Margot Robbie Makeup Tutorial

Ever since I saw her at The Wolf of Wall Street, I knew that she will be a superstar! Incredibly talented and beautiful, I had no doubts that Margot Robbie will obtain a big Hollywood star status in a matter of years and look where she is now. Not only her Suicide’s Squad character Harley Quinn became the most popular Halloween costume of 2016 (I was one of these people rocking Harley Quinn makeup too!), she’s been a cover girl and a constant inspiration for so many people.

Since I’ve been admiring Margot’s beauty for so long, I was thinking why not featuring one of her signature makeup looks in my Get the Look series? Today we’ll try to recreate her orange red lip look that she wore for the 2015 Oscars. As always, I tried to use as many drugstore products as I could so this celebrity makeup look is budget-friendly! Continue Reading


Hot or Not: Aveda Tulasara Line

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Review

One of the changes that I decided to start the year with was taking yoga classes at least once a week. For starters, practicing asanas helps me to get rid of muscle pain and neck stiffness (that’s been with me ever since I started writing on my laptop 15 years ago). It also helps me to reboot my brain and just relax take a much needed break from all things technology and reading I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Even though I decided to get back to yoga just lately, I’ve been researching auyurveda for many years now. I also wrote on the blog about the benefits of skincare created based on the generations of auyrvedic knowledge. Lately, I’ve been back on my zen skincare track so I decided to review a few new hot products by Aveda so we can decide whether brand’s Tulasara skincare line is hot or not. Continue Reading


Reflections on Fashion Detox

orange and turquoise beach cover-up

In case you don’t know, earlier this month Ben, Lilusik, and I went to Florida where we had the most relaxing vacation ever! No makeup, no cooking, no tours, no dinner plans—all we did is just sitting near the pool and rejuvenating. I don’t like complaining, but with college and blog on my agenda I feel that I over worked myself this winter. Same goes for Ben who is also a workaholic so we really needed this vacation to just do nothing and enjoy a great Florida weather. Continue Reading

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Weekend Reads: All About Blogging

Ankit Pretty Dress Fund Mason Money Jar

money jar // palette // brushes // blush // highlighter // eyeshadow

This week I asked my Instagram followers what type of content they would like to see more on the blog. I received much more responses than I expected and this feedback really helped me to figure out what is important for the Style Sprinter community. Please add to the list if I missed something, but in my understanding there is a need more outfit tips (including affordable options), makeup tutorials, personal stories (for instance, how I learned English), interviews with interesting people, positive vibes posts in general, social media tricks, travel guides, as well as blogging and photography tips.

While I just received those results and started working on re-designing my editorial calendar, I was thinking it would be helpful to share some of the blogging tips by other authors that I found online. Since many credible organizations already published their annual social media and blogging reports, it would be a great way to start posting more blogging tips and tricks. Continue Reading


Friday Ten: Colorful Winter Essentials

Best Colorful Winter Accessories of 2017

When we arrived home from vacation, I couldn’t believe how cold it is. I know it’s all about comparison of Florida and New York, but it was way too windy and gloomy even for Russia where I am originally from. For a few days after our arrival my sweet Lilusik didn’t want to go out at all, even when I put her fancy winter jacket on her. I also felt a bit blue as I missed all the bright colors of palm trees, ocean, and flowers. However, life must go on so I decided to cheer myself up with some colorful winter outfits and accessories. Luckily, there are so many cozy pieces in optimistic colors available in stores right now.

#1: Club Monaco Toibe Dress

#2: White + Warren Cashmere Striped Arm Warmers

#3: J.O.A. Cold Shoulder Sweater (it’s under $100)

#4: J.Crew Hawthorne Cable Pom-Pom Sweater

#5: Iphoria Faux Fur Sneaker Charm Set

#6: J.Crew Chateau Stadium Cloth Parka with Faux Fur

#7: MSGM x Moon Boots Rose Booties

#8: KENZO Tiger Crest Pullover

#9: Plush Heart Rolled Fleece Socks

#10: Kate Spade New York Chunky Knit Colorblock Muffler


Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

StyleSprinter - Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

With all of your support and feedback that I received on last week’s Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial, I felt even more inspired this week when I decided to replicate one of my favorite makeup looks by Ariana Grande. It’s not her signature winged eyeliner that you already saw a million times on the blog, but rather a more dramatic smokey eye look combined with a neutral lip color. Similar to my previous celebrity tutorial, I tried to use as many drugstore products as possible—and this time most of the makeup goodies I used are actually new drugstore launches. In other words, today I’ll not only recreate Ariana Grande’s 2016 Grammy Awards makeup, but also review some of the most exciting drugstore makeup launches at the same time! Continue Reading


Style Sprinter Beauty Awards 2016

style sprinter beauty makeup awards 2016

Last year has been a time for major makeup and skincare revelations for me. I always been a beauty lover, but it was 2016 when my obsession with makeup started to become evident to other people. I received so many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with fantastic brands like my photo shoot with Garnier and modeling for Victor dE Souza. But my major beauty accomplishments happened in the comfort of my own beauty room, where I constantly experimented with the goodies from my collection, tried new products, and reported on all of the exciting beauty launches to you guys. Continue Reading


Hot or Not: Milani Amore Matte Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Milani Amore Matte Liquid Lipstick in #09 Pure Matteness

Beginning of the year is always an exciting time for me as so many makeup brands launch their new products. While being on vacation in Florida, I spent way more time at the local pharmacies than expected while researching all the new launches and I have tons of new makeup reviews to share with you. To be quite honest, I already received some of the new launches in my PR mail so I’ve been testing some of these products for a few weeks now. For instance, new *Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème by Milani that I already incorporated into my New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial. Today, I’ll be reviewing and testing more shades from the collection and decide whether this new launch is a hot or not. Continue Reading

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Weekend Reads: New Year’s Resolutions

new year's resolutions 2017

It seems like everyone is obsessed about New Year’s resolutions. Fitness, beauty, fashion, business, home organizing… It seems like you can find a resolution for every area of your life! While I’m not that good with following through with my own resolutions (so I actually stopped announcing mine), it’s definitely a fun read. Saying so, I decided to dedicate this episode of the Weekend Reads to all things goal setting and planning.  Continue Reading