When I started this beauty blog, one of my goals was to share my tips and tricks for people with combination skin. Oily T-zone and sensitive skin on my cheeks were my main skin concerns. Additionally, I experienced problems with finding the best skincare routine.

Thanks to years of testing, I was able to achieve beautiful skin. You can do it too!

Over the years of skincare research, I studied the best skincare ingredients. I tested high-end and drugstore skincare products. Meanwhile, I interviewed skincare experts and the beauty industry pros. All these experiences allowed me to receive knowledge that I’m sharing here with you on this beauty blog.

Style Sprinter blog offers you information and knowledge on topics like serums, moisturizers, face masks, exfoliating toners, cleansers. Learn about the best moisturizer for combination skin. Explore out the proper skincare routine order. Find skin brightening tips and answers to the question, how to take care of acne-prone skin.

Besides skincare topics, this blog also covers facial rejuvenation treatments. Botox, filler injections, and medical facials – I tested it all. And I’m happy to report on what really works from the list of media Spa offerings.

I hope that you’d be able to find the answers to all your skincare questions on this beauty blog!