La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream vs Moisturizing Cream

La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream vs Moisturizing Cream review

Ever since I posted an announcement about La Mer’s newest cream launch, I keep receiving questions about this product. Some of you wonder how new La Mer The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream compares to the original La Mer Moisturizing Cream formula. People asked if I would recommend using both of those products together and whether any of them are worth the hype. So, I was thinking, why not comparing these two products so it’s easier for you to make an educated decision which one would work the best for you.

But before we begin, let me remind you that La Mer products are now available at Sephora so while I’d be delighted to provide you with information my thoughts on these products, perhaps just ask for a sample or two from a sale associate so you know exactly if the product works for your skin type. Again, we all have different skin concerns so some of the products that work for me might not be applicable to your skin type.

Creme De La Mer vs La Mer Cool Gel

Claim: If you never tried Crème de La Mer (aka La Mer Moisturizing Cream), you probably at least heard about this cream that features the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth serum. This thick, deeply hydrating cream is designed for aging skin that could use some help with improving firmness, blurring pores, and rejuvenating complexion. Brand’s new launch, The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream, also features legendary Miracle Broth formula and targets skin’s hydration and radiance. With this new product, La Mer addresses clients who are looking for skin calming and replenishment.

Consistency: The original Crème de La Mer features a uniquely rich formula that takes practice to use. You have to warm up the product in your fingertips before working it into your skin. The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream is much lighter and doesn’t require much work as per application (even though the brand recommends using the same application technique for this product too as it helps to activate the Miracle Broth formula).

Creme De La Mer vs La Mer Cool Gel

Finish: Personally, I prefer using Moisturizing Cream at night as it makes certain areas of my skin (specifically, the T-zone) appear shinier than I prefer during the day. When it comes to The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream, it doesn’t look oily on my skin at all so it works beautifully if applied it in the morning. I also appreciate the cooling finish that this new cream offers which could be handy if you need to look especially fresh for your morning meeting.

My Opinion: I’ve been using the original La Mer Moisturizing Cream for years, but only sparingly. I have a combo skin which is more on a drier side so a heavy night cream like Crème De La Mer is my go-to solution. The cream is very rich and it dramatically helps to heal dry patches literally overnight. However, I noticed that pores on my nose are getting clogged if I use it every single night so I mix and match this thick cream with other, lighter products.

When it comes to the new cream, I enjoyed it a lot, especially on the days when I’m wearing a full face of makeup. It momentarily absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave an oily cast that so many other gel lotions do. Since it’s a hybrid between gel and cream formulas, the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream works ideally for my combo skin. It offers skin soothing and hydration that doesn’t overwhelm my pores.

Price Point: The original Crème De La Mer comes in four size options: 1 oz. for $170, 2 oz. for $315, 3.4 oz. for $475, and 16.5 oz. for $2,095. La Mer’s new launch, The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream, comes in two sizes: 1 oz. for $170 and 2 oz. for $315.

Where to Find: Both products are available at Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, NordstromBluemercury, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges, Barney’s and

Creme De La Mer vs La Mer Cool Gel Creme De La Mer vs La Mer Cool Gel