One New Product to Try This National Lipstick Day

Pixi by Petra Multibalm Review

In honor of National Lipstick Day (it’s today!), I decided to share my review on a new product by Pixi by Petra*, Multibalm 2-in-1 Cheek & Lip Colour. It’s a collection of multi-purpose lip and cheek balms that feature a unique crème-powder formula. I tested all five colors in this line, created by the renowned London-based brand and it’s creator, pro makeup artist Petra Strand. Make sure to stay with me by the end of this post as I’ll be giving away an entire set (total of five shades) of this new hot product! Continue Reading


My Mono-Brand Skincare Routine

Cosmedicine Skin Care Line Review

Being a beauty blogger, I change my skin care regimen all the time. It’s very rare that I love the entire line of products and have use exclusively that line for a long period of time. However, within the last few months since I received the samples from Cosmedicine, I’ve become a mono-brand user and emptied every single product from the line. I can’t emphasize enough how rarely it happens! I’d like to tell you more about my experience with the line, as some of the below-mentioned products are responsible for dramatically improving my skin in just a few weeks. Continue Reading


Fruit Dress


dress // sandals // clutch // earrings // bracelets // sunglasses

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that lately I’ve been obsessed with colorful print dresses. What you don’t know is that most of my recent fruit print dresses are from the same store and even from the same collection. I’m talking about Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company. It’s a line of affordable dresses, rompers, skirts, tops, and evening gowns that perfectly matches my style. Elegant, colorful, and feminine, pieces from the Eva Mendes collection are the best examples of “from office to party” types of clothes. Take, for instance, this fruit print dress. It’s sophisticated and trendy, but not too sexy, so you can wear it at the office. It’s colorful and attention getting so it’s perfect if you are heading to a restaurant or get ready for the date.

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Style Sprinter

5K Twitter Followers Giveaway

StyleSprinter 5k Twitter Followers Giveaway

Hello and happy Friday! Thank you everyone who follow me on Twitter (and other social media channels) as I just reached 5,000 followers mark! I love you so much!! It’s a very memorable moment for me as Twitter is one of my favorite platforms to interact with you. I love how Twitter allows me to instantly answer all of the questions that you guys have for me and share some of the random thoughts that come in mind throughout the day. As a token of appreciation for your support, I decided to organize a giveaway for you. There will be just one lucky winner that will receive all of the goodies that you see in these photos. Continue Reading


How To Curl Hair with Tin Foil and a Flat Iron

StyleSprinter - How To Curl Your Hair Using A Flat Iron And Aluminum Foil - 3

Curling your hair with tin foil might sound like a weird idea, but you’ll be surprised how effective it is once you tried it yourself. If you have thin, fine hair like mine, this trick is a total life changer. It takes much less time to finish your entire head than with a regular curling wand, not to mention that it’s much less traumatic for those who just start experimenting with hair styling tools (I mean, who didn’t burn their faces or hands with a curling iron?). Continue Reading


My Eyebrow Routine

StyleSprinter - My Eyebrow Routine

A lot of you guys asked me about my eyebrow routine. I did share one of my brow filling tips a while ago, but it’s just one of the tricks I’m using. Saying so, I decided that it’s time to share with you my complete eyebrow routine—from plucking my brows to makeup tricks that I use to make my brows look more groomed and full.

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Oh So Russian

dress // clutch // shoes // watch

I guess I miss my parents and the Motherland (ha ha!) because the dresses I have recently selected more and more look typically Russian. Take a look, for instance, at this flower print bell dress by Red Valentino. I don’t know if you are familiar with typical Russian prints, but this is definitely one of them. Many of the Eastern European scarves and shawls are decorated with brightly colored floral prints and made out of glossy-looking fabric.

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Top 8 Beauty Deals from #NSale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 - 8 best cruelty-free beauty deals - #NSaleIf you are into reading blogs, you probably noticed that everyone is writing those days about NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale which features some of the best deals for the upcoming fall season.  I really appreciate that my colleagues bloggers keep their readers informed about all the latest sales. However, who wants to shop for the fall season when it’s still summer? I remember doing it last year, but when the fall season finally came I was not as excited about wearing pieces that I purchased as I would have been if I picked them the exact same season I was planning to wear them. What I decided to shop for instead this #NSale season are beauty products. Looking through the Early Access section of the website, I was amazed how many exclusive deals and value kits Nordstrom proposes this season. In my humble opinion, it’s absolutely the best time to stock up on cruelty-free beauty products.

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What’s Your Real Fashion Style?

Boohoo Isabella Cross Front Mesh Midi Bodycon Dress

dress // heels // clutch // sunnies

One of the questions that I often receive as a fashion blogger is “How can you describe your style?” While I love providing a long, detailed answer mentioning some of my favorite brands and styles, I figured that all people want to hear from me should be somehow defined in a few words: preppy and colorful, eclectic boho chic, glam and fun, etc. There is no doubt that I have my own unique style (like any of us do!), but until this time I was not able come out with the “elevator speech” on how to define it…

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Tropical Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

Inglot Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial

Even though I prefer keeping my makeup as minimal as possible in the summer, every once in awhile I have an occasion when my newly acquired skill of applying winged eyeliner comes in handy. When such an occasion occurs I love experimenting with bright, nature-inspired colors that bring a new twist to my entire look. Let’s say it’s a formal occasion and I’m wearing a long white dress: I’ll most likely wear emerald green or deep purple eyeshadow. When I’m wearing dark colored clothes I also love creating contrast by adding a few unexpected eye shadow colors to the mix. Today I’m using products from Inglot Cosmetics newest line to create this topic sunset inspired look that I wore at one of the Hamptons’ charitable parties.
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