable not only for the gym but also for more formal occasions. I’ve heard about these leggings first at one of my favorite podcasts and I immediately purchased a pair for myself.

Liquid leggings look chic and not too casual and, what’s the most important, look great on any body type. If you haven’t already, consider picking a pair for yourself – you’ll be surprised how different these feel and look compared to many other leggings styles out there.

#8: Casual LBD

This piece of clothing does not require much explanation: a little black dress is perfect for any figure type and any occasion. While there are various styles of LBDs that you could find on eBay, I recommend picking soft midi length dresses that you could easily style with a cardigan or a blazer throughout the year – just spice things up with different accessories and your little black dress will always look like new.

#9: Corset T-Shirt Dress

Ever since Kylie Jenner introduced that type of dress into her wardrobe, I immediately picked one for myself as I thought it was such a great idea to upgrade your typical T-shirt dress and make it look trendier. Corset dresses work great for college as they are super casual and comfortable and still look traditional enough so you don’t show too much skin.

#10: Sneakers

While I’m the biggest high heels proponent, for college I recommend sticking to casual shoes. Again, you are carrying so many books in your bag and walk from one college building to another – you need to stay comfortable as you go through the day.

Wearing sneakers to college doesn’t always mean looking casual though – there are so many feminine and stylish options available that will match absolutely any taste in clothing.

#11: Lace-Up Flats

That type of flat shoe looks a bit more sophisticated than your typical ballerina shoe. It’s still truly versatile and comfortable to wear option though! So definitely consider picking a pair of lace-up flats for college, especially if you love styling flats with pants – such combo looks so effortlessly stylish.

#12: Riding Boots

Perhaps, the most comfortable and stylish cold season shoe option is mid-calf riding boots. These are a bit easier to style compared to your typical OTK boot as you don’t need to think about having the proportions right. Riding boots typically come with a comfortable low heel which makes it a perfect everyday shoe that you could wear an entire day without feeling tired.

#13: Oversized Scarf

Not only it’s a stylish accessory that brightens up a casual outfit, but it’s also essential. Classrooms tend to have unexpectedly cold or warm temperature so it’s always great to have a warm and cozy oversized scarf on hand. I can’t even count times when an oversized scarf saved me from freezing – oftentimes I use it as a blanket if I’m wearing a skirt and unexpectedly start getting cold. Also, my classes start in the afternoon and end late in the evening so this accessory also works as a jacket replacement.

#14: Long Vest

Talking about layering, it’s essential to mention vests as your ultimate sweater transformers. It’s such an easy piece to pull off – just add it as an extra layer to your typical long-sleeve top and pants or jeans and a sweater combo and here comes your absolutely new and such stylish outfit.

#15: Flannel Shirt

There is nothing cozier than a cute flannel shirt combined with an oversized scarf and your favorite skinny pants. Such outfit just screams “fall season!” and looks universally chic on everyone. Try thinking outside of the box and don’t go for just your typical red and black plaid and go for more colorful and diverse prints!

#16: Blazer

If you like me and the majority of your wardrobe consists of cute dresses, having a few stylish blazers in your collection will help you to expand style horizons and come out with more outfit options. All you have to do is to style your favorite dress with a stylish, sleek blazer and a few accessories and you look effortlessly stylish and chic.

#17: Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

If you are taking fall and spring semesters only, long-sleeve T-shirts will serve you better than your typical short-sleeve ones. Such style of tops looks great with all sorts of pants and skirts, it’s easy to layer with vests, cardigans, and scarves – in my humble opinion, neutral high-quality long-sleeve tops are basic pieces that you’ll get the most wear of.

Color-wise, I recommend picking one black, one white, and a few muted color options like beige, light gray, and light pink – essentially, the more long-sleeve tops you own, the more college-appropriate outfits you could put together.

#18: Duster Coat

For colder months I prefer duster coats over jackets and wool coats. Usually, duster coats are lighter which means you could easily carry them with you from one room to another. Also, they are not as bulky compared to many other outerwear pieces so if needed you could wear them at class and still feel comfortable while taking notes.

#19: Cotton Sweater

While cashmere sweaters are always my favorites, there is nothing wrong with colorful cotton sweaters. In fact, oftentimes these are much easier to style as you could wear them with all sorts of shirts and blouses underneath to create unique and super stylish looks. My favorite way to style cotton sweaters is to wear them with simple T-shirt dresses – combined together, these pieces create a unique college-appropriate look that looks chic and feels super comfy.

#20: Watch

I don’t know about your college, but at NYU it’s considered a bad taste to look at your phone to check the time when a professor is speaking. It’s also prohibited to use phones during the tests so if you don’t have an actual watch it’s hard to know how much time you have left until your time runs out if you don’t have an actual watch. Think Daniel Wellington and Bertha Watches — you could find all of these newest models by the brands for very cheap.

That was it for my recommendation of what pieces to look for the upcoming college season. I wonder if you agree with me on any of these styling tips? If so, which one could you relate too? Please let me know in the comments! Also feel free to mention your favorite item of clothes (or, perhaps, home décor) that you ever purchased on eBay. I’d love to chat about such eBay discoveries!