Must-Have Photography Equipment for Bloggers

Cyber Monday Photo Equipment for Bloggers Deals

Cyber Monday is a perfect time to update your photography equipment collection as so many retailers are offering great promotions. B&H Photo, KEH, and Ritz Camera have major sales those days that are running up to 50% off. However, be careful while hunting for photography deals and compare prices among different retailers.

Some of them are cutting the prices for CyberMonday, but those are still higher than on Amazon (especially if you have to pay for shipping). Okay, here is what I included in my photography wish list this year.

Light Reflector

Neewer 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag is a great tool to have if you are taking outfit photos as it helps to reflect light on your face and make your photos look crisper. This reflector might also be helpful if you are taking photos when there is not enough light in the room.

50 mm Lens

Sony 50mm f/1.8 Mid-Range Lens. I am using Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera which came with a standard lens that was not good enough for outfit photos. Finally, I figured out which lens so many street-style photographers are using for creating a blurry background effect. I just received my 50 mm lens in the mail and can’t wait to start experimenting with it!

The Editing Software

Photoshop Lightroom. I’ve been using a trial version of this program for the last week and I am totally in love with it. The program is much more user-friendly than a regular Photoshop, not to mention a unique feature that allows you to use editing presets.

Basically, it’s something like Instagram filters, but for your blog photos. I found some great presets on Etsy and I am currently playing with this Bright Skin Preset that instantly makes photos more bright and crisp.

Lighting Kit

Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit is super affordable lighting set that I am dreaming to have for my miniature beauty photo studio. Ben and I are working on reorganizing our living space so I can fit a tiny permanent background and lighting set in our apartment. Once it’s ready, I will definitely share some photos of my studio with you guys!

LimoStudio 18″ Fluorescent Continuous Lighting Kit is a must-have tool if you are taking makeup tutorial photos or shooting YouTube videos. The ring provides continuous light that helps to eliminate any unnecessary shadows and overall make your photos and videos more bright and crisp. This package is a value deal as you are purchasing a ring together with a stand and adjustable shoe so you can secure your camera inside the ring.

Affordable Photo Background

Paper Source Wrapping Paper is a great alternative to photo backgrounds for your makeup shots. Honestly, I am so obsessed with their wrapping paper selection that I never leave the store with just one thing I came to purchase. All the thick non-glossy deluxe papers such as this confetti table runner (think: larger scale shots), this marble fine paper, or this crinkled gold paper look so pretty—I can’t wait to update my winter holiday background collection with them!

Must-Have Photography Equipment: The Remote

Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release really helps if you are taking photos of yourself (either outfit or beauty shots). It connects directly to your camera and allows you to take photos of yourself using a remote control. I actually already own this particular model. I included it as it’s helpful for those of you looking for a high-quality shutter release.

How to Pose – The Book

Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models is one of the books that I have had on my wish list for quite some time now. Supposedly, this book provides all the tips you need to know while taking photos for your blog. I am planning to take a lot of photos during my upcoming vacation. I think that this might be a great source to look for photo inspiration.

Photo Course

Photo Nuts and Shots Course from Digital Photography School. I love everything Daren Rowse from does, including the amazing online programs that he offers on his photography blog. I already took Photo Nuts and Bolts course (it’s amazing!) and look forward to starting studying the second part of this online program.

Portable Light

Selfie Ring Light for iPhone is a smaller version of the light ring that you can use to take selfies for your Instagram or shoot high-quality videos for Periscope or Snapchat.

Which photography equipment do you use for your photos? What are some of the photography tools that you are planning on purchasing?

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  1. My Sprinkle of Prep wrote:

    I think next Christmas I really want to purchase a ring light, I think this would help with the quality of my videos when I am trying to film in my dorm room at school. Sometimes its tricky to shoot with lighting indoors and I think this would help a lot. I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel and am desperately searching for an upgrade.
    Meg //

    Posted 7.18.17
  2. Hannah Hawes wrote:

    Fab wish list! When I finally decide to start my YouTube channel, the first thing on my list are the studio lightings. You can get them for such a bargain on eBay!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

    Posted 5.7.17
  3. I think I need literally all of these, thank you for a great gift guide! I’ve been looking into getting my own “real” camera and had no idea where to start researching so I’ll definitely be checking out that 50mm! The picture perfect posing, light reflectors, lightroom and remotes are next on my list!

    Chow Down USA

    Posted 12.13.16
  4. Hannah wrote:

    I’ve always wanted a ring light and some soft boxes, especially because I would love to dive into Youtube! I don’t think I have the courage though, lol! These are wonderful gift ideas to have. I use a Nikon d5000 or my iPhone. My future in laws got me a furry white blanket on my birthday, and I love using it for product shots!


    Posted 11.11.16
  5. Lou wrote:

    Great post! I couldn’t live without the Olympus Pen E-PL7 xx
    Louise |

    Posted 4.27.16
  6. You are very welcome, Lotte! Have a lovely day! xoxo

    Posted 4.6.16
  7. That’s a great approach, Lesh! I love the idea of using photography tools as a reward for your blogging achievements!

    Posted 4.5.16
  8. Thank you, Georgina! xoxo

    Posted 4.5.16
  9. Thank you, dear! I am so excited to hear that this post motivated you to take more photos! And – yes! – selfie ring light is a must-have!

    Posted 4.5.16
  10. Thank you, Amanda! Yes, it takes time and money to put together an at-home photo studio. I am still working on mine! I just purchased a new tripod so it’s a never ending process! :))

    Posted 4.5.16
  11. Thank you so much, Agnes!

    Posted 4.5.16
  12. Thank you, Christine! I’m glad it was helpful! xoxo

    Posted 4.5.16
  13. This is a great roundup!!
    XO Christine

    Posted 4.5.16
  14. Blvck Bee wrote:

    Great post!

    Agnes x

    Posted 12.3.15
  15. This is such a fun post! I now want everthing on this list. Now I must slowly acquire all of these things. haha

    Posted 12.1.15
  16. This is so helpful! Will definitely be checking these out for future selfie shoots :)

    Posted 11.30.15
  17. Wooow great list. Saving this!

    Georgie – new Ralph Lauren competition live!

    Posted 11.30.15
  18. I have a lot of these on my list of things to get to help improve my photos and videos as a blogger. I’ve asked for a few for Christmas, but most of the items I keep as things I will reward myself with as my blog grows.


    Posted 11.30.15
  19. Lotte wrote:

    That selfie ring is amazing definitely going to have to get one! :) Thanks for the helpful post!

    Lotte |

    Posted 11.30.15


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