Elemis Launches Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Line

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen line

When it comes to anti-aging skincare products, Elemis have always been on top of the list for me. For years, I’ve been raving about their cleansing balm. But the new skincare development that Elemis announced last week, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen line, seems to be even more advanced than anything Elemis ever launched.

The luxury British skincare brand launched a new targeted anti-aging collection that received a standing applause from the people who had a chance to test the first three products from the Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen line.

Elemis ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum

I mentioned it a million times: a serum is a type of product you want to invest in if you are willing to splurge. Since it features the thinnest consistency and usually contains the most potent ingredients, you want to treat this skincare product as the most valuable in your routine.

Looking at the ingredient list of the 12 Serum, I see that the Elemis team was using the same approach while formulating this new innovative product.

The Ultra Smooth Pro-Collagen Serum features a unique range of 12 specialized algae types (to compare, it’s four times more than in Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream). It also incorporates a new for me Drone Peptide Technology that allows the ingredients to deeper absorb into the skin.

When it comes to serum’s texture, it’s lightweight and reminds me of Skin Medica HA 5 Serum texture. When it comes to packaging, the vibe here is, of course, La Prairie. Such a pleasure to display on your vanity!

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

Another part of the new Elemis luxury line, the eye cream duo, comes with a handy roller applicator.

Think about it as of jade roller that is made out of medical-grade steel for the under-eye area.

It’s easy to clean and suitable for both AM and PM eye creams.

Talking about eye creams, each product in this duo features a different consistency and is designed for various purposes.

Elemis ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Morning Eye Balm

For the morning part of the regiment, you want de-puffing and brightening effect and also lighter formula. So your eye cream does not interfere with your makeup.

In the night time, it’s all about skin nourishing and hydrating. That way, you wake up with a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance.

ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Evening Eye Cream

You are probably accustomed to the fact that you need a different face cream for the day and night time. However, until recently, not many brands introduced the same concept when it comes to eye care.

I love that these two creams are designed to work together for the best results. And that you can create an entire routine for the gentle around the eye area.

Even though I haven’t started testing this duo yet, I’m certainly excited to give this innovation a try.

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The new Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen line by Elemis already launched at the brand’s website.

The Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Complex 12 Serum from this new Elemis collection retails for $335. Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo, two day and night treatments retailing together for $230.


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