How to Deal with Combination Skin

Dior Capture Youth Serum Collection Review

In a beauty bloggers community having a combination skin type is like winning a lottery ticket. You can test and review products for both oily and dry skin. But in real life handling my combination skin type is not as easy as it seems. Today I’m collaborating with Dior and Bloomingdale’s to share with you my top 5 tips for managing combo skin type in a way that no one would guess you are not 100% balanced.

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Before we begin, a few words on how to figure out if you have combo skin. I have two really simple indicators for you. First, your pores are more visible in certain areas of your face. And second, when you use a moisturizer for normal skin your cheeks feel okay, but your T-zone is looking oily. Some people also recommend checking which areas of your skin feel oily a half an hour after washing, but I don’t trust this method as you could have oily but dehydrated skin and would not be able to tell the difference.

Now when we figured that you have a combination skin type, let’s dive into strategies that will help it to look more balanced.

Dior Capture Youth Matte Maximizer Review

Skincare Approach for Combination Skin

It might sound difficult at first, but basically, you need to follow different skin care routines for different areas of your face. What I mean by that is that it’s totally fine to use the exact same cleanser and moisturizer all over your face (especially when these are designed for combo skin type), but when it comes to special treatments like serums and masks I would recommend picking different serums for different parts of the face.

For instance, I switch back and forth between a few of my favorite cleansers for combo skin and use balancing toner, but when it comes to serums I’m usually using two. My T-zone is incredibly oily so I use Dior Capture Youth Matte Maximizer to refine pores and mattify my skin. It contains Lactic Acid which is the ingredient that made the most dramatic change to the appearance of my skin. I use Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster to bring glow and brighten up the dull skin on my cheeks. The latest serum contains Vitamin C and AHA that target uneven skin tone and make your skin so much more radiant. Then, I apply my regular gel moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid as this ingredient is perfect for hydrating both oily and dry skin types.

I found that using different serums for different parts of your skin super effective for my skin and I’ve been using this trick for years. If you think about it, serums contain a stronger concentration of active ingredients which makes them stronger than, let’s say, a cream. In comparison to the latest, serums are penetrating deeper and thus work more effectively than just your regular moisturizer. Thus, for the combo skin type, it totally makes sense to use your serums strategically.

Dior Capture Youth Serum Collection Review

Makeup Routine for Combination Skin

Similar to skincare products, it’s important to make changes to your makeup routine that address your combo skin type. I’m talking specifically about primers and foundations as the majority of those products don’t seem to play well on both oily and dry skin patches. To make things easy, let me just that it truly helps to apply the exact same strategy you use with serums for your primer. Meaning, apply a pore refining primer onto the T-zone and use a hydrating one on the dry patches.

You can also use different foundations on different zones of your skin, but I feel that it’s a bit too advanced of a technique to use on a daily basis—especially if you are not a professional makeup artist. What you can do except is to incorporate the same serums you use in your skincare routine for when you are applying your makeup. Below, I explain step-by-step how I use Dior Capture Youth serums to make my makeup slide on and stay put throughout the day.

I love washing and moisturizing my face before applying makeup so I would just go with my regular cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer and skip on a serum. If I’m going for a medium to full coverage look, I’ll also skip on a primer because the majority of primers I tested with my favorite foundation don’t work well together. Instead, I would apply Dior Capture Youth Matte Maximizer onto my nose and forehead and start applying my foundation with a damp sponge. Then, I’ll take a different sponge and a foundation palette and mix a few drops of my foundation with Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster and apply this mix onto dry patches of my skin. That way, my foundation feels thinner and it looks more like light to medium coverage. Since I don’t have any breakouts on the dry patches on my skin, such technique not only looks more natural (aka problem areas are camouflaged while “good” areas are emphasized) but also adds dimension to my face.

These were my favorite tips and tricks on how to deal with combination skin type. I know, it could be challenging to find the right approach to handling your “moody” skin, but I hope that this post provided you with a few new ideas to try. And if you are looking for specific products that I mentioned in this article, check out Dior counter at Bloomingdale’s or visit their website for more information on the Capture Youth Collection. By the way, I mentioned only mattifying and illuminating serums, but Dior Capture Youth Collection also includes anti-aging, plumping, soothing, and lifting serums. So, if you have a combination skin type and also want to address anti-aging aspect, you’ll be able to find a product that covers both issues.

On that, please let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations on how to handle combo skin type. You guys always have the best ideas and I’d love to learn from you too!