Instagram-Worthy Pool Party Ideas

Pool Party in the Hamptons
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This summer I decided to switch things up a little bit, so we will be spending the entire month of July in the Hamptons. Ben and I worked very hard this year and we feel that we truly deserve this long break from the City, and we are planning on indulging in all sorts of outdoor activities, from biking and hiking to organizing pool parties.

I was thinking that it would be interesting for you to learn some tips and tricks on how we usually organize such get-togethers. Today I collaborate with Dr. Pepper to share my secrets to planning and throwing the perfect pool party.

Instagram Worthy Pool Party

DIY Invites

In the era of social media and technological advancement, such things as sending physical party invite seem excessive. There are some benefits of providing your guests with all the party info, though, as it will help you to avoid unstoppable text messages on the day of the party (when you are already too busy meal prepping). I recommend using free design services where you can create a cute invite listing the exact address, party hours, occasion, and dress code.

That way, your guests could also plan ahead, especially if you are throwing a potluck kind of gathering, and have more time to plan their outfits (which is crucial for so many of us!). Send invites via email a few days before the party and you’ll be surprised how much time you will save on communicating the exact same messages for all your friends.

Dr Pepper Pool Float


A successful party is impossible without music, but I’ll be honest saying that inspirational tunes are the last thing that I think of while planning a party.

As it often happens, one of the guests will connect his phone to the speakers and play whatever songs he has which is not always an ideal party mix. Worst case scenario is when such a guest puts on an internet radio station while not having a paid account so the rest of the party is forced to listen to commercials.

Recently, I started using an app where you can create playlists of your favorite songs and follow various stations even if you have no access to the Internet. Such an approach really helps to make the entertainment part of the pool party easier!

How to Plan an Instagram-Worthy Pool Party

Plates & Napkins

While there is nothing wrong with using affordable paper plates and white napkins, I recently started paying more attention to these party supplies as they set a tone for the entire gathering.

Call me Instagram-obsessed, but in my humble opinion, it’s one thing to photograph your delicious party meal on a boring white plate and a completely different one when you have a brightly colored plate and matching napkin to use in your shot. There is not much of a price difference between picking unique utensils too.


Another category that I always seem to forget is entertainment. While a nice conversation with friends combined with a food and drink option is usually enough for any kind of gathering, it’s nice to have something extra to offer.

For instance, if the party takes place in the pool, make sure to have a paddle ball set or bubble wands ready. Granted: these fun activities will make every adult at your party feel like a child for a second! If your pool party is part of some sort of celebration (let’s say, a birthday party) make sure to pick up a cute piñata.

Such an item not only looks super cute in photos, but it’s also an amazing video opportunity for a birthday gal or dude to have video memories from the event.

How to Plan an Instagram-Worthy Pool Party

Photo Props

Talking about photos, it’s helpful to dedicate a specific place at your party for photos. It doesn’t have to be something super expensive or creative, think about things that you already have at your disposal. The easiest photo background I could think of is a cute pool float that you can put near the wall while taking photos to frame and Boomerangs for your Instagram.

Do-It-Yourself Decor

In my experience, the most memorable parties are those that have something unique to offer. In this particular case, a do-it-yourself project that looks amazing on photos and just brightens up any gathering. I learned this DIY idea from Molly and I couldn’t resist repeating it.

Colorful pineapples are the easiest and coolest party idea out there which is suitable even for people that never tried working on any sort of handmade creations. All you need is a can of spray paint and pineapples. Yes, it’s that easy, but the final result looks so Insta-worthy!

Table Decor for a Pool Party

Colorful Towels

Finally, the last super important thing that you need to keep in mind while planning a pool party is towels. While it might be easier to ask your guests to bring their own towels, it’s nice to have a few colorful options available. Bright towels bring a positive vibe to the entire party and look so cute in photos.

I personally have been a sucker for fruit-shaped and food-shaped towels as they look so adorable. My recent addition to our beach towel collection is this sweet cupcake-shaped towel which almost screams, “Take a photo of me!”

Dr Pepper Mini Float

Party Slushie

Finally, it’s important for any party to have a refreshing drink option. What we often do is serve finely chopped ice so our guests can mix some of their favorite juices or soft drinks. For this particular party that you see in these photos, we served a few different options of Dr. Pepper drinks and our guests truly enjoyed these refreshing and yummy slushies.

* * * * *

These were my pool party planning tips. I hope you found some inspiration and new ideas on how to plan your next outdoor gathering. Please let me know in the comments which of these tips were most helpful for you. Also please feel free to share your party planning tips and tricks!

Pool Party Drink - Dr Pepper

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  1. Macky Ton wrote:

    This is an Instagram worthy blog! I also attended an event venue that was decorated in such a nice way that I had to take a few selfies. It’s really matter of style and creativity as you’ve so nicely illustrated. Have a great year ahead!

    Posted 1.3.18
  2. Jennie wrote:

    Wow you’ve really thought about everything. Sounds and looks like you had a great pool party! I wish I had a pool but most of the tips work for any party I guess, only have to change a couple of things depending on theme :) x

    Posted 7.29.17
  3. Love all your tips! Now I wish I had a pool so I could throw an Instagram worthy pool party!

    Posted 7.23.17
  4. Smile51 wrote:

    Beautiful and may I say great legs

    Posted 7.22.17
  5. THis looks like such a fun party!!! Love that float!!! And the dog is too cute!

    Posted 7.21.17
  6. Dia wrote:

    This looks like a good time! I haven’t done any pool parties this year but I love the popsicle bowl. I’m from Waco so I know tons of people who love Dr. Pepper

    Posted 7.20.17
  7. Lyndi wrote:

    Oh this is SO fun!
    Your puppy is so cute too :)

    Posted 7.20.17
  8. Luli España wrote:

    Fantastic! :)

    Posted 7.19.17
  9. Mary Ryabich wrote:


    Posted 7.19.17
  10. Yes! These are the best indeed!

    Posted 7.18.17
  11. Jessica wrote:

    I love love pool parties! They are so fun for summer – such great ideas you put together :)

    Jessica |

    Posted 7.18.17
  12. These were so yummy indeed! Thank you for your sweet comment!

    Posted 7.18.17
  13. Thanks so much, Lindsay!

    Posted 7.18.17
  14. Thank you, Taylor!

    Posted 7.18.17
  15. Paulo Victor Makalinao wrote:

    Really loving the color shots of all the items! Those popsicles really make me crave them too. Wonderful presentation.

    Paulo Paradox |

    Posted 7.18.17
  16. so cute! I love the floaties.

    Posted 7.18.17
  17. Taylor Mobley wrote:

    Okay this looks like SO much fun!! Everything is so cute! Well done!

    Posted 7.18.17
  18. Those popsicles look delish. I love the DIY decor and the pineapples.

    Posted 7.17.17
  19. Thank you, Candice!

    Posted 7.17.17
  20. Thank you, Pia! Yes, it took some time to prepare all the party decor but it was so worth it! We had friends over that day and everyone enjoyed the party so much, especially the new Dr Pepper float!

    Posted 7.17.17
  21. Well said, Sabrina! So true!

    Posted 7.17.17
  22. Thank you, Victoria! Really appreciate your feedback!

    Posted 7.17.17
  23. Yay! Good to know!

    Posted 7.17.17
  24. Thanks! These are super cute indeed!

    Posted 7.17.17
  25. DP is the best! Thank you, Lily!

    Posted 7.17.17
  26. Aww thank you so much! you are the sweetest!

    Posted 7.17.17
  27. Tanvi wrote:

    Looks like an epic party set up. Plus you look SO GOOD!


    Posted 7.17.17
  28. Lily Ayala wrote:

    Oh my gosh…so darn cute! & I’m obsessed with DP!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    Posted 7.17.17
  29. I love your cupcake and doughnut blankets! x

    Posted 7.17.17
  30. This is so fun! Dr. Pepper is SERIOUSLY MY FAVOURITE!!

    Posted 7.17.17
  31. That Dr Pepper float is so cool and I love that doughnut rug/towel – very instagram worthy indeed!

    Posted 7.17.17
  32. sabrina wrote:

    Love Dr pepper makes a party more flavorful ?

    Posted 7.17.17
  33. I love all these tips! I’m such a fan of real invitations and a party with plenty of things to do! Also these photos are stellar (I’m sure they took a while to style but so worth it, they’re awesome!).

    xx Pia

    PS. I loved your Instagram of the pineapples; who knew pineapples float?!

    Posted 7.17.17
  34. These are really pretty photos!

    Beauty Candy Loves

    Posted 7.17.17


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