My Beauty Sleep Essentials

Usually, I don’t have a hard time trying to fall asleep but it hasn’t always been that way. Just a few years ago, there were nights where I would stay up until 2-3 a.m. unable to relax and fall asleep. As a result, I would wake up underslept, with dark circles under the eyes, cranky and generally not productive. At some point, I figured that it’s not the way to live my life and decided to develop the nighttime routine that not only helps me fall asleep faster but also to look refreshed the next day. Today I’m collaborating with eos to share with you my top five essentials that I always do or have at my night table in the evening to ensure that I have a good night of sleep.

Step #1: Hot Shower

I know, many people are opposed to hot showers as it supposedly makes your skin dry. However, since I never skip moisturizer I think that taking a warm shower twice a day is actually not a bad idea. While in the shower, I would use a lightly scented shower gel or my favorite neutral soap and allow water to rinse off my stress. I never wash my hair at night as it doesn’t look as good in the morning as if I had freshly washed hair. I also rarely apply typical facial masks as I currently prefer overnight masks for p.m. and sheet or gel masks for a.m. After the shower, I apply a body lotion, do my nighttime skincare routine, and put on my PJs.

Step #2: Hand Massage

Then, I go straight to bed where I read a book or a magazine while applying hand lotion and massaging my hands with it. That’s about time where Ben is getting to bed too as he loves sneaking a hand massage from me when I have leftovers of hand lotion on my hands. My all-time favorite hand lotions are those by eos. Usually, I have one of them in my handbag, another in the bathroom, and another one at my night table. Recently I had a chance to test out hand lotions from eos Limited Edition Hand Lotion Set. I decided for myself that the berry blossom scent works the best for nighttime hand massages, the delicate petals one is my everyday handbag essential, and the cucumber scent is the one that lives on my bathroom countertop.

Step #3: Overnight Mask

After about a half an hour of reading (there are no electronic devices allowed in the room at that time) I finally get sleepy so I’ll go back to the bathroom and apply my overnight mask. I know that some girls who use overnight masks prefer sheet versions, but after a few scary accidents when the mask slipped from my face and ended up in bed I stopped trusting those. Instead, I go for cream masks that I apply with a dedicated synthetic brush. Some of my current favorite options are AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque and Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

Step #4: Lip Balm

When my overnight mask is on, I come back to bed and apply a lip balm. Doing so is one of the habits that I developed when I was a teenager. My lips used to be very dry so I started using a lip balm at night and now I’m doing so on autopilot. My current favorite flavor is the visibly soft coconut milk lip balm, which is available in the eos 2017 Limited Edition Spring Lip Balm 2-Pack. It’s one of the most delicious and nourishing lip balms out there and I love that its scent is very mild and not irritating.

As I mentioned before, the scent of the products that I use at night is extremely important to me. I’ve been in situations when I literally couldn’t fall asleep as I smelled my body lotion or a face cream. In other words, I’m super happy that I found an overnight lip product that smells and works great!

Step #5: Sleeping Mask

I’ve been a belly sleeper my entire life, but I just recently noticed that I do stretch my around eyes area immensely while doing so. Let’s be real: sleep creases do not look cute and it usually takes a few hours before I start looking presentable because of them so I decided to try finding a solution for my situation. My first attempt was to teach myself how to sleep on my back, but I had to end this experiment after a few sleepless nights.

These days I allow my body to take any position it feels like and I just protect my eyes with a pure silk sleep mask by Slip. I also use a matching pillowcase that takes care of my hair while sleeping so I can preserve my blow-dry for a few days and make sure that my hair never tangles.

That’s pretty much it for my beauty sleep essentials. I repeat this mini routine every single day and I feel that it really helps me to de-stress and overall sleep better. I wonder what are some of your favorite nighttime rituals that make you feel that you are taking care of yourself and have a great night of sleep? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below!