Best Perfumes for Women

 best perfumes for women

Ever since my aunt introduced me to the world of perfumes at the age of 14, perfumes are my favorite gifts to receive. Over the years, I developed a quite expensive taste to fragrances and grew my collection exponentially. For all the fellow perfume lovers, this list of best perfumes for women to gift.

Viktor & Rolf Magic Fragrance Collection Kit

This holiday season, Viktor & Rolf Fragrances released a limited-edition gift set that includes miniature versions of each scent from the Magic Collection.

These travel-friendly perfumes are much bigger than a sample size so you have a few months’ supply to figure out which of the six perfumes from the line to purchase in full size.

By the way, if you are a fan of the FlowerBomb collection by Viktor & Rolf fragrances, consider placing your order on the brand’s website. That way, you can dress-up a scent of your choice with limited-edition accessories like a tutu-dress or a satin flower.

Shop: $135 at Sephora.

Atelier Cologne Customizable Gift Set

Nothing feels more unique and considerate than a perfume set with your name on it. This holiday season, Atelier Cologne offers everyone an opportunity to create a fragrance gift sets of their dreams.

From the scents you want to include to the engraved leather cases, it’s a unique gift that will not only smell great but also feel so personal.

Shop: from $55 at Sephora.

best perfumes for women

Philosophy Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere

Of course, cashmere doesn’t have a scent, but if it did – that’s how it should smell! Warm, cozy, creamy, and soft – these are the best terms to use if you want to describe this ultimate winter scent.

There is a hint of sweetness and lots of good, holiday-like memories that emerge when I cover myself in this delightful scent. Obsessed!

Shop: $42 at Ulta.

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme

From all the scents in this list, that’s the one that I personally use the most often. In fact, I secretly call it “my party perfume” as it’s so radiant and happy – it reminds me of the best times I spent with my family and friends. I also feel that this perfume is quite neutral which makes it a perfect gift option for so many different types of friends in your life.

Shop: $32-118 at Sephora.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 Hair Mist

Until recently, I didn’t have any hair mists in my collection but I applied regular perfume on my hair too. As it turned out, perfumes are not the best thing to do if you have color-treated hair as they contain alcohol!

So, these days I cover myself in this exquisite and truly luxurious aroma. Another benefit of using a hair mist as opposed to a perfume.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances are very expensive, but with the hair mist, you are getting the same luxurious scent but at a fraction of a price.

Shop: $85 at Olivela.

best luxury fragrances for women

Clean Reserve Acqua Neroli

This scent is clean on so many different levels! It’s made from all the natural ingredients, it comes in eco-friendly packaging, and it smells so clean!

I use it on the days when I feel that I need extra mental clarity. And this aroma puts me in the right mood every single time!

Shop: $95 at Sephora.

Annick Goutal Bois D’Hadrien

I really appreciate the creative process that goes into creating Annick Goutal perfumes and how unique and always personal they smell.

This particular scent is a new take on Goutal’s signature perfume, but with a few refreshing notes that make a perfectly luxurious and unique scent.

I recommend this option for anyone in your life who is a true connoisseur of perfumes. They will be thrilled to receive a bottle of Goutal as a gift.

Shop: $127 at Saks.

best perfumes for women

Mugler Cologne Fly Away

If you are looking for a scent for someone who appreciates the scents that are borderline unisex, this powerful and charming scent is for that type of person. Fresh but not too herbal, fruity but not sweet.

This perfume is based on so many contrasts. And these contrasts are what’s making this scent truly unique. This is the best perfume for women who are not afraid to experiment with fragrances.

Shop: $70 at Nordstrom.

There you have it: a roundup of the best perfumes for women to gift this holiday season. I hope you find some gift inspiration for all the special people in your life. What’s your current favorite perfume?

best perfumes for women

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