My Simplified Makeup Routine

Simplified Makeup Routine

To say that I was on a makeup diet this summer is to say nothing… I basically didn’t bring anything with me on my summer in the Hamptons trip – and I quite enjoyed this makeup freedom. Not only my makeup routine takes 10 minutes max, but I love every single item I have in my makeup bag so the whole process is quite enjoyable. Ready to check everything out? Let’s dive into it!

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo

I’ve been using and abusing this highlighter so much that I’m ashamed of photographing it – that’s how much beat up it looks.

While I didn’t hit the pan just yet, I’m certainly moving in that direction. And don’t be surprised if I’m getting backups of this mini palette so I always have it on hand.

Jill Stuart Blush in 03 Milky Strawberry

First of all, I’m carrying it around because it’s pretty and has a mirror. It also doubles as a multi-tasker: use all palette as a pinky but not too overwhelming blush and use a shimmery beige on the top left as an eyeshadow. How convenient!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

This product has been a bestseller for years for a reason. It gives you that little something that makes your skin look better and more refreshed – and no one can’t even say you are wearing makeup!

Oh, did I mention that it features SPF 20 and it’s oil-free? Totally obsessed with this tinting product.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer

I’ve tried it before but the shade didn’t quite match me. So I re-tried again (now, in shade 1N) and now I’m seriously obsessed. As it goes from the name of the product, it is super long-lasting. It’s also creamy and non-creasing. AKA everything I look for in a perfect everyday concealer.

Dior J’adore Eau De Parfum

Dior J’adore Eau De Parfum

I have a dedicated fragrance shelf but that’s the only scent I’ve been wearing all summer long.

Deep and sexy but not too overwhelming – I need a tiny bottle of this fabulous perfume in my bag at all times!

By the way, if you are concerned that I’m including perfume in my makeup routine, that’s as essential for me as mascara or lip gloss!

Tarte Waterproof Brow Mousse

Perhaps, the brow department had some major new launches while I was MIA on social media, but for me, there’s nothing better than this good old waterproof brow pomade. It applies so effortlessly and looks so natural – definitely give it a go if you haven’t already.

Dior Diorshow Pump’N’Volume

Dior Diorshow Pump’N’Volume

You know how picky I am about mascaras and this one is my latest obsession! By “obsession” I mean that it doesn’t even compare to anything I’ve ever tried before.

So much so that I threw out all the other mascaras in my collection and only used this one. The reason is simple: it gives you voluminous lashes like never before – love it so much!

Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Balm in Orchid

You all know that I have a sweet spot in my heart for Fresh Beauty products but this lip balm is on a completely different level. Yes, similar to the rest of the lip balms from this line it’s super hydrating and nourishing. But the shade. Guys, THE SHADE is so perfectly pink – on a burgundy side. Can’t get enough of it for sure! 

Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm

Finally, when I want to go without a lip color at all I pick this creamy and delightfully scented lip balm. It gives that glossy finish we all like and makes an entire room smell like caramel. So yummy and kissable for sure!

* * * * *

That’s it, folks. Just a few makeup products that are always on me. I keep them not even in a makeup bag but a pouch that comes with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. And should I say that it’s the most minimalistic makeup routine I’ve used in my entire life? I guess it’s just a period in my life – and I certainly enjoy it.

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