Frudia Vitamin Month: The Citrus Line

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Frudia’s Citrus Line offers us, gals in our 30s, something that we all really could use. More radiant and glowing skin! Before we begin with the review of each product from Frudia Citrus Line, let me share with you my previous concerns about brightening products.

For the longest time ever, I was thinking that Vitamin C products cause irritation to my sensitive skin.

It was not until I accidentally picked Frudia Brightening Mask that I realized that my worries about Vitamin C were imaginary. My skin didn’t mind at all the extra brightness that comes with using this product.

In fact, the healing qualities of the natural tangerine peel extract made such a dramatic change to the appearance of my skin. My previously dull skin finally started shining from the inside!

At this point, I completely forgot that I ever had any issues with Vitamin C products. In fact, I no longer can imagine how I used to live without using all the benefits of this highly effective fruit-derived skincare ingredient.

Frudia lotion

Citrus Brightening Toner

If you also have concerns that Vitamin C might be a bit too harsh for your skin, I recommend starting your skincare experiments with Frudia Citrus Brightening Toner. Try following your typical skincare routine and add just this divine smelling toner.

The product features a water-like consistency that is designed to illuminate and refresh your skin.

I’m not a dermatologist, but every person I offered to try this toner really loved it. In fact, since it’s such a gentle and delicious smelling product, people are more likely not to forget to use it on a regular basis!

For instance, my mom was never a fan of toners as these felt like an “unnecessary extra step” in her skincare routine. But she loved the scent of Frudia brightening toner so much that she finally started using it regularly.

I felt very proud that I managed to “convert” her into becoming a fan of Frudia too – it’s a family thing now!

Formula: 86% Jeju citrus extract that makes your skin feel refreshed and bright.

Frudia serum

Citrus Brightening Serum

When your skin is accustomed to a Vitamin C infused toner, try incorporating gentle but super effective Frudia Citrus Brightening Serum. As it comes from the name, the main effect that this product has on your skin is brightening.

Whether you have dark spots or just a dull skin complexion, this milky serum will help to bring your skin on a completely different level. Combine it with your regular moisturizer and sunscreen or use it as a part of the brightening skincare routine. It will take just a few weeks until you notice the difference.

Based on my personal experience, I have to say that my skin became noticeably more glowing. At first, I was thinking that it was all about drinking more water and sleeping more. But the effect of using a brightening skincare line continued even after my 10-hours long trans-Atlantic flight to Europe.

After looking at my skin in my London Travel Guide post, I couldn’t stop wondering why I avoided using Vitamin C serum for so long.

Formula: 71% vitamin extract from the Jeju citrus.

Frudia Cream - Citrus line

Frudia Brightening Cream

From all the products from the line, I used Frudia Brightening Cream product the least because I was still deeply obsessed with Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Cream and couldn’t stop using it.

I also felt that Frudia Brightening Serum is already so effective that I could use any other moisturizer and still enjoy the effect of the radiance-enhancing serum. For the sake of the experiment, I used the cream for two weeks straight. I have to say that products designed to use together should be used together – it’s more effective that way!

The cream features the signature mild citrusy scent of the Frudia’s Citrus Line. It offers complexion-enhancing benefits such as brightening and improvement of the look of dark spots.

If you were not protecting your skin from the sun during summer, consider switching to this product during the cold season to even out all the damage you made to your skin.

While you could use this product both during the day and at night, I recommend testing it in the morning, before applying makeup. So you could experience the immediate skin brightness improvement when it’s most noticeable.

Formula: 61% citrus extract that makes skin radiant, bright, and smooth.

Frudia Sheet Mask

Brightening Bursting Energy Mask

Finally, the product that started my obsession with brightening products. These days, when I don’t have Frudia Brightening Bursting Energy Mask around before an important event I start getting nervous. What else could I use to immediately transform my skin from tired and dull to refreshed and glowing?

Usually, I apply the mask right after I get out of the shower – with my hair towel on. I walk around, drink my coffee, pick an outfit and allow my mask to work 15-20 minutes. By the time I’m done with my coffee break, my skin looks rejuvenated and feels super smooth!

Illuminating skincare products doesn’t limit to the days when I need to be somewhere though. Regardless of my schedule, I try applying this mask at least once a week.

Formula: 46% natural tangerine peel extract that keeps skin clean and luminous.

Do you use any Vitamin C products in your skincare regimen? If so, please mention them in the comments below. I would also appreciate any product recommendations for radiance lacking, acne-prone skin! Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Frudia.


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  1. Simone wrote:

    These products look gorgeous! Got to give it a try.

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    I love all the citrus fruits in your photos!


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  3. Citrus smells so good! I bet these smell amazing!

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    I need to add vitamin C to my skin care routine. And this line sound fantastic. I’ll definitely look into them.

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    Sounds like an amazing brand! I love citrus flavor. Sounds refreshing! Thanks for sharing gorgeous babe! You are absolutely flawless!
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    I always love your beauty posts because they are so amazing and I learn a lot. There is so much healthy benefits out of citrus.

    Welcome by Thursdays and linkup with me gorgeous. Thank you. =)

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    Yes! I love using citrus products because of it’s lightening effect on my skin. You can’t have a lot of dark spots you know. Great post!

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    OMG need to try this! I love finding new beauty products :)

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    I love the sound of this line! I definitely think I need more vitamin c in my skincare regime xx

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    I’m most interested by the energy mask, it looks awesome and like something I definitely need to give a go. I’ve heard of the benefits of citrus products, and you’ve pretty much sold me now. I’d adore to give some of these products a try.

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    omg yesss i can’t live w/out my vitamin c serum, def need to try some of these out

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    I love using citrus at home with honey. This is great and less mess for me.

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