At-Home Manicure: 5 Tips and Tricks

DIY Nails Tips and Tricks

People often ask me where I have my nails done, and it is the best compliment for me to hear. The truth is that I do at home manicure. And people’s interest proves that I am probably not that bad at it. Today, I am sharing with you my favorite nails tips and tricks — everything you need to know to DIY nails.

I Rarely Go Without Nail Polish

I noticed that I usually break my nails when I do not have any nail polish on. Thus, I always try to cover my nails with at least a base coat, two layers of nail polish, and a topcoat.

In between nail polish applications, I make sure to do at least one warm oil compress for my nails to restore them. I put some olive oil in a mug, warm it up for 7 seconds in a microwave (no longer than that as you might burn yourself!). I soak my nails for five minutes and it really helps to restore them.

I’m Obsessed with Hand Lotions

Hand lotion is critical if your skin or cuticles are dry. I always carry at least one tube in my bag and apply it every time after I wash my hands. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to use a hand cream if you did not pre-wash your hands.

First of all, hand lotion does not absorb as quickly. Second of all, by applying hand cream on skin that was not cleaned with soap, you are spreading bacteria all over your hands.

At Home Manicure Staple: Topcoat

In my opinion, the product responsible for your at home manicure longevity is a topcoat. I spend years on finding a perfect top coat that really makes the difference and finally came to the conclusion that gel topcoats are the best. These add more shine and last longer. While I tested many, Essie Gel Couture Top Coat is my absolute favorite.

I Take Care of My Cuticles

Dry cuticles do not look or feel good, that is why I always make sure to moisturize them daily. I tried many expensive and affordable products, but the products that really make the difference for me are Vitamin E and petrolatum.

I apply Vitamin E during the day and petroleum jelly at night. When it comes to vitamin E, I usually use it before taking a shower in the morning. I apply one drop of this oil on each nail, leave it for a minute or two, and then go take my shower. After that, I usually apply hand lotion and I am ready to go.

My evening cuticle routine incorporates petrolatum that I apply on each nail separately. Then, I apply thick hand lotion.

How to Paint Your Nails If You Are a Messy Painter

I am a so-so nail artist, but I mastered my monotone nail polish application. Basically, I just stopped trying to apply the nail polish perfectly. If I accidentally paint the skin around my nails, I just let it dry.

Then I will just wash my hands in very hot water and simply scrub the painted pieces of nail polish from my skin. Keep in mind that you should wait for at least an hour after you applied nail polish prior to washing your hands in hot water.

 These were my tips on how to do pretty at home manicure. I wonder you would be interested in learning about my DIY manicure? If so, please shoot me a comment, and I will put together a tutorial for you.

At Home Manicure - 5 Tips and Tricks