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When you are running your own business or trying to obtain your college degree, it’s not likely that you have an hour or so on creating a perfect YouTube inspired makeup look. You might sneak a few contouring techniques here and there, but for the most part it’s all about multi-purpose easy to apply products that help you to look like a slightly more polished version of yourself. Knowing how much I have on my plate lately, I decided to create a natural look with an edgy twist by using some of my all favorites as well as new products by Clarins. This is my second collaboration with the brand and if you missed it, I highly recommend checking out my post How to Tame Vacation Skin that was also sponsored by the brand. Continue Reading

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How to Save Money on Makeup

How to Save Money on Makeup

Considering how big my makeup and skincare collection is, I’m not the right person to educate you on how to buy less makeup and save money. What I do know though is how to be a smart shopper and get more (and better quality!) products for your buck. Today, I’m sharing my top seven tips on how to save money while shopping for beauty products. Continue Reading


How to Wear Color on Valentine’s Day

I was going through my Instagram the other day and noticed that all the looks my blogger friends dedicate to Valentine’s Day are playing around three main colors. Black (because it’s universal). Red (because it’s a color of love. Is it?). And pink (because it’s cute). While I’m also guilty of associating certain colors with a specific holiday, this year I feel like I’ll be the most colorful dressed Valentine’s date ever. Continue Reading


How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

I don’t know how other fashion bloggers are dealing with it, but I seem to never have time to style my hair during fashion week. At this point of my professional blogger life, I already mastered the art of applying makeup while in the cab or subway, but what can you do with my hair without all the styling tools on hand? Since I failed figuring it out myself, I decided to ask for help Gregory Patterson, Celebrity Ambassador for Sally Beauty and the Project Runway Season 14 & 15 Celebrity Hairstylist. My question was how to create different hairstyle looks that will last all day long. Continue Reading


How-To: Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day Nail Tutorial with Jamberry

I’m not that into celebrations, but Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that I really love. It’s so romantic, it celebrates love, it makes you feel even more connected to the person you love… While I’m a proponent of demonstrating affection every single day, February 14th puts it on a completely different level. This year, I’m planning not only to wear a red and pink dress and matching makeup (I’ll be posting a tutorial on Thursday so stay tuned) but also nails. I just received in the mail this collection of Valentine’s Day inspired nail wrap designs by Jamberry (℅) and I can’t wait to share with you how you can DIY your Valentine’s Day nail art too!
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Currently Coveting: Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

Ralph Lauren has announced the launch of a new “Chunky Chain” fine jewelry line and I can’t wait to give it a go! Why? Well, there are all sorts of reasons—from my family tradition to obsession with everything by Ralph Lauren—that I’ll be sharing with you in this post. Read up at your own risk as you might as well become obsessed with this bold feminine jewelry line! Continue Reading


January Beauty Favorites

StyleSprinter - January 2017 Beauty Favorites

Well, after my massive Style Sprinter Beauty Awards 2016 I didn’t think that I have any more favorites left for this post. But when I started thinking about the products that I used while on vacation and when I got back to New York, I was amazed with the length of the list! I was thinking why it happened and figured that I missed my makeup collection while on vacation that is why I purchased lots of goodies while in Florida. Then, when I came back to my beloved beauty room, I started testing all the products that I couldn’t take with me on vacation. As a result, I was able to find a dozen or so of goodies that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Hot or Not

Hot or Not: BeautyCon Winter Box 2017

I received a very positive review on my latest BeautyCon box review and I was even more excited to review the winter box as it’s been curated by a super popular YouTuber, Dulce Candy. In case you don’t know, Dulce is a Latina influencer who talks about makeup, beauty, and life in general—while inspiring women from all ethnical descents to embrace their strength and beauty. Even though I enjoy watching Dulce Candy videos and I received this box complimentary for the review purposes, I was very strict when it comes to reviewing BeautyCon Winter Box—so you know for sure whether this beauty subscription box is Hot or Not! Continue Reading


Ordinary Things That Make Me Happy

kate spade Black Scalloped Bow Dress

Last week, I went out to pick some flowers for the house and was somewhat surprised when a person selling flowers asked me, “Are you having a party?” I don’t know why exactly he said that, but I assume it had something to do with me heading to some sort of celebration. What this sweet gentleman didn’t know is that I was celebrating my very ordinary day—because in my book, every single day deserves to be celebrated!

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s so tempting to pick an easy route and stick to trivial flowers and chocolate gifts. Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing more enjoyable than to have a scent of freshly cut flowers in your apartment and satisfy your sweet tooth with some yummy vegan chocolate. But let’s be honest: these typical gifts are way too ordinal to properly express the depth of feelings you have towards your Valentine. This season, I challenge you to be creative and pick unique personalized gifts for your beloved ones. To make your life easier, I rounded up my top four suggestions for your perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Continue Reading


Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

If there is one new actress that I’m totally adore is Jennifer Lawrence. Ever since her debut at The Hunger Games I kept an eye on this natural beauty. Her talent, her social media behavior, her acceptance of herself and her body. I think JLaw is one of the celebs so many people can relate to and I love that kind of down to earth people. I also love what her image makers are doing with Jennifer’s makeup and hair. All of the looks they create are so natural looking and so everyday friendly that I couldn’t resist of repeating one of them. Continue Reading

Beauty Wars

Beauty Wars: Stila Metals Eye Shadow vs Makeup For Ever Start Lit Liquid

Beauty Wars: Stila vs Make Up For Ever

Maybe it’s a winter blues or the abundance of winter holidays, but this past month I purchased so many glitter and metal beauty products, that it’s not even funny. Honestly, I don’t have that many occasions to wear all this glitter, but somehow I still continue expanding my collection. Well, it’s so #BeautyBloggerProblems that I will not even continue. Instead, let’s jump right into the comparison of two recently launched glitter eyeshadows: Make Up For Ever Star Lit Liquid in #3 Gold Champagne and Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma. Continue Reading


How To Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

How To Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

If I was a famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov I would say, “Just add a faux fur vest to it!” But I’m not a short story genius so here comes my long story describing pretty much the same thing. Essentially, I wear some of my summer pieces all winter long by adding a few warm-looking clothes to the mix. It’s easy and fun and it works very well with bright colored clothes—not to mention that it feels so cozy to wear faux fur clothes during the cold season. Continue Reading


Friday Ten: Retro Florals

Retro Florals Trend 2017

I’ve always been skeptical about floral prints because oftentimes these remind me Soviet-style wallpapers, but this season something has changed as so many designers came out with amazing floral print pieces. Whether you like it or not, florals are making a major comeback so perhaps it’s time to start investing into a few trendy pieces before everyone is wearing floral dresses, tops, and accessories!

#1: Whistles Embroidered Flower Sweatshirt

#2: Kate Spade New York Pick a Posy Small Stud Earrings

#3: Lovers + Friends Sebastian Crop Top

#4: Blank Denim Embroidered Moto Jacket

#5: Namrata Joshipura Antibes Headband

#6: ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Iconic Floral Mini Bag

#7: Flynn Skye Leah Mini Dress

#8: Ella Moss Jaeda Blouse

#9: Sam Edelman Cambell Floral Brocade Booties

#10: Re:Named Floral Neck Tie Blouse


Margot Robbie Makeup Tutorial

Ever since I saw her at The Wolf of Wall Street, I knew that she will be a superstar! Incredibly talented and beautiful, I had no doubts that Margot Robbie will obtain a big Hollywood star status in a matter of years and look where she is now. Not only her Suicide’s Squad character Harley Quinn became the most popular Halloween costume of 2016 (I was one of these people rocking Harley Quinn makeup too!), she’s been a cover girl and a constant inspiration for so many people.

Since I’ve been admiring Margot’s beauty for so long, I was thinking why not featuring one of her signature makeup looks in my Get the Look series? Today we’ll try to recreate her orange red lip look that she wore for the 2015 Oscars. As always, I tried to use as many drugstore products as I could so this celebrity makeup look is budget-friendly! Continue Reading

Hot or Not

Hot or Not: Aveda Tulasara Line

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Review

One of the changes that I decided to start the year with was taking yoga classes at least once a week. For starters, practicing asanas helps me to get rid of muscle pain and neck stiffness (that’s been with me ever since I started writing on my laptop 15 years ago). It also helps me to reboot my brain and just relax take a much needed break from all things technology and reading I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Even though I decided to get back to yoga just lately, I’ve been researching auyurveda for many years now. I also wrote on the blog about the benefits of skincare created based on the generations of auyrvedic knowledge. Lately, I’ve been back on my zen skincare track so I decided to review a few new hot products by Aveda so we can decide whether brand’s Tulasara skincare line is hot or not. Continue Reading


Reflections on Fashion Detox

orange and turquoise beach cover-up

In case you don’t know, earlier this month Ben, Lilusik, and I went to Florida where we had the most relaxing vacation ever! No makeup, no cooking, no tours, no dinner plans—all we did is just sitting near the pool and rejuvenating. I don’t like complaining, but with college and blog on my agenda I feel that I over worked myself this winter. Same goes for Ben who is also a workaholic so we really needed this vacation to just do nothing and enjoy a great Florida weather. Continue Reading

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Weekend Reads: All About Blogging

Ankit Pretty Dress Fund Mason Money Jar

money jar // palette // brushes // blush // highlighter // eyeshadow

This week I asked my Instagram followers what type of content they would like to see more on the blog. I received much more responses than I expected and this feedback really helped me to figure out what is important for the Style Sprinter community. Please add to the list if I missed something, but in my understanding there is a need more outfit tips (including affordable options), makeup tutorials, personal stories (for instance, how I learned English), interviews with interesting people, positive vibes posts in general, social media tricks, travel guides, as well as blogging and photography tips.

While I just received those results and started working on re-designing my editorial calendar, I was thinking it would be helpful to share some of the blogging tips by other authors that I found online. Since many credible organizations already published their annual social media and blogging reports, it would be a great way to start posting more blogging tips and tricks. Continue Reading