The Best Skincare Products For Your 30s

I just turned 30 and skincare is a major priority for me. While I test anti-aging beauty products all the time, there are only a few skincare goodies though that I swear by. Today we’ll be talking about “my Holy Grail” products that I can’t imagine my life without. These are all the skincare products that I repurchased at least twice — and can’t recommend enough.

Clarins Double Serum

My introduction to the brand happened back in Russia where I’m originally from. My mom is a real skin care junkie (I guess, my love for beauty products in generic!) and Clarins is one of the brands she’s been using for years. Even though I always had my own skincare products, every now and then I was sneaking her Clarins serums and creams as these always look so luxurious to me and I wanted to have the great skin my mom had.

One of the first products by the brand that I purchased for myself when I came to America, was Clarins Double Serum. Designed to promote firm skin and improve radiance, this miracle product turned out to become a perfect match for my dehydrated and prematurely aging skin. This season, the brand re-introduced the iconic serum and made it even more perfect (is it even possible?).

The new Clarins Double Serum now features a dual pump packaging which allows distributing just a perfect amount of product, depending on the current condition of your skin or the climate you live at. For instance, I use a small pump option in summer when my skin is naturally better hydrated. During the cold season, I’m planning on using more product so I’ll use the big pump option.

Shop: $89 for 1 fl.oz. and $122 for 1.7 fl.oz. at or at

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Here comes another story about my upbringing in Russia. Similar to many other European countries, La Roche-Posay is available in almost every Russian pharmacy so my introduction to the brand happened earlier in life. When I was just starting with makeup, I used La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water before applying makeup so my foundation looks more natural. Almost a decade later, I continue using this thermal water on a daily basis.

While thermal water is suitable for any season, I especially often reach out to it in summer. There is something super enjoyable in spritzing my face with refreshing thermal water a few times a day and on the beach. It’s also essential for me to have a can of this thermal water in my office. I feel that air conditioners are negatively affecting my skin and I minimize the drying effect of air-conditioned air by using a naturally soothing and protecting thermal water by La Roche-Posay.

Shop: $12.99 at and

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

I was a late adopter of this cult toner, but once I tried it I never stopped using it. Technically, it’s not a toner but an exfoliating liquid. The product contains salicylic acid which helps to even out the skin tone and unclog pores. I often describe the texture of Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid as dry toner which means that the product momentarily absorbs into skin and leaves it clean and refreshed.

You probably heard dermatologist talking about exfoliating your skin regularly and in many situations. It doesn’t actually mean that you should scrub your face with abrasive peels every single day. Personally, I love using a combination of BHA and AHA peels that I switch every single day and apply only at night. Basically, we are talking about glycolic and salicylic acids that gently exfoliate dead cells and improve the texture of your skin.

Personally, I noticed a tremendous difference when I started using incorporating these acids into my skincare routine. And if you are thinking of doing the same, I can’t recommend enough of starting from this BHA liquid. I’m not joking when I’m saying that I already finished three full-size bottles of this exfoliant — it’s literally that good!

Shop: $29 for 4 oz. and $9 for travel size at

Lancome Bienfait Sunscreen UV 50+

I guess I have two problems — being a super pale girl and having very high standards for sunscreens. I was planning on writing a roundup of the best sunscreens and I ended up disliking the majority of samples. Some of them were too thick, others caused breakouts, and the others were not working in combination with my favorite foundation. The only new product that passed the test was Lancome Bienfait Sunscreen UV 50+ as it features a super gentle and fast absorbing formula that totally works for me.

I love the texture of this sunscreen and the fact that it’s compatible with the majority of foundations in my collection. There is something super smoothing and perfecting about this sunscreen that I don’t even have to use the primer before applying a foundation! Another important moment is that the formula of this sunscreen is oil-free which perfectly works for my acne-prone skin so I have no breakouts. What else to wish for in a perfect sunscreen? Personally, I’m just obsessed with it!

Shop: $39 at and

Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

That’s the only product that I just recently started testing, but it’s already on my Holy Grail list. Why? Because it helped me to get rid of a super unhealthy habit of applying petrolatum on my lips at night. This lip product is petrolatum-free. It feels like a thick cream on my lips and it works even better!

I noticed that after switching to this lip treatment I don’t need to use lip balm throughout the day. Somehow my lips are constantly staying hydrated so I don’t need to re-apply lip balm every hour or so. I’m happy to report that with this cream I’m no longer a lip balm addict!

Shop: $49 at and

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There you have it: my roundup of all the skincare products I can’t imagine my life without. I wonder if you found in this list any products that are also your Holy Grails? If so, please let me know in the comments area below. Also, feel free to share the list of your most favorite skincare products of all times!

Best Skincare to Use in Your 30s