Clarins Makeup Tutorial

clarins makeup tutorial

When you are running your own business, it’s not likely that you have an hour or so on creating a perfect YouTube inspired natural makeup look. Saying so, I decided to create a natural look with an edgy twist by using some of my all favorites as well as new products by Clarins.

To create this natural makeup look, I used:

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

This product is perfect for the no-makeup kind of days when you just want your pores to look a bit more presentable and your skin tone—a bit more even.


Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

I’ve never tried this concealer before, but I truly enjoyed testing it for this makeup tutorial. It’s so perfect for correcting any eyebrow or eyeliner mistakes as well as covering under eye darkness!

Clarins Face Contouring Palette

Clarins Face Contouring Palette

Spoiler alert: I used this powder contouring kit not only to add dimension to my face but also to emphasize my eyes. The highlighter and bronzer from the kit worked perfectly as neutral eyeshadows.

Clarins 4-Color All-in-One Pen for Eyes and Lips

Clarins 4-Color All-in-One Pen

This limited edition launch by the brand is my absolute favorite as it brings me back to childhood. When all kids had those cool pens that combine a few colors in one.

Clarins Lip Perfector in 01 Rose-Shimmer

Clarins Lip Perfector in 01 Rose-Shimmer

This is another all-time favorite of mine that I’ve been having in my collection for years. It comes in such a tender shade of pink that looks so natural.

To repeat this look, follow these steps:

  1. Concealer

    Using a concealer pen, apply the product under your eyes and the brow. Blend the under eye area with a beauty blender and use a flat concealer brush to even out the brow line.

    clarins makeup - concealer

  2. Contouring

    Pick up a contouring kit and apply a bronzer onto your crease. Use a highlighter on the inner corner and the center of your eye. Finally, apply the same highlighter shade onto the brow bone to make your eyes stand out even more.

  3. Bronzer

    Using the same contouring kit, apply bronzer onto the forehead and under the cheek. Blend thoroughly. Follow by the blush applied in circular motions moving towards ears. Pick a highlighter and use a light shade from the palette above the blush; connect the brow and cheek highlighter lines.

    clarins makeup - bronzer

  4. Upper Lid

    Using a dark brown shade from the 4-in-one makeup pen, outline the upper lid, and create a tiny natural-looking line. Pick a cobalt blue hue and emphasize the lower lid. Blend thoroughly with a small brush or a cotton swab.

  5. Fix Your Mistakes

    If needed, correct the under eyeliner area with the same concealer used in step one of this tutorial. Apply two layers of mascara.

  6. Lip Liner

    Pick the same 4-in-one makeup pen and outline your lips with the lightest nude shade from the set.

    clarins makeup - lip liner

  7. Lip Gloss

    Finish the look by applying a lip gloss.

    clarins makeup - lip gloss

I hope you enjoyed this easy to repeat everyday look. As promised, it was a natural makeup look that is so easy to replicate. More importantly, it takes only a few minutes to finish, so it’s perfect for the days when you need to make yourself look put together while in a hurry.

What is your go-to makeup look that you apply when you are limited in time? What is your favorite product by Clarins?

clarins makeup tutorial

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  1. Awww thank you so much!! You are so sweet! I actually just started a YouTube channel where I test one mask a day (it’s called #365MasksChallenge). Here is the link:

    I would really appreciate your feedback! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

    Posted 5.30.17
  2. thenewgirl wrote:

    This is the best clarins tutorial I have ever seen! Really simple and easy to follow. You look amazing too. also do you have a youtube channel I could watch? I love to follow you on it!



    Posted 3.21.17
  3. Kayla wrote:

    Your makeup looks flawless as always! And I agree, can’t preach it enough! Skincare always comes first! I actually have never tried Clarins products, but definitely will have to!

    Posted 3.1.17
  4. Tandya wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I always think that your make up is picture perfect! These Claris products looks great! I’d especially love to try the primer!

    Posted 3.1.17
  5. Hi babe,
    I really enjoyed and loved this everyday make up tutorial. And I love that you used Clarins products. Can’t wait to try it. By the way, I love the floral top you’re wearing here!

    Posted 3.1.17
  6. jacqueline wrote:

    I keep hearing how amazing Clarins is and still have yet to try their makeup. I love this natural look in you. You look stunning

    Posted 3.1.17
  7. Lisa Mao wrote:

    I seriously love it when you do these step by step make up tutorial in blog form!
    I always get distracted with youtube videos but i’m totally in with you on this when i read! haha :)
    omg you look amazing as the final outcome.
    i’ve always been curious about the esteemed lauder cushion foundation – how have you been finding it? I’ve been really into cushion foundations lately because they’re so compact and easy to bring around


    Posted 3.1.17
  8. Lily Rose wrote:

    I agree, every makeup look starts with flawless skincare and priming! And I love how natural this look is. I love that you used the blue liner for your eyes but did not over do it at all, as some blue eyeliner could make it look crazy. Beautiful as always!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    Posted 3.1.17
  9. Always learning new make up tips and tricks after reading your posts! You are such an inspiration when it comes to beauty and today’s make up was really stunning and natural! Love the way you contoured your face! Wishing you a lovely week! x


    Posted 3.1.17
  10. Josiane wrote:

    Well stunning make up as always darling! I have never tried the Instant Smooth from Clarins but i did hear great reviews about it! I love how your make up ended looking really natural. The blue liner on your waterline is also such a nice touch!

    Bisous, Josie

    Posted 3.1.17
  11. Maryam wrote:

    This is a beautiful makeup look. I have to agree with you about taking care of your skin, no matter how much make up you like to wear. I like how you added a little bit of blue liner, it’s super cute.

    xo, Maryam

    Posted 2.28.17
  12. EverestSays wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more with you about taking care of your skin and making sure it is in a good condition before even reaching out to make up. I love Clarins products and my Favourite is the blue orchid oil for my dehydrated skin! The look you have created is really pretty and easy for Everyday wear. If I am in a rush for time, I need to have at least concealer and mascara on before I leave the house!

    Posted 2.28.17
  13. Gina Diaz wrote:

    I love clarion products! they are among my favorites!!! I always enjoy your makeup tutorials, thanks for sharing, beauty!!! Xx. Gina

    Posted 2.28.17
  14. Amanda Smith wrote:

    This is my decided favorite post of yours! I have to say that I truly want to go out and purchase all of the items you used! I have makeup free days when I just focus on skin care. Surprisingly, I’d never thought about using a primer as a way to reduce pore size for those makeup free days. Thanks for sharing that. Also, the color of your lip crayon is such a beautiful color and will most certainly be in my shopping cart!

    Manda |

    Posted 2.28.17
  15. Thomas Falkenstedt wrote:

    Just having taken the step from a 9-5 job in the day and blogger by night to full time blogger I certainly know what you mean and although I don’t use makeup on a daily basis, more during photo shoots, I do use a primer every now and then to feel fresh and that primer from Clarins sounds like a dreamy product. Thank you for the tip and I’ll definitely opt for the primer! :)

    Posted 2.28.17
  16. myclosetjourney wrote:

    I absolutely loved the eyeliner, such a great pop of color! Your skin looks absolutely glowing! What a fab makeup tutorial! -xx

    Posted 2.28.17
  17. Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    Your Face is so Radiant without Make Up as well:)
    Lovely Natural Make Up Tutorial, loved the Shades what you Used:)
    My Favorites:)
    Clarins i never tried but I wanted already:)
    Love Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

    Posted 2.28.17
  18. Sarah Atiq wrote:

    This is a gorgeous everyday makeup look. I have used Clarins for skincare before, but I haven’t used their makeup range. The Clarins 4 in 1 product looks so amazing, I love multifunctional products and I can totally relate to those pens when we were kids. The blue eyeliner looks beautiful against your eyes and I am loving the Nude lip. So beautiful as always Katya.


    Posted 2.28.17
  19. maggie wrote:

    I love the makeup look you put together here! I actually never thought of using the blue liner on the bottom, but it’s so striking and totally makes your green eyes pop! You look so stunning! I’m really loving their blush and lipgloss!

    Maggie S.

    Posted 2.28.17
  20. Rachel wrote:

    The multi coloured liner is absolutely genius! Hehe I used to love those pens when I was a kid too, so I feel like I need this in my life. You look so gorgeous Katya!

    Rachel xx

    Posted 2.27.17
  21. Tania wrote:

    I love how this look is so natural-looking and yet playful with the colored liner. So cool that it’s part of a 4 in 1 pen! I love multi-function products. The Clarins contour kit looks so gorgeous also.

    xx freshfizzle

    Posted 2.27.17
  22. You’ve created such a flawless look. I totally agree with you – the skincare routine is the must if you wanna have a perfect and healthy skin and experiment with the makeup at the same time. And yeah, it can be very time consuming. But I’m totally in love with this makeup look, it’s so perfect for the spring season.

    Cheers, Eliza |

    Posted 2.27.17
  23. I have that palette too – I had a hard time blending with that brush thou. And I love the color just under the eye – It’s such a fun unexpected twist. Such a pretty makeup look! Right now I’m obsessing over Clarins lipsticks. I really need to try that 4-in-1 pencil!

    Posted 2.26.17
  24. LAKO EVA wrote:

    Hello Katya!!!
    Love the contouring palette and those colors of the make-up looking radiant. …the spring is almost here:)
    Sending love from Italy

    Posted 2.26.17
  25. Shalini Acharya wrote:

    You look flawless and love the tutorial. It is so clear and to the point. I have never tried Clarins products before but, after after reading your post I have to try it. I love a good concealer pen so I will get that first to see if it works well on me. Thank you for sharing a wonderful tutorial. xo shalini

    Posted 2.26.17
  26. Jennifer Quattrucci wrote:

    This is seriously so amazing!! Radiant can only begin to describe this look . Love the colors and the way you manage to make it all so gorgeous and easy to replicate! I really love Clarins and I’m always impressed by the quality.

    Posted 2.25.17
  27. Lolly Chase wrote:

    Love this tutorial babe! You made it so simple and straight to the point! “I insist that you wash your face, apply moisturizer, and sunscreen every single day.” I do this for everyday too! It’s definitely a must-do!! Your complexion’s flawless by the way, with or without the makeup, you look absolutely radiant! I love the Clarins’ contouring palette and especially the lip gloss, I need to check if they stock it locally X


    Posted 2.24.17
  28. OMG girl love this tutorial! So easy to follow!
    Your skin looks flawless even before applying make up but I LOOOOVEEE the final result!
    Clarins has been killing it lately. Definitely checking some of these products out!
    Have a great weekend!

    Posted 2.24.17
  29. Lisa Rios wrote:

    WOW! You look absolutely stunning! I’d definitely recommend Clarins to anyone who’s in need of reliable and effective makeup. I love how the primer set the base and refreshed your skin, but my favorite was the light, but pleasing effect of the lip gloss. That’s definitely a keeper!

    Posted 2.20.17
  30. It’s my absolute favorite too! It feels so great on my lips! Also, the color selection is perfect for girls with pale skin like mine!

    Thank you for the compliment! Have a lovely day! xoxo

    Posted 2.20.17
  31. Thank you so much, dear Julie! Yes, the brand has a great reputation and I totally understand why: all of the products (whether it’s skincare or makeup) are simply amazing!

    Posted 2.20.17
  32. Thank you, Mai! Yes, I tried not overdoing it – because you know how I’m all about full coverage foundation and falsies! This is a new look and it’s so great for everyday wear!

    Posted 2.20.17
  33. Thank you so much!!! Yep, such a simple trick, but it totally transforms the look!

    Posted 2.20.17
  34. Awww thank you Ashlee!

    Posted 2.20.17
  35. Thank you, Natasha! Have a wonderful evening!

    Posted 2.20.17
  36. Thank you, Julie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

    Posted 2.20.17
  37. Thank you, sweet Jeanine! Clarins is a perfect brand for girls who are not that much into makeup because all of their products look so natural! Highly recommend checking them out!

    Posted 2.20.17
  38. Thank you so much! You are the sweetest!

    Posted 2.20.17
  39. Yep, skincare is essential. Without proper hydration a foundation might start looking cakey!

    Posted 2.20.17
  40. Awww you are the sweetest, Nicole! Thank you so much!

    Posted 2.20.17
  41. Thank you, Ave! I’ve been using Clarins skincare for years too and it’s one of my favorite brands!

    If you are planning on purchasing some Clarins makeup, I definitely recommend checking out their lip glosses. I feel like everyone loves this universal product!

    Posted 2.20.17
  42. Thank you, Eileen! Yep, the lip gloss is so amazing! It’s my absolute favorite everyday lip product!

    Posted 2.20.17
  43. Eileen Mendoza Loya wrote:

    I like the make up you chose. So light and natural! I love the lip color! The Clarins primer is a must try for me.

    Posted 2.19.17
  44. Ave T wrote:

    What an elegant and beautiful makeup look! I have used Clarins skin care products before but haven’t had a chance to try their make up yet. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01 Rose Shimmer looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Posted 2.19.17
  45. Nicole Cochingco Escat wrote:

    you are naturally beautiful! i love it how you put your make up on. it’s very simple and looks very natural and fresh! love the shade!

    Posted 2.19.17
  46. Candy Kage wrote:

    Nice you remind us to never neglect our skincare routine. Love the pop of color under your eyes.

    Posted 2.19.17
  47. mail4rosey wrote:

    Yep, what Jeanine said, def. gorgeous. I like the color on the liner too!

    Posted 2.18.17
  48. Jeanine @ wrote:

    First of all you are gorgeous! This looks great, I haven’t tried any of these products. I dont really do make up often but I need to play with it!

    Posted 2.18.17
  49. Wow, simple and comprehensive! I love how you mapped each step out. I need a new, polished look to add into my makeup mix. Mahalo!


    Posted 2.18.17
  50. Natasha Botkin wrote:

    Thanks for the wonderful description and images. Xoxo

    Posted 2.18.17
  51. Ashlee wrote:

    Love this look!! I’ll definitely need to get some of these products!

    Posted 2.18.17
  52. I really love the pop of blue on your lower lash line. It adds a little something something to this gorgeous every day look.

    Posted 2.18.17
  53. Mai C. wrote:

    Love this look! It’s flawless and definitely fit for a girl boss! I love that it’s not too much as well. Just the right amount of color. Very classy!

    Posted 2.17.17
  54. Julie Porter wrote:

    You are stunning! I’ve never used Clarins but I’ve heard always heard great things about this brand. I’m really excited about the All-in-one pen, that is just a genius idea! I think I’m about to buy my first Clarins product :)

    Posted 2.17.17
  55. I’ve at a Clarins Instant Lip Perfector (in more of a peachy shade) for a couple of years now – so great for on the go subtle color and shine. It’s a purse-staple for me :) Pretty makeup look, as always <3

    Posted 2.17.17


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