Fresh Beauty Launched a Rose Sleeping Mask

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask - REVIEW

If you remember my 365 Masks Challenge that I worked on last year, you know that I never met a Fresh Beauty mask that I didn’t enjoy. From an impressive range of masks by the brand, the Rose Mask is the one I enjoyed the most. When I’ve heard that the brand launched an overnight sleeping mask, I was all game. Hey, if it smells like roses, I must try it, right?

As it turned out, the new Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is more than just a decadent aromatic experience. It’s a 2-step skin treatment that delivers all of the hydration your skin needs so you wake up with the most glowing skin of your life.

Step one is rose essence: it has a consistency of whipped jello – that smells amazing, by the way. You apply it all over the face as you’d do with a serum. There is a mention on the Fresh Beauty website that this gel is cooling, but personally, I didn’t notice anything like that — the essence just felt like a great hydrator for my skin.

As I learned later, skin moisturizing properties of this mask are provided by hyaluronic acid. There is also damask rose extract that has a reputation of a skin smoothing ingredient and rosewater — well-known skin calming solution.

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask - REVIEW

Step two is a sleeping mask itself. It’s a lightweight cream mask that has a lovely silky finish. After applying essence, it will take a few moments until the mask is completely absorbed. When it happens, you will start noticing some positive skin response immediately. I would compare the effect with what you feel after a good old gel moisturizer.

The real magic happens the next morning though. I am not new to the concept of sleeping masks and you all know that Amore Pacific Sleeping Mask is my everything, but the Fresh Beauty innovation impressed me too.

First of all, compared to many other sleeping masks, it didn’t leave any residue on my oily T-zone. I also enjoyed the skin-smoothing effect the brand mentions. My skin did feel softer and a bit more rested than usual. Finally, even though the mask was advertised as a rose-on-rose-on-rose ingredients-wise. It didn’t have a strong scent that otherwise would disturb my sleep.

Overall, it was a quite pleasant experience trying the new overnight mask by Fresh Beauty. I would certainly continue using it again — especially on the days before important events. Cause hey, who doesn’t want to look like a 9-hour sleeper if you only had 6 to spare?

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask - REVIEW