Hot or Not: Revlon Color Charge Collection

Revlon Color Charge Collection Review

Being a lover of colorful makeup, I love that this season drugstore brands introduced a lot of new vividly colored products. Fuchsia, lavender, orange that were shinning from the runways just a few weeks ago during the fashion week season are entering the streets. In fact, some brands go even further and offer you chameleon-like makeup transformations on a budget. Like Revlon’s limited-edition Color Charge Collection that is available at select Walgreens, CVS and Target stores and at Walmart. The line offers colorful products from loose pigments and eyeshadow palettes to liquid illuminators and even nail polish.

Revlon ColorCharge Shadow Palette in 100 Color Collage review

Revlon Color Charge Shadow Palette in 100 Color Collage

This limited-edition palette includes 10 shades, the majority of which is boldly colored. Here we have cobalt blue, neon green, purple, and fuchsia that comes along with apricot, deep brown, emerald green, and ivory, plus silver and gold. Please keep in mind that the shades look much more vivid in the palette than on the skin so if you feel intimidated to use too much color, you could totally blend them into subtle hues. In that scenario, apply eyeshadow on clean, powdered skin. If you are, in opposition, is looking for bold, vivid coverage, pot in for an eyeshadow primer or a concealer to emphasize the pigment.

While I did notice visible fallout, especially when applying eyeshadows with the brush, I was satisfied with how my makeup lasted throughout the day. So far, I tested the palette only once and I picked deep brown, fuchsia, ivory, and apricot applied on light coverage concealer. The shadows effortlessly melted together so it was not an issue to blend the transition line. As I mentioned before, there was fallout since I applied the product with a blending brush, but since I did my eye makeup first, it was not a problem at all – I just used a sponge to clean up the under-eye area and finish it with a concealer.

Know-How: A good old MAC Fix Plus works great if you want these colors to appear more vivid.

Price Point: $13 at Walmart.

Revlon Color Charge Lip Powder

Revlon Color Charge Lip Powder

At first, I was thinking that it was just a mini eye palette, but further investigation showed that it’s actually a lipstick transformation palette. Applied on top of a regular lipstick, these shades help to turn your matte lipstick into a metallic one. I tried using the #030 Violet Rush Matte lipstick shade together with the fuchsia shade and I was impressed how easy it is to use the lip powder. Basically, you don’t even need a brush – just pat it on and your lipstick look so much different!

Just to clarify: the lip palette I used is in the shade 101 High Fever, and it’s one of two limited edition lip powder palettes available. Another one is Peach Pucker and it features more orange and coral tones. Both lip powder palettes feature 5 metallic shades.

Know How: As per product description, you could also use the powder on top of the lip gloss. However, I personally believe it creates a bit more of an editorial look and that’s not necessarily the finish I look for everyday makeup. Also, in every single scenario I pick a lipstick over a lip gloss – so it’s just my personal preference.

Price Point: $8 at Walmart.

Revlon Color Charge Liquid Illuminator

Revlon Color Charge Liquid Illuminator

Judging by the yellow undertone of this liquid illuminator I was not setting my expectations too high – and the product actually surprised me. I applied it on top of my dewy finish foundation and apricot blush and it didn’t move the look and provided me with a beautiful, natural-looking glow.

Know-How: Apply illuminator with a damp sponge so it doesn’t move your foundation. The product could also be used as an illuminating primer.

Price Point: $12 at Walmart.

Revlon Color Charge Lipstick in 030 Violet review

Revlon Color Charge Lipstick in 030 Violet

A few words about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. I’ve been including Revlon lipsticks in my favorites for years because I really love their finish and this updated lipstick is not an exception. The bright purple shade was not quite flattering for my complexion, but I have nothing against the formula.

Know-How: The shade and finish of this lipstick will change if used in combination with a lip powder.

Price Point: $5 at Walmart.

Revlon Loose Pigment in 104 Holographic review

Revlon Loose Pigment in 104 Holographic

I’m not big on loose pigments so I was not that into Revlon Loose Pigment. The holographic shade looks cute while swatched, but it didn’t melt my heart to start using it immediately. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I just need to test it thoroughly before providing it with my final opinion.

Know-How: Apply loose pigment on top of matte eyeshadows to achieve a more illuminated and glowing effect.

Price Point: $8 at Walmart.

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There you have it: first impressions, review, and swatches of makeup products from Revlon’s Color Charge Collection. As I already mentioned, it’s not an entire collection but just a few products that I received for review. I look forward to hearing what you think about this collection. Is there any specific product that grabbed your attention? Please let me know in the comments below.

Revlon Color Charge Collection Review